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The Zonwending classic uploaded as a memorial to 4/20

"Greater communities form which find their borders merely in blood. It is natural forces that are at work here. With elemental violence, characteristic of a natural phenomenon, this development is executed. Any who turns around and opposes this, who with extended arms tries to reverse this rising tide, will be flooded and shall soon be forgotten.

The SS however shall advance this development and will contribute her share. She forms an order society of mighty and healthy generations, wherein the attempt will be made to fulfill all the demands which a National Socialist may be burdened with.

The great majority of our Folk are no longer aware of their Germanic heritage. It no longer knows to belong to a race which possesses the world. If our Folk wants to be strong and healthy, then it has to be carried by this awareness. In a community where the character of an order to which the members of their blood belong is worn, where the values of race, blood, and soil manifest itself.., in that order the old word Nobility receives a new meaning.
The noble title of aeons past no longer provides certainty. Too often the daughter of the [CENSORED] was married for the sake of remission of debts.
The farmer, the worker, the sailor, that live again in proud consciousness of centuries of descent of farmers, warriors, craftsmen or sailors, which just as him were born from women of Germanic blood, belongs to the nobility of this era.

Such men of the best blood require only bodily harshness and education on the Folkish worldview, to become suited for a task for the years to come: to be a living example of the Germanic mold, which shall communally form a fearless army of reliable warriors for National Socialism. Such an Order and such an army, the Dutch SS must be."

-H. Feldmeijer, leader of the Germanic Dutch SS


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