It's Earth day, plant a tree and smoke a joint.

An apparent attack on Christians led by a Muslim terrorist group, funded by a much larger organization took place on Easter 2019. Officials disregarded intellegence that stated that attacks were to be on churches and Christian establishments.

Thoughts on our current state of affairs concerning 5g, pole shift, GSM, and our government controlled criminal system of laws and ways of life. Happy 420 day!!!

The algorithms caught up to something I typed several months or years ago and banned me Maybe permanently from this account on Facebook. Catch up with y'all later. Stay safe. ✌

Facebook and other social media platforms went down today. Are they scrubbing data, data mining, phishing? You decide.

Selling House, shed and lot......Gandalf optional. Call 479-631-0311 ask for Sue or Joesef.
3 bedroom, wood floors exc6varpet in bedrooms. Never been any pets or infestations except for a few remotes several years ago.



Nick kicks ass in the Archer! 35 - 0 -- Watch live at https://www.twitch.tv/mrmissionctrl

Backbacks and meowmeows

A significant swarm is taking place off of Nicobar islands in the NE Indian ocean. This activity mimics the 2004 Boxing Day quake that was a mag 9.2 and caused the devastating tsunami that killed hundreds of thousands of folks not prepared. Times have changed and there are people watching over things now. We won't be caught by surprise due to lack of information or lack of getting the warning out. Eyes open, no fear... Stay away from coastal areas if you live in this region for the next 2 weeks if you value your life.

FCC complaint filed against unfair censorship and I suggest everyone do the same. These are public platforms which should respect our first amendment rights.

The powers that be will stop at nothing to create multiple false flags over the years in attempts to legislate out our rights to carry firearms and defense ourselves. So when the UN trucks roll in to take you away you'll have no recourse but to submit. Mark my words, they are coming for your guns. Remember 911.

A minor coronal hole stream is set to couple with a minor solar flare (might not even hit at the same time) tomorrow the 15th of March 2019. Don't believe the hype Grand Supreme News and Paul Beagly are spewing from their treacherous mouths.

Mag 4+swarming has begun off the East coast of Honshu Japan. This could be precursor to much stronger activity.

Another attack on Venezuela's power grid perpetrated by the Trump administration has crippled the country leaving over 20 dead in ICU's across the country and leaving millions in the dark without water, AC, and the comforts that a freedom loving person enjoys.

I'm so glad you are back with me.


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