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Amsterdam is an ideal place for sweet water captains and street musicians

A special thanks to the musicians in the video. They make the images come alive.

00:00:00 Part 1: Amstel River
00:19:33 Part 2: Amsterdam
A 12 kilometer ride in 37 minutes.
The bike ride follows the Amstel river to the Dam square, the Dam in the Amstel being the historical start of the city.

Amsterdam Diaries.
No sound. It got lost somewhere.

Risk your life every day

op het Max Euweplein, ter afsluiting van het koorseizoen.

Amsterdam Diaries

Girl skating in the Amsterdam Vondelpark.
(Amsterdam Diaries)

Inviting you for a walk through a marketplace in one of the most beautiful cities of the world.

At another market in Amsterdam, the last Dutch entrepeneur is so being pestered by City Hall that he decided to stop. https://www.parool.nl/amsterdam/na-53-jaar-vertrekt-de-frietkraam-van-plein-40-45~a4601210/

This is the video Youtube decided to delete which made me leave Youtube. They didn't give me specifics on why exactly it incites hate, but it must be the criticism of Islam(isation) and the letting in of "refugees"..

For English speaking viewers:

Youtube deleted a 2 1/2 year old video and gave me a warning. They implied that the video "sowed hate". This is nonsense. It was the registration of a speech wherein the dutch government was criticised on the issue of immigration and islamisation. To make a long story short. I don't like to get slapped on the wrist so it's goodbye Youtube and Hello Bitchute. Glad to be here.

It gets even funnier. I posted this video as a farewell video on Youtube and they marked it as containing copyrighted material. I guess they mean the music. This is nonsense. Everything in the video is of my own making. The images, the text AND the music.

For a more detailed account of the deletion of the video see Here:

Of course I will upload the banned video on Bitchute.

My first video on Bitchute. Everything looks nice and smooth. I hope to place more video's in the series: Amsterdam Diary. (among others).


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I'm very glad to be able to post video's here now that I've said goodbye to Youtube. The reason for that is that they have deleted one of my video's and gave me a warning. Implicitly they stated that I or the content of the video was inciting hatred. The video was a cean registration of a speech someone gave in Utrecht during a demonstration. Nothing illegal was said there and nothing criminal done. The point is that it was a speech against the islamisation of The Netherlands. Therefore the removal of my video was nothing but political censorship. I don't ike to be treated like a school kid, so I opened an account here and delete all my content from Youtube and close my account when that is done.. The Videos that I still find interesting I will upload here and furthermore my plan is to regularly post an "Amsterdam Diary" video along with some other stuff.

That's it for now. Now it's time to browse some content here.

With many thanks for the opportunity to the Bitchute team.