See 'heretical' "The STOP White Genocide Video" in my video feed. This woman was BURNED at the stake like in the Catholic/Protestant countries 1500s - 1700s. America is to sponsor NO state RELIGION, but our ESTABLISHED Religion is the religion of Political Correctness. This is illegal per OUR Constitution written and signed in 1789. The 'Courts' have taken over OUR country(s).

LEIDUNGR - Nordisk Kult


Bob ran for freedom of speech to allow him to get the message of White Genocide out via robocalls/signs. Bob Whitaker called Trump a FAKE president thereafter, said that nothing would change just like Reagan and Bush, just like all the other Traitors of our RACE.

Alternative to the Big Bang Theory

Bob Whitaker describes how elections work and how people sometimes vote for their own demise while thinking all along that they're voting to inflict harm on another people.

A pretty drunk Bob Whitaker on his 4th stream in 4 weeks. I think it was Corona that he liked to drink. Once again, discussing WHITE GENOCIDE and how to fight it.

We should replace The Statue of "Liberty" (for Outsiders and Outsiders' Posterity) with The Colossus (of Liberty for OURSELVES and OUR Posterity).

Universities use government money to chase down Memes like "It's OK to be WHITE..."

Bob Whitaker says to be overly sensitive to everything Anti-White just as the Gays did back in the 60s and 70s growing to the behemoth of political power and protection they bask in today's "Established" Religion of Political Correctness.

Bob Whitaker had the Only way for enduring WHITE recovery from this...ongoing attempted Genocide.

Bob Whitaker explains White Flight, the result of White Genocide...and vice versa.

The Voice of the Future.

A History Lesson on Indians and White Guilt

The Only part of Bob Whitaker's interview that CNN could Use to paint him (74 years old) in a bad light.

CNN couldn't USE Any of this Interview against Ole Bob Whitaker. These Anti-White CNN "reporters" come into his apartment and push him around like thugs.

We didn't land on the moon, and bankers, Masons, etc Did rob us of trillions in '08 and continue doing so..

The 3rd Paltalk with Bob Whitaker. With each successive one he started drinking more and more :)

Get with it, people.

Doc's not ALLOWED to do this anymore or suffer banishment from the all-powerful RELIGION of Political Correctness. This caused his personality to erode ever since over 3 years ago. Diversity kills ALL creativity, freedom, and progress.





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