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Stranger Things Economist S3E31ft Say Hello Fatima

Stranger Things Economist 2019 S3E31ft Say Hello Fatima and Welcome to the Fatima Timeline #HighCastle #Pride vs. #Love #Tyler

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Stranger Things Economist S3E31ab AB Testing Code

Stranger Things Economist 2019 S3E30ab The Testing AB Code Decoded #Lula #Xi #Putin #ANHP #Kashmir #Tyler #FT #MHC

Stranger Things Economist S3E30b 124 Number Pattern The Last President Hale Timeline 1896 Mark S. Zaid Whistleblower Trump Impeachment

Published on Nov 5, 2019
• “I’ve Had This Story for Three Years… (ABC) Would Not Put It on The Air” says Good Morning America Breaking News Anchor, and 20/20 Co-Anchor Amy Robach. “It Was Unbelievable… We Had - Clinton, We Had Everything…”
• Robach: “We Had Her Whole Allegations About Prince Andrew…I Got a Little Concerned About Why I Couldn't Get On.”
• Amy Robach Describes How She Interviewed a Woman Who Had the Courage to Come Forward “Years” Ago About Epstein: “She Had Pictures, She Had Everything. She Was in Hiding for Twelve Years. We Convinced Her to Come Out. We Convinced Her to Talk to Us.”
• Robach Details ABC’s Initial Response to Her: “Who's Jeffrey Epstein? No One Knows Who That is. This is a Stupid Story
• Robach: “Now it's All Coming Out … I Freaking Had All Of It…”

(New York, NY) Newly revealed footage leaked by an ABC insider has exposed how network executives rejected allegations against Jeffrey Epstein years ago, even though there was content regarding the merit of those claims in-hand.

Amy Robach, ‘Good Morning America’ Co-Host and Breaking News Anchor at ABC, explains how a witness came forward years ago with information pertaining to Epstein, but Disney-owned ABC News refused to air the material for years. Robach vents her anger in a “hot mic” moment with an off-camera producer, explaining that ABC quashed the story in it’s early stages. “I've had this interview with Virginia Roberts (Now Virginia Guiffre) [alleged Epstein victim]. We would not put it on the air. Um, first of all, I was told “Who's Jeffrey Epstein. No one knows who that is. This is a stupid story.”

She continues, “The Palace found out that we had her whole allegations about Prince Andrew and threatened us a million different ways.”

Robach goes on to express she believes that Epstein was killed in prison saying, “So do I think he was killed? 100% Yes, I do…He made his whole living blackmailing people... Yup, there were a lot of men in those planes. A lot of men who visited that Island, a lot of powerful men who came into that apartment.”

Robach repeats a prophetic statement purportedly made by Attorney Brad Edwards “…[T]here will come a day when we will realize Jeffrey Epstein was the most prolific pedophile this country has ever known,” and Disgustedly Robach states “I had it all three years ago.”

Project Veritas intends to continue its investigation into corruption in the Mainstream Media. We encourage that Brave insiders at these organizations come forward with any information they have, so that the public knows what is really going on within these media companies.

Newsletter: https://www.projectveritas.com/sign-u...
Website: http://projectveritas.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ProjectVeritas
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Project_Veritas
Buy James O’Keefe’s book: http://www.americanpravdabook.com

Stranger Things Economist S3E30a The Cosmic Ray Rehman Reybar Ascension Man in High Castle Dark Phoenix Code #Tyler #FT

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Stranger Things Economist S3E28c President Hale AB Testing Code

Stranger Things Economist S3E28a Stuber is Brownface Code

Stranger Things Economist 2019 S3E24b The Renaissance Man in "War and Peace" Timeline #BKJC #DMV #923 #Area51 #Tyler #FT


Prediction of Naimat Ullah Shah Wali And Other Sufi Saints Regarding India And Pakistan War

By Jawad MinhasAugust 8, 2019

Naimat ullah shah wali predictions

Pakistan and India the countries which are situated in South Asia are often regarded as the most hostile countries towards each other. Both the countries were emancipated in August 1947 from the colonial rule of the British. Ever since then India and Pakistan are at daggers drawn. Besides, Naimat Ullah Shah Wali and many others prophesied regarding Pakistan and India war.

The cardinal reason behind the animosity between the two neighboring countries is Kashmir. To illustrate, Kashmir was a Muslim majority state under the rule of Non-muslim ruler. Soon after the independence, the ruler of Kashmir remain reticent and did not choose any country for a merger.

However, owing to the uprising of Muslims who wanted to be merged with Pakistan, the Maharaja of Kashmir asked Indian help and in return signed the document of annexation with India. Since then, Kashmiris are fighting for their rights of independence and Pakistan is actively backing them.

India and Pakistan have fought four wars and the relation between the two countries always remain sour. Recently, India revoked Article 370 and 35 A by a presidential decree, making Kashmir and internal part of India. Revoking of articles spurred the flame of hostility between Pakistan and India.

Pakistan destroyed Indian fighter plane
Source: sky news

Pakistan and Kashmir have suffered a lot due to the heinous policies of India. India has provoked terrorists in Pakistan and has financed terror activities in Pakistan. Besides, India has represented Pakistan as a terrorist nation across the world. Although India stresses upon Bilateral dialogues, it always neglected dialogues with Pakistan tried to showcase the world that it is Pakistan who does not want peace.

Coming back to wars, Pakistan is an Islamic country made upon Islamic principles. According to many Hadiths and prophecies of spiritual saints, Pakistan is going to defeat India, and Ghazwa e Hind will start from Pakistan.

Let’s have a look at prediction regarding India and Pakistan.

Hadiths regarding Ghazwa e Hind
Hazrat Subban (R.A.) narrates:

“Two groups amongst my Ummah would be whom Allah has freed from fire; one group would fight against India & the Second would be that who would accompany Isa Ibn-e-Maryam(A.S.)”.

Imam Nisai (R.A) reported in his writings: ‘Al- Sunan Al Mujtaba’ &‘Al Sunan Al Kubra’

“Hazrat Abu Hurairah (r.a) says, Hazrat Muhammad (s.a.w.w) promised us of Ghazwa-e-Hind. If I get a chance to participate in it, I would spend all my energy & wealth for it. If I get killed, I would be considered among the greatest martyrs. And if I come back alive, then I would be a freed Abu-Hurairah”.

The above mention hadiths are the two most significant Hadiths regarding Ghazwa e Hind.

Prediction of Naimat Ullah Shah Wali (R.A)
According to the saint, Naimat Ullah Shah (R.A), the war between India and Pakistan shall start between the period from Eid ul Adha and Eid ul Fitr. Under the light of this prediction, the skirmishes in Line of Control started exactly between this time. Plus, India revoked articles 370 and 35A at the same time.

Moreover, the saint, also said in this time of war, Pakistan would get back all those areas which India annexed from it. The saint further asserted that once the fight started the water of River Attock would become red with the blood of non-believers. He said in his writings that, this war will last for six years and many people will be slaughtered.

He further stated that Afghan people along with various other Muslims and denizens of Kabul will also stand against non-believers, and non-muslims will try hard to stop this holy war against them. He further states a country from north and Iran as well as Turkey would help Pakistan in the war.

He said that India would be conquered and the enemies of Muslims would be crushed. He then said China, Iran and Turkey will become one and will

Stranger Things Economist 2019 S3E24a Who is #BilalKhalid? #Bitcoin #Dorian #AB #MaerskAlabama #BCCI #Tyler #FT

#923 #369 #Thor #GodofThunder #NoobMaster69 #AvengersEndGame #Tyler #TrumpMaria #FT

Stranger Things Economist 2019 S3E25b The Need To "Knowing" the FatimeTimeline in Becca Sacred Games

Stranger Things Economist 2019 S3E25b The Need To "Knowing" the #FatimeTimeline in #Becca #SacredGames #Tyler #TheSon





#StrangerThings Economist 2019 S3E24 #Sinnerman No More Run... #FatimaTimeline #Greenstar #Greenland #TrumpMaria #Tyler #EpsteinIsAlive #TheSnake Sheds his Skin #Trumpstein #GhislaneMaxwell

Stranger Things Economist 2019 S3E23b Human, You Are a Strange(r) Animal, #SinnerMan No More Running... #FT #Tyler

#StrangerThings Economist 2019 S3E24 #Sinnerman No More Run...

#FatimaTimeline #Greenstar #Greenland #TrumpMaria #Tyler #EpsteinIsAlive #TheSnake Sheds his Skin #Trumpstein #GhislaneMaxwell


Stranger Things 1 Economist Cover 2019 Don't Make in Kashmir

Project Camelot: interview with
Anthony Zender Aug 1, 2019

Kashmir The Story | Full Documentary On The History & Timelines Of Kashmir Valley

Article 370 and 35A vote



Project Camelot: interview with
Anthony Zender Aug 1, 2019

Kashmir The Story | Full Documentary On The History & Timelines Of Kashmir Valley



Stranger Things S3 Economist 2019 S3E18 The 3 Foxes in Jerusalem Code

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Rabbi: Viral Video of Foxes on Temple Mount a Timely Sign More Prophecies About to be Revealed
By Adam Eliyahu Berkowitz August 9, 2019 , 10:44 am
“Because of Mount Tzion, which lies desolate; Jackals prowl over it.” Lamentations 5:18 (The Israel Bible™)

An article on Breaking Israel News published two days ago about foxes being sighted on the Temple Mount has already garnered over a quarter million reads, leading one influential rabbi to note that the phenomenon coupled with the reaction are sure signs that “more prophecies are on the way.” The sighting comes during the nine-day period of austerity culminating in the Ninth of Av when Jews read the Book of Lamentations which includes a verse about foxes on the Temple Mount.

Lamentations: Foxes on the Temple Mount a Precursor to Return

The article, the most-read Breaking Israel News article of the year, reports that visitors to the area of the Temple Mount observed a group of about a dozen foxes in the southwestern area of the Western Wall for the last three days in the early hours of the day. The image of foxes on the Temple Mount was described in the Book of Lamentations, which some Biblical scholars believe was written by the Prophet Jeremiah.

Because of Mount Tzion, which lies desolate; Jackals prowl over it. Lamentations 5:18

The Hebrew word used in this verse (שׁוּעָלִים) is most accurately translated as ‘foxes.’ This verse appears in the fifth and final chapter of Lamentations which culminates in the prophecy that Jerusalem will return to its former days of glory.

For truly, You have rejected us, Bitterly raged against us. Take us back, Hashem, to Yourself, And let us come back; Renew our days as of old! Lamentations 5:22

It is important to note that this sighting comes during the nine-day period of austerity preceding Tisha B’Av, (the ninth day of the Hebrew month of Av) on which the Jews fast and mourn for the destruction of the First and Second Temples which were both destroyed on that day. Part of the Tisha B’Av service is a public reading of the Book of Lamentations.

Rabbi Yosef Berger, the rabbi of King David’s Tomb on Mount Zion, emphasized that the huge interest in what is ostensibly a minor event is, in itself, an essential element of geula (redemption).

“When God created the world, he ‘hid’ Himself in nature,” Rabbi Berger explained. “This was, of course, necessary to give us free choice which is an opportunity for us to discover God. Many people can look at the foxes and say it is nothing, a natural event, that there is no difference between foxes or rabbits. But the fact is that the reason the Bible described foxes is that they only live in places of total desolation and loneliness. Yet Jerusalem today is a bustling city and it is truly remarkable that foxes suddenly appear. And they seem to be happily playing.”

“So many people look at the video and see nothing but it is truly a blessed sign of the times that so many more, Jews and non-Jews, look at the video and see signs of geula,” Rabbi Berger said. “God is hidden but His greatest joy is when we seek him out and find him. That is when geula happens.”

Wild foxes at the site of the destroyed Temple are described specifically in the Jewish Talmud.

The rabbi noted that the ability to see redemption in the appearance of foxes on the Temple Mount was specifically described in a section of the Talmud, which was written 2,000 years ago. The Talmud (Makkot 24b) wrote about how Rabban Gamliel, Rabbi Elazar ben Azaria, Rabbi Joshua and Rabbi Akiva went up to Jerusalem.

When they reached the Temple Mount, they saw a fox emerging from the place of the Holy of Holies.

The others started weeping but Rabbi Akiva laughed. Rabbi Akiva asked the rabbis why they cried and they explained that to see a wild animal in such a holy place, a place which was forbidden to unfit men, was distressing. Rabbi Akiva noted that this was precisely the reason he laughed. He explained that the fact that the prophecy of Uriah related by the Prophet Micah had come to be was proof that the prophecy of Zechariah would also come to be.

The Prophet Micah described the total destruction of Jerusalem.

Assuredly, because of you Tzion shall be plowed as a field, And Yerushalayim shall become heaps of ruins, And the Har Habayit A shrine in the woods. Micah 3:12

The Prophet Zechariah described the return of Jerusalem to its days of glory.

Thus said the lord of Hosts: There shall yet be old men and women in the squares of Yerushalayim, each with staff in hand because of their great age. And the squares of the city shall be crowded with boys and girls playing in the squares. Zechariah 4-5


Stranger Things Economist S3E17b When She Escaped

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Stranger Things Economist S3E17 When She Escaped


Stranger Things S3 Economist 2019 S3E16 The Man of "V"

Stranger Things S3 Economist 2019 Part 15 El Machine


Stranger Things S3 Economist 19 S3E15b El Machine


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