An infinite number of opportunities are always presenting themselves to us, but we are limited by our ability to identify them. I tell about how "Beautiful Rosso" give me an insight into the nature of our limitation and prattle on a bit about whatever else.

Explanation of how to use ZX to create a simple telnet chat server (extremely easy) and then explanation of what exactly is going on inside, why applications are structured the way they are, and toward the end homes in on how the client socket handlers are receiving data from the system and how and where we would start introducing more interesting behaviors such as chat commands and chat channels.
Reference post for the "Service ⇒ Worker" pattern mentioned a few times in the video above:

I didn't have time to implement chat channels in the video (it doesn't take long, but the introductory explanation of the code ZX templates for us took quite a bit of time), but if there is any interest I would enjoy making another video that adds chat channels and maybe user registration and some basic password based authentication as an example.


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