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With most Chinese workers returning to work, China is now facing a real dilemma: sustaining growth or containing the outbreak? More details after the update.

Officials are planning to postpone China's biggest political meeting of the year, despite efforts by the chinese communist propaganda department to sway public opinion on the coronavirus outbreak.

And hubei province has issued three urgent orders. Residents are now under a 24 hour lockdown, essentially sealing up the province.

The diamond princess cruise ship in Japan has 99 more cases of the coronavirus, raising the total to 454—the highest number of infected outside of china.

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The #coronavirus has impacted #ValentinesDay across China with millions of roses being destroyed. Find out what the top gifts are during the outbreak.

How many frontline medics are infected with the coronavirus? Is China telling the truth? Our exclusive report tells a different story than what the state media shows.

And in an effort to stop the spread of the coronavirus, no cars are allowed to enter Shanghai, including ones originally from the city and ones on their way back right now.

Arguments that the coronavirus is man-made has been deemed by many as a conspiracy theory. Currently there is no solid evidence nor conclusions over the virus' origin. Nonetheless, a comment by China's former military scientist is sparking heated discussions. #Wuhan


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