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Happy Saturday. https:// https://

Greetings - This is, Wednesday Night News. It's getting interesting, and the great awakening is happening to the degree we knew it always would haha. for more details. Also, be sure to check out for daily useful news!

Whether you are in the market for burka-talk or bird-talk, you've come to the right place! Happy Saturday, let's see what happens.

Happy Saturday - Birds Birds Birds. Perhaps more, let's see what happens.

Hello - it's almost as if they're trying to turn everyone into a republican haha. It's Wednesday, so come hang out in one of the most reasonable places on the internet (becuase that says so much)

Hello - Bird Talk is back but possibly without a vengeance, unless anyone knows of any vengeful birds. There will be bird talk, and bitcoin talk. Other than that, lswh.

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I'm really starting to enjoy myself in 2022.

Greetings reasonable people, their dedication to relentlessly repeating the same insanity is almost admirable. Almost. Let's see what happens in the news and in the world tonight. Brought to you by you, the news now. Also,

Happy Saturday–can you guess who inspired this title? There's no birds in it, but there will be bird talk.

Happy Wednesday, btw Carl Weathers says hi.

Good morning frens - Welcome to Saturday morning bird talk, etc. Let's see what happens...

Hello everyone - it's Wednesday and it seems as though we are entering a new phase of the timeline. The phase where it's obvious that we're winning. I hope you are enjoying the show.

Happy Saturday friends, patriots, bird enthusiasts. It's Saturday, and I'm glad to be back. Come for the usual news, stay for the usual bird talk.

Here we goooooo!

Hello dear reasonable friends–I am very glad to be back in the saddle of the streaming horse. It's actually happening more than ever, so that's pretty cool. This is Wednesday night ReasonableTV news. Check out for daily news updates if you're into that kind of thing.

What do you think after watching this?
From Saturday's live stream 03.12.22 w/futureman19 from Twetch.
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Greetings fellow freedom and/or bird aficionados. Today should be an interesting show. Some friendly debate at the beginning and garbage and birds thereafter. Let's see what happens.

Greetings fellow freedom/bird enthusiasts. Let's see what happens.

Here we go happy Saturday, Bird Talk is BACK!

Happy Saturday - let's check in w/the Canadians, and the Canadian Geese.

Greetings bird and/or freedom enthusiasts, and happy Saturday.

Here we go, are you enjoying the show?

I found this truly shocking, so I wanted to share. It's taken and lightly edited from Senator Ron Johnson's "COVID-19: A Second Opinion" on 01.24.2022.

The whole thing is enlightening, and worth a watch; link here:


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