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00:00 - Start, subscribe to substack for exclusive and uncensored content
01:49 - Mission statement for solo streams
03:18 - Question: do you have any long-term goals?
05:06 - Question: reversing gum recession?
06:26 - Question: does DHEA promote sugar oxidation? Cortisol, free fatty acids, DHEA is like thyroid
10:34 - Question: raw milk, PCOS, estrogen
13:20 - Question: how to prepare food on the go?
14:12 - Question: oral temperature vs. underarm temperature?
15:08 - Question: will you have the autist Ray Peat group chat on the show?
15:35 - Question: the role of iatrogenesis in coronavirus deaths?
18:46 - Question: one meal per day, bodybuilding, Rhoda Patrick
20:39 - Question: what to do for "addiction"?
23:49 - Question: why Mexico? How did you move?
25:05 - Question: thoughts on greying of hair?
28:06 - Question: shrinking a goiter with progesterone and thyroid?
29:15 - Question: do you have a favorite animal?
29:44 - Question: are you religious?
31:42 - Question: is olive oil better than coconut oil for the carrot salad?
33:09 - Question: does being cold promote hair loss?
35:06 - Question: simple suggestions for old parents to improve their health?
35:47 - Question: what are your concerns about the vaccine?
38:01 - Question: can you explain further about your experience with safe antibiotics?
40:02 - Question: possible factors for skin inflammation?
41:46 - Question: could a high milk diet increase immunity?
42:10 - Question: long-term problems with antihistamines and anticholinergics?
44:05 - Question: what's the best alternative to milk?
44:55 - Question: what are your favorite documentaries?
46:12 - Question: what would an ultimate Ray Peat Mexico retreat look like?
47:28 - Question: do you filter your water?
48:03 - Question: is lactic acid a harmful additive?
48:55 - Question: is rice a 5-alpha reductase inhibitor?
49:16 - Question: shedding after using cynomel (T3)?
50:39 - Question: recovery after birth control and SSRI use?
51:32 - Question: how to fulfill B1 requirements?
52:16 - Question: will you have Kyle Mamounis and Ray Peat on your show?
53:29 - Question: current thoughts on practical EMF mitigation?
54:31 - Question: improving oil production in the skin?
54:57 - Question: how would you break up a cynoplus tablet throughout the day?
55:35 - Question: how much cheese would a person need if that was their only source of calcium?
56:22 - Question: how much vitamin D do you apply to your skin every day? Is 10% absorbed?
57:52 - Question: what is a typical day of eating for you?
58:53 - Question: podcast with moreplatesmoredates?
59:31 - Question: how to overcome hypercarotenemia (orange skin)?
01:00:47 - Question: supplements for pregnancy and constipation?
01:03:02 - Question: thoughts on the bioenergetic approach to pattern hair loss?
01:04:43 - Question: do you supplement with magnesium?

00:00 - Start setup music
24:46 - Art, knowledge, CIA, Congress for Cultural Freedom, Chomsky, language, consciousness, genetic-determinism
42:29 - Ray's new newsletter: estrogen, iron, degenerative aging, and progesterone
43:58 - What are common misconceptions that Ray touches upon in the newsletter?
44:55 - Iron overload, anemia, hemoglobin, hematocrit
46:51 - Estrogen promotes the retention of iron
47:46 - How do androgens increase hematocrit and hemoglobin?
48:34 - What is the purpose of fever?
49:24 - How does iron overload relate to calcium metabolism?
53:11 - Gilbert Ling's associate induction hypothesis, lactic acid, intracellular pH, iron
57:19 - CO2 is protective from excess iron
59:14 - What's the primary conductor of the metabolism? CO2, consciousness
01:00:13 - Is parathyroid hormone the strongest stimulator of lactic acid? Is parathyroid hormone the final common path of metabolic stress?
01:02:19 - Is there a way to make cells more resistant to PTH?
01:05:18 - How to obtain Ray's newsletter and books, Progest-E progesterone from Kenogen
01:05:50 - How does progesterone relate to parathyroid hormone?
01:06:51 - Anti-serotonin drugs for osteoporosis?
01:07:57 - Progesterone opposes prostaglandin E, COX-2, aromatase
01:09:53 - What's the main mechanism activating aromatase?
01:11:35 - Cell stability and structural integrity, progesterone, estrogen, vitamin C
01:16:30 - How does lipofuscin impair cellular respiration?
01:18:28 - How can people think about what's happening right now? Ruling class vs. working class
01:20:18 - 'The double vaccinated becoming unvaccinated'
01:22:25 - Marx and Illich predicting medical tyranny
01:24:34 - Measuring the blood for angiotensin
01:25:24 - China's vaccination campaign
01:27:30 - Measuring the rate of metabolism by collecting the urine
01:28:42 - '50 micrograms of T3 will usually normalize a hypothyroid person'
01:30:12 - Ray's thoughts on Mexico, election fraud
01:33:10 - Ray's thoughts on Afghanistan
01:35:05 - Are any animals evil? Ants, hunting
01:37:07 - Ray's favorite examples of mutual aid in the animal kingdom
01:41:01 - How do ants communicate?
01:43:10 - What's so special about ants? CO2, aging
01:44:21 - Ray's advice for romantic grief (heartbreak)
01:45:34 - Ray's view on ontology? William James's radical empiricism
01:49:58 - Non-toxic ways of oil painting
01:50:39 - What does a typical day look like for Ray?
01:52:23 - Ray's parting thoughts, are the powers that be winning?

00:00 - Intro, mission statement
02:08 - Question: am I dogmatic?
11:00 - Question: what is Ray Peat wrong about?
15:50 - Question: origin story?
16:20 - Question: increase nitric oxide?
18:45 - Question: best places to live in Mexico? Food quality?
21:25 - Question: what is the situation in Mexico?
25:02 - Question: how is the DHT experiment going? Coffee before bed, EMF tent
28:35 - Question: shipping in Mexico?
29:17 - Question: is fasting risky?
29:57 - Question: waking up in pain, fibromyalgia
31:49 - Question: thoughts on bell's palsy
32:27 - Question: important to wean off thyroid?
32:49 - Question: how would you manage without a thyroid supplement? Will thyroid interfere with a person's own production?
37:16 - Question: is it necessary to take vitamin K with a small amount of aspirin?
39:07 - Question: anterolateral leg alopecia, arterial stiffness, baldness, vitamin D, CO2
42:59 - Question: weight gain and acne with coffee?
44:09 - Question: identifying hypothyroidism, cholesterol, TSH, temperature, pulse, adrenaline, milk
48:00 - Question: gentle bioenergetic therapies
48:41 - Question: T3 only?
48:53 - Question: milk quality in the U.S.
50:09 - Question: ways to increase DHT?
50:30 - Question: mushrooms or carrot?
50:46 - Question: have you tried casein?
51:31 - Question: astaxanthin?
53:16 - Question: mast cell activation syndrome? Progesterone, estrogen, PTH, calcium, vitamin D
57:49 - Question: migraines and vertigo?

00:00 - Start setup music
20:09 - Skip setup music, Ray's July newsletter, lipofuscin, estrogen, fibrosis
23:47 - What is the standard medical view of fibrosis? What is Ray's view?
26:13 - Is fibrosis the result of excessive cellular reduction? Intracellular calcium, PTH, iron
30:50 - What organismc signal leads to the development of a tumor? Inflammation, fibrosis, calcification
34:05 - What hormones are coordinating fibrosis? Estrogen, PTH, prolactin, aldosterone, growth hormone, serotonin, TSH, gonadotrophins
36:12 - What's the role of the prostaglandins and leukotrienes? "Essential fatty acids," mead acid
39:41 - Ray's various "names" for hormones: estrogen, aldosterone, serotonin, prolactin
43:02 - Prolactin, estrogen, activation of stem cells
43:21 - What's the role of fibrin in fibrosis? Iron, ferritin, hepcidin, vitamin E
49:00 - Does every viral infection involve inflammation? Exosomes, retroviruses
52:15 - How to subscribe to Ray's newsletter, order Ray's books, Progest-E from Kenogen, topical application of progesterone with olive oil
1:00:39 - Ray on David E. Martin's work, Eric Schmidt, empire wars, artificial intelligence
1:04:56 - 'China are better capitalists than their opposition'
1:06:24 - 'It could reduce world population by 80-90%'
1:11:41 - "More life and more energy can solve many of the basic problems of life." Ray Peat (1994)
1:13:15 - Einstein, space-time, Michelson-Morley aether
1:16:11 - Question: What is a healthy way to look at the world? What is an unhealthy way to look at the world?
1:18:40 - Question: Ray's take on process theology, David Ray Griffin
1:22:28 - Suspending judgment as a quality of a high metabolic rate
1:23:08 - Question: Ray's take on Marx's scientific method and social revolution, Nelson Rockefeller, Christian communism, Rothschilds, Club of Rome, WEF
1:26:43 - Question: How much does intuitive thinking coincide with intellectual processing? Altruism, basic needs, injury
1:30:48 - Question: Is seeking revenge always serotonergic? Alice Miller, Weillhelm Reich, love
1:38:08 - Question: How does the mind affect biological processes? Routine vs. novelty
1:42:02 - Question: How to reset trauma in a tortured dog
1:43:07 - Question: What are Ray's thoughts on 'planes of existence? Why did the second signal system evolve?

00:00 - Start setup music
11:35 - Skip setup music, catch-up chat, David E. Martin, cyberattack
27:26 - We take a break to fix the audio
45:12 - Back with better audio, finishing up catch-up, transhumanism, Georgi's hospital experience
01:04:00 - Variants
01:09:04 - Miscarriage
01:16:06 - Idealabs update
01:21:15 - Vitamin E for immunity, AIDS
01:30:03 - Vitamin D improves ovarian reserves in women with infertility, Kate Deering and Kitty Blomfield interview Ray Peat about vitamin D
01:34:30 - Aging is an energy deficiency problem, taking cardiolipin may reverse it, PUFA, lipid peroxidation
01:39:48 - Idealabs update, outro

00:00 - Wait screen
00:17 - Start, catch-up with Georgi, farming, covid death statistics, the Pentagon is gross
22:51 - Study finds intense training sessions temporarily impair mitochondrial function
34:03 - The interplay between the renin-angiotensin-aldosterone system and parathyroid hormone, sodium, CO2
42:40 - The effect of dietary PUFA on cation transport and hypertension in the rat
45:17 - COQ10 protects from aging-related oxidative stress and improves mitochondrial function in the heart of rats fed PUFA-rich diet, the difference between ubiquinone (oxidized) and ubiquinol (reduced), ROS
52:06 - Idealabs update, naringenin, apigenin
01:11:34 - PUFA impair blood glucose control in type 2 diabetic patients, hyperglycemia as the result of metabolic stress (not high carbohydrate intake), PUFA and ACTH
01:19:51 - Advanced age, but not anergy, is associated with altered serum polyunsaturated fatty acids levels
01:21:55 - Sci-Hub lawsuit, Alexandra Elbakyan is a science hero, Aaron Swartz
01:31:28 - Neuronal lipolysis participates in PUFA-meditated neural function and neurodegeneration
01:32:18 - Idealabs update, serotonin antagonist (tropoxin)

00:00 - Start setup music
06:53 - Skip setup music, catching up with Georgi, Eric Schmidt, automation, A.I., depopulation
33:31 - Mitochondrial dysfunction may be the cause of anemia, iron, copper, ceruloplasmin, ferritin
44:08 - Upregulated serotonin synthesis may be a biomarker for breast cancer, lidocaine for digestion, olive oil
57:06 - Idealabs update
01:07:30 - Vitamin D may treat (opioid) “addiction," PTH, tryptophan hydroxylase, serotonin, pregnenolone, "post-finasteride syndrome"
01:19:55 - PUFA deficiency reverses effects of alcohol on mitochondrial energy metabolism, cardiolipin, cytochrome c oxidase, electron flow, nitric oxide
01:26:50 - Outro chat, hypothetical power and water outages

00:00 - Start setup music
06:27 - Skip Setup music, catch-up with Georgi, JBS "cyberattack," World Economic Forum, UFOs
18:38 - Georgi's Strong Sista's interview, problems with low-carb
22:02 - Maternal high-PUFA diet causes alcoholism, aggressiveness, early puberty, and hyper-estrogenism in offspring, PUFAs are estrogenic
31:40 - Stress ups cortisol/estrogen/prolactin, drops DHT, causes male infertility and prostate issues
39:34 - Idealabs update, drupanol
45:59 - Hyperserotonemia confirmed as a cause of autism and insomnia, ways to lower serotonin, aspirin, salt
01:04:32 - Hidut's Bulgarian Bioenergetic Burger™ Recipe
01:10:38 - Cortisol causes fatty liver (as well as obesity, diabetes, etc.), saturated fat
01:15:41 - Working too hard / long can kill you, finding meaningful work
01:20:25 - High PTH, low vitamin D implicated in bipolar disorder (BD)
01:29:45 - 'It takes 30-50 years to know the side effects of a new drug'
01:41:16 - Danny thinks this is the 'calm before the storm'

00:00 - Start setup music
02:10 - Approaching nutrition in an open anti-authoritarian way
03:40 - What is the problem with authoritarianism in nutrition?
05:19 - How do you approach the subject of nutrition? "In context" suggestions
07:30 - Ray Peat on the silliness of "The Ray Peat Diet"
08:45 - Are most people beyond dietary intervention? The human diet almost always contained thyroid
10:51 - Why don't some people feel comfortable with thyroid?
14:28 - Is the look of obesity due to the accumulation of mucopolysaccharides?
15:35 - "If your thyroid is working efficiently, your pituitary doesn't have much to do and you're not likely to get a pituitary tumor, your adrenals don't have much to do, and your ovaries don't get over stimulated. The other glands have an easy job when your thyroid is working right. If your thyroid gets interfered with, you have to rev up your adrenals and your pituitary becomes commander in chief and tells everyone what to do.” Ray Peat (2017)
17:12 - W.D. Denckla
18:23 - What does Ray think about his video interviews hitting YouTube?
19:36 - Final points on anti-authoritarian nutrition
21:54 - What if someone's orienting reflex is "broken"?
25:01 - Ray's motivation for his new newsletter
27:47 - Potential of human society hasn't been explored, Kropotkin
28:34 - Cilium as a sensing organlle
31:08 - Georgi arrives, critical aspects of Ray's new newsletter
34:36 - Combining consciousness of organisms
36:24 - Cosmic Clocks by Michel Gauquelin, vibration
43:55 - How was remote viewing research applied?
44:53 - Fake alien invasion
45:15 - 'Progesterone is useful for any health problem'
47:07 - 'Hormones are useful in our horrific environment'
48:26 - 'Real society would include our animal friends'
49:49 - 'Is there anything that thyroid does that progesterone doesn't?'
52:07 - Question: Is the source of all knowledge experience?
54:31 - Question: Are some principles worth dying for? Pituitary, death, growth hormone, hypoxia
01:01:42 - Question: Why was Artistotle a good scientist?
01:03:16 - Question: How does metabolic stress begin?
01:04:41 - Question: How does Ray organize his research?
01:09:03 - Question: Can Ray go over his week of eating?
01:11:33 - Question: How does our metabolism affect our thoughts and feelings?
01:15:23 - Question: Why are some people so submissive to authority?
01:16:04 - Question: Ray's thoughts on Chernobyl reactivating
01:17:39 - Question: How to reduce body hair?
01:19:45 - Question: Is there a way to remineralize teeth and heal cavities?
01:23:45 - Unz article about germ warfare, ACE2, China, Luc Montagnier, exosomes, mRNA vaccines, variants
01:37:21 - Ray's thoughts on Israel and Palestine, Netanyahu
01:41:25 - Bill Gates being thrown under the bus
01:43:57 - Danny thinks the real olive oil on the carrot or mushrooms is a revelation
01:44:56 - Orange peel wax

00:00 - Start setup music
07:38 - Skip setup music, catch-up with Georgi Dinkov
13:22 - "Scientist makes inaccurate claims on COVID-19 vaccine safety"
18:18 - "Your immune system evolves to fight coronavirus variants"
19:53 - Manufactured race war, supply chain breakdown, forced vaccination, inflation, woke culture, defund the police
25:01 - Pipeline cyberattack mostly likely by CIA hackers
29:35 - Things that might possibly help if a person got a vaccine
36:51 - Depression fades away when serotonin levels drop, fasting increases serotonin, inhibit serotonin for diabetes, what is the function of serotonin?
45:09 - Almost half of obese adults are (metabolically) healthy
54:33 - Question: cyproheptadine alternative?
58:44 - Question: solutions for acid reflux?
01:03:23 - Question: bacteria communication via serotonin?
01:09:55 - Many people may suffer from chronic serotonin syndrome, prolactin as a proxy for serotonin
01:20:35 - Is vitamin D3 toxic?
01:28:11 - Question: neuropathy, calcification of the ganglia, vitamin K
01:33:09 - Question: skin issues when implementing liver
01:38:34 - Question: hunger in the morning, water intake causing stress, hypoglycemia, nighttime stress
01:46:16 - Question: de novo lipogenesis, vitamin E, fat storage, unsaturated and saturated fat

00:00​ - Start setup music
08:17​ - Skip setup music, catch-up with Georgi Dinkov, the unraveling COVID narrative
13:10​ - Is being around vaccinated people harmful?
23:00​ - Stress (cortisol) causes hair loss, hair loss as a marker of circulatory disease, aldosterone, PTH, estrogen, trilostane, progesterone
28:37​ - Estrogens cause obesity / PCOS in women, DHT is protective
35:39​ - Low DHT can cause hypogonadism symptoms even in eugonadal men
41:17​ - Vitamin D (topical) safe and effective for removing scars
45:02​ - Vitamin D deficiency impairs muscles by lowering energy production, nitric oxide theory of aging, CRH, prostaglandins
54:40​ - Is Georgi doing anything at the moment to prepare for an uncertain future?
58:27​ - Ruby Ridge, Waco, Timothy McVeigh
01:07:10​ - Serotonin and oxytocin promote gullibility, trainability, and servility
01:15:08​ - What's happening in India? Bogus PCR cycle threshold
01:19:04​ - Endotoxin (LPS) may be the cause of fatal lung damage in COVID-19
01:22:54​ - Pyrucet for cancer?
01:24:48​ - Silica, present in most supplements/food, activates the endotoxin receptor (TLR4), EMF, Danny purchased a Mercola EMF tent

00:00 - Start setup music
01:46 - Skip setup music, Florida, Texas, cyberattack, "climate emergency," war with Russia, Putin, Biden
13:56 - Attempting to ground Ray's nutritional ideas, people copying Ray's work without credit
15:48 - Copying someone else before being able to become yourself, Wilhelm Reich, translation as an act of creation
19:13 - Eating as our closest interaction with the world, how Ray thinks about nutrition, body temperature
22:03 - Appetite and metabolism, voting of the intelligent population of cells
24:45 - Variety in the diet, hysteresis, memories in tissue, Rupert Sheldrake, cellular communication
32:27 - Is EMF capable of interfering with cellular communication?
40:25 - EMF causes cells to uptake calcium, vitamin D, and calcium help reduce intracellular calcium by lowering PTH
41:40 - Danny's take on basic requirements for a human living in 2021 based on what he's learned from Ray, is there an optimal amount of fat? Loss of subcutaneous fat and the look of old age, Randle cycle
49:08 - How do testosterone, progesterone, and DHT cause fat loss without increasing lipolysis and fat oxidation? Progesterone, thyroid, and magnesium reversing "addiction" and cirrhosis
54:36 - Hypothyroidism, gallbladder disease, light stools
55:40 - Ray on the importance of protein, albumin, proteolytic enzymes, easy to overdo the protein lowering thyroid function, gelatin, tryptophan
01:02:16 - Is there a base amount of carbohydrate for stress resistance in 2021?
01:04:21 - Sorbitol, prune juice, laxative, emodin, xylitol
01:07:38 - Alternatives if sweet orange juice isn't available? Tortillas, orange juice concentrate, sour orange juice contains more citric acid that can irritate a person's digestion
01:11:37 - Did they change the Mexican coke recipe?
01:15:47 - Regular consumption of liver, eggs, and oysters
01:18:23 - Why are liver and oysters difficult to digest?
01:20:45 - What brand of oysters does Ray use? How does he eat them?
01:22:11 - Salt and gelatin for sleep, the amount of salt for normal functioning?
01:25:02 - What's an optimal amount of calcium per day? PTH, uncoupling proteins, lithium
01:26:55 - Calcium vs. magnesium for suppressing PTH, magnesium absorption and retention in hypothyroidism
01:30:10 - Cytokines activating the stress systems because of the failure of energy
01:32:17 - What is Ray working on?

00:00 - Introduction, schedule, reflecting on the Ray episodes
02:24 - The mission statement for these solo streams
03:55 - Exercise, CO2, hypoxia, hypothyroidism, HIIT, weight lifting
05:21 - Why is this podcast audio only?
06:22 - Adrenaline-like side effects with thyroid
09:27 - How to use Progest-E for a male?
10:59 - Top priorities for dry hair?
13:03 - Does progesterone antagonize testosterone?
15:53 - White spots on nails, methylene blue
17:21 - Vitamin A, PUFA, reductive stress, vitamin A and E supplementation
19:18 - Thoughts on losing fat without being in ketosis, burning fat at rest, weight loss beyond nutrition
22:05 - Are plastic surgery implants harmful?
22:50 - How to convert vellus hair into to terminal?
23:56 - Danny's experience with DHT and progesterone
26:20 - Is iron donation useful? High estrogen causes iron accumulation
29:53 - Thoughts on raw food?
33:23 - Three things to combat baldness?
34:55 - Low stomach acid, yeast overgrowth, flowers of sulfur
36:22 - Thoughts on aspirin, Proviron, and DHT?
37:37 - What will happen if a person takes aspirin on a low-carb diet? Gyno with milk?
40:08 - How to correct gum recession?
40:45 - CO2 for hay fever, serotonin, carbonic anhydrase, mast cells, histamine
43:22 - Did you ever have a raw food phase?
44:46 - When are you going to do the basic to basics episode with Ray?
45:26 - Thoughts on a bad reaction to a covid test?
45:51 - Thoughts on keto, intermittent fasting, free fatty acids, etc.
50:27 - Can Ray write a newsletter about vaccines?
51:10 - Thoughts on nail lunulas?
51:40 - Sulfur soap for fungal skin infections
51:47 - Recovering from an SSRI?
53:48 - Does Mexican Coke have a new formula?
54:57 - Thoughts on being unable to gain weight?
55:41 - Is keto better for autoimmune problems?
59:39 - Danny's preference for antibiotics?
01:00:00 - For yourself, how would you treat Hashimoto's?
01:00:22 - Alternative views of history
01:01:19 - Does Ray think the virus is real?
01:03:19 - How to solve low DHEA-S?
01:03:24 - Have you reached out to Derek of MPMD?
01:04:15 - Why did you end the comments on your Telegram?

00:00 - Start setup music
03:40 - Skip setup music, inflation, universal basic income, gold, bitcoin
12:29 - What are ways to opt-out of the system?
14:16 - Ray's new newsletter: Inflammation, adaptation, and aging
15:56 - What is inflammation?
17:51 - Does inflammation exist without PUFA?
19:56 - Is lactic acid the first "signal" for inflammation?
21:03 - Stem cell renewal, oxygen, carbon dioxide, stem cell therapy, high altitude
26:39 - Are oxidative stress and inflammation synonymous terms? Rate of living theory, Hayflick limit, continuous creation, Artistotle
33:59 - Tissue injury makes a person susceptible to bacteria, viruses, and fungi
36:02 - If a person gets a vaccine, are they harmful to be around?
40:37 - "It’s my considered view that it is entirely possible that [coronavirus vaccines] will be used for massive-scale depopulation.” — Former Pfizer VP and Chief Science Officer Mike Yeadon (2021)
45:44 - John Magufuli's mysterious death
48:13 - Ray's thoughts on men, women, and children using Progest-E, ~5-10 milligrams is an average anti-stress dose
57:17 - Thyroid consumption in traditional diets
58:47 - What would Ray suggest if a person has issues with cynoplus?
01:01:17 - 1/2 a traditional grain of thyroid is close to 1/4 of a cynoplus tablet
01:03:50 - Question: declining health with digital learning and lockdowns, the meaning of the mask, the purpose of the lockdowns, making organization impossible
01:12:47 - Andrew Cuomo getting metooed
01:14:38 - Ray's experience with the CIA's 'finders' operation, Blake college
01:20:29 - Question: the loss of smell and taste with coronavirus, influenza, metallothionein, zinc deficiency, carbonic anhydrase, serotonin
01:26:49 - Question: mRNA vaccines, immunology, viruses, antiinflammaatories for bacterial, fungal and viral infections, cancer

00:00​ - Start setup music
02:26​ - Skip setup music, the mysterious death of John Magufuli, news sources, AstraZeneca blood clots, Biden, NASA
15:00​ - Blocking cortisol may treat terminal pancreatic cancer
20:46​ - Replacing starch with sucrose increases metabolism, prevent obesity
25:40​ - Stress (cortisol) causes pre-term birth by blocking progesterone
28:07​ - Idealabs update
32:27​ - Aspirin may prevent and treat COVID-19
44:11​ - Question: do carbohydrates increase serotonin?
50:00​ - Question: thoughts on TNF-a blockers?
54:25​ - Question: thoughts on drinking water?
58:44​ - PUFA metabolites may drive bacterial infections and their resistance to antibiotics
01:03:13​ - Fasting ineffective for shrinking belly fat, may actually increase it
01:15:44​ - Progesterone therapy may improve COVID-19 outcomes for men
01:18:52​ - Androgens (T, DHT) highly protective against the flu
01:26:04​ - Outro, state of humanity, Samia Suluhu, World Economic Forum, cyber attack, climate lockdowns

00:00 - Start setup music
05:00 - Skip setup music, Georgi's situation in Washington, D.C.
11:00 - 'On The Back of a Tiger' Ray Peat interviews released on youtube
15:59 - "Consensus" in science
27:41 - The 50th generative energy episode
31:28 - Topical DHT therapy promotes hair growth
37:32 - Testosterone therapy (TRT) reverses hair loss (in women)
55:37 - Question: mitigating the harm from a mRNA vaccine?
01:04:56 - Question: calcium supplementation and heavy metal contamination
01:07:17 - Question: what do do about intense environmental sensitivities?
01:17:44 - Keto (low-carb) diet causes heart fibrosis, blocks mitochondrial biogenesis
01:21:57 - Childhood stress causes mental illness in adults by blunting androgens
01:30:01 - Idealabs update
01:33:20 - Question: healing from trauma
01:39:42 - Question: bad reaction to antibiotics
01:47:10 - Question: calcium, vitamin D, vitamin K

00:00 - Start setup music
04:55 - Skip setup music, DHT talk
14:46 - DHT restores anabolism, vitality, sexuality even in 90+ y.o. males
42:14 - Idealabs update
45:19 - Stress (cortisol) as the driver of hyperglycemia in type II diabetes
52:07 - PUFA promote torpor, hibernation, decrease lifespan
58:11 - Fatty acid oxidation, Huntington disease, ROS
01:00:18 - Question: fat loss, fasting, lipolysis, beta-oxidation, niacinamide, nad+/nadh, hypothyroidism
01:08:53 - PUFA are potent immunosuppressive agents
01:12:48 - Question: what about DHA in the brain?
01:15:01 - Question: suggestions for fertility?

00:00 - Intro, feedback on episodes, vaccines, somethings are worth than death
06:26 - Mission statement for solo streams
09:58 - Charcoal, persorption, Gerhard Volkheimer
12:33 - Calcium deposits
13:14 - Tetracycline danger?
13:48 - What self-experiments is Danny currently doing?
15:52 - Danny's preferred seven supplements
18:17 - Bitcoin
19:16 - Danny's preferred seven foods
20:45 - What's required for hair regrowth?
23:49 - Expanding on the bioenergetic view of baldness?
26:34 - How to minimize or mitigate EMF harm?
28:43 - Ray Peat inspired vegan diet?
30:53 - How much progesterone and DHEA is Danny experimenting with?
32:10 - Panic attacks
33:16 - Microdosing, water, prolactin, too much liquid?
36:36 - Decreased need for thyroid overtime? Can thyroid supplementation cause nutrient deficiencies?
40:03 - What is Danny's preferred thyroid?
41:21 - Calcium carbonate, eggshell calcium
42:23 - Porn, masturbation, metabolism
44:27 - Flatulence, SIBO, digestion, thyroid
48:02 - Topical vitamins application vs. absorption
53:34 - Recommended dose for minocycline
54:39 - Raw carrot with or without meal?
55:31 - Is erythromycin a safe antibiotic?
56:42 - Are live youtube streams easy to do?
58:21 - Natural forms of thyroid vs. synthetics
59:02 - Vitamin D, calcium, vitamin K
01:00:30 - Leo Wik, Kyle Mamounis, desiccated liver pills
01:03:41 - Fructose intolerance, SIBO
01:04:51 - Bleeding gums SIBO, vitamin E, cocoa allergy
01:06:05 - Is A1 milk inflammatory?
01:07:13 - Transitioning off carnivore
01:08:12 - Amber O'Hearn, carnivore, stress, glucagon, cortisol, gluconeogenesis, pyruvate dehydrogenase, adrenaline, cholesterol

00:00 - Start setup music
02:55 - Skip setup music
03:46 - Where is the most critical place to start the conversation?
05:30 - Are people dying the mRNA or the polyethylene glycol lipid?
07:22 - Pfizer vaccine, HIV, Luc Montagnier, Peter Duesberg
09:16 - PCR test cycles, creating evidence for an "epidemic"
10:25 - People as "public health threats," COVID camps, censorship, domestic terrorist
12:01 - Trump's legacy, QAnon as a psychological operation to identify dissenters and eventually turn them into patsies for "domestic terrorism"
15:31 - Rothschilds, Rockefellers, WASPS, Zionists, Kabbalah, Jesuits, Numerology, Noam Chomsky, Language
22:58 - Rothschilds, Talmud, Kabbalah
24:22 - What was the relationship between the Rothschilds and Rockefellers?
26:15 - What is essentialism?
28:28 - Where do Bill Gates and other elites live if they're spending so much toxifying the environment?
32:49 - Why does capitalism lead to war and destruction?
37:59 - Ray's thoughts on surviving the great reset, foods to stock
41:31 - Nutrition labels can't be trusted
44:50 - Question: How to stop the aging process?
54:30 - Question: Ray's views on the history of philosophy? Immanuel Kant
01:02:15 - Question: How to shift vellus hairs to terminal? DHEA, estrogen, cortisol, prolactin, aldosterone, frontal fibrosing alopecia, PTH
01:11:06 - Why is there so much focus on estradiol?
01:16:02 - Question: How to stop Crohn's disease flair-ups? Estrogen, redox balance, vitamin D
01:20:22 - Is vitamin D an anti-estrogen?
01:24:25 - Question: How to approach a stubborn endotoxin problems? Biosporin, florassist, megasporebiotic, antisceptic fibers, erythromycin, penicillin VK, tetracycline, charcoal
01:31:30 - Send $28 to [email protected] for a digital subscription to Ray's Newsletter or to purchase his books
01:32:00 - What is Ray working on right now?
01:36:10 - What's mainly responsible for the hardening of the cell?
01:38:12 - Question: Are there benefits from activating the vagus nerve?
01:40:26 - Question: What would happen if the earth released more CO2?
01:44:18 - Question: Who's behind the UFO agenda?
01:48:14 - Question: Does MDMA increase serotonin? What does Ray think of Chinese medicine?
01:52:44 - Question: Can Ray expand on the feeling of euphoria and how not experiencing it represents the degenerative effects of aging and stress?
01:57:45 - Carbon dioxide, euphoria, how exactly Ray uses carbon dioxide

00:00 - Start setup music
04:46 - Skip setup music
05:25 - Solutions for The Great Reset? Food ideas, "bug out bag"
17:31 - mRNA vaccines as "operating systems" according to Moderna, mRNA vaccine side effects, spinning the narrative
27:55 - Credible news sources?
37:06 - One-to-one coaching, idealabs update, tocovit vitamin E winner
44:44 - Vitamin D and cancer, PTH increases 1,25-D and cholecalciferol lowers it, Warburg effect, supplemental vitamin D is not risky or toxic
56:10 - Oral testosterone with vitamin E for NAFLD
01:04:19 - Question: avoiding PUFA in Asia, drugs to reduce harm
01:10:38 - Question: recovering from statin use
01:16:35 - Androgens promote immunity
01:24:38 - Question: optimizing digestion, salt, thyroid, antibiotics, gelatin, charcoal
01:31:59 - Lisuride, serotonin, immunity
01:39:16 - Question: high prolactin, high triglycerides, high cholesterol, but doesn't tolerate thyroid well

00:00 - Start setup music
05:36 - Skip setup music, current events, society, stress, torture
43:15 - Endotoxin behind the mortality of Black Death and 1918 Flu pandemics
59:17 - Sugar (sucrose) lowers stress-induced cortisol
01:00:14 - Some aromatase inhibitors (AI) are estrogenic
01:05:14 - Even “non-carcinogenic” estrogens can cause cancer
01:09:14 - Question: cholesterol level, metabolism, androgens, endotoxin
01:19:31 - Question: dental hygiene, antibiotics, intestinal health, methylene blue
01:23:51 - Endotoxin (LPS) as a cause of systemic inflammation seen in obesity
01:32:35 - Question: elevated white blood cell count, leukemia, PUFA, estrogen
01:38:25 - Question: klonopin, panic attacks, progesterone
01:43:48 - Idealabs update
01:47:44 - Outro, live stream schedule

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Intro: Mitch Murder - In The News
Outro: Mitch Murder - In The News

#dannyroddy #georgidinkov #bioenergetics

Medical Disclaimer: The ideas and research provided by myself are for information and education purposes only. Individuals wishing to make changes to their dietary, lifestyle, exercise or medication regimens should do so in conjunction with a competent, knowledgeable, empathic medical professional. Anyone who chooses to apply the ideas and research provided by myself does so of their own volition and their own risk. I cannot take responsibility or liability whatsoever for any harm from the use or dissemination of information provided. Your health is in your own hands.

00:00 - Start
01:35 - My mission statement for solo streams
03:20 - Mitigating harm from forced medical intervention
05:12 - Is Mexican coke really "healthy"?
07:37 - Has Danny considered creating a self-sustainable community somewhere?
10:25 - How to approach a small intestinal bacterial or a fungal overgrowth?
13:31 - Danny's thoughts on cultural polarization?
15:50 - How to deal with ulcerative colitis?
17:24 - Danny's thoughts on learning about physiology
19:50 - ADHD, relaxation, hyperactivity, thyroid, stress
22:40 - Problems adjusting to high altitude
24:13 - Baking soda as shampoo, essential oils, toothpaste, deodorant
25:24 - In-depth book reviews?
26:01 - Thoughts on mineral balancing, CO2, thyroid
29:10 - What's the value of aspirin?
33:16 - Mucus production when drinking milk?
34:46 - Overcoming fatigue, getting labs when things are confusing
37:48 - Is it possible to eat too many carbohydrates? Weight gain on a "bioenergetic" approach
44:16 - What are other types of safe mushrooms?
44:38 - Danny's thoughts on vitamin A as a toxin
46:42 - What does Danny use for personal hygiene?
47:01 - Where does supplemental progesterone fit into everything?
50:26 - What causes constipation?
52:13 - Danny's experience on the carnivore diet
55:25 - Has Danny seen any hair growth testimonials from people he has worked with?
01:00:10 - Thyroid supplementation, heart rate, temperature, cortisol

00:00 - Start setup music
02:52 - Skip setup music
03:25 - Ray's newest newsletter, Body Temperature, Inflammation, and Aging
06:39 - Temperature range, enzyme systems
08:35 - The average normal temperature has decreased over the last 50 years
10:40 - Softening vs. hardening of tissues
12:01 - Health world obsessed with mitochondria, but not heat or CO2
13:00 - The rate of living theory by Raymond Pearl
16:01 - How did Ray know the rate of living theory was bogus?
19:51 - Who were the pro-metabolic people in the 1930s?
23:56 - Telomeres length and aging?
26:18 - Richard Dawkins, the selfish gene
28:34 - Bertrand Russel, ruling class jerk that occasionally spoke the truth
32:55 - Thiamine, CO2, acetazolamide, temperature
34:27 - The money take over of medicine, abstract medical thinking
36:50 - Does increasing the metabolic rate increase reactive oxygen species (ROS)?
37:50 - "Calorie restriction" and "longevity"
41:24 - PUFA, uncoupling proteins
41:49 - Temperature, aromatase, estrogen
43:07 - Is cold temperature an adaptation to injury?
46:05 - Is ROS helpful?
47:14 - Broda Barnes, thyroid, Ray's own metabolism, magnesium, ATP
54:03 - PUFA, cytochrome c oxidase, cardiolipin, hibernation
56:53 - Incoherent messaging surrounding mRNA vaccine rollout, side effects
01:03:59 - Unscientific mRNA vaccine trial design
01:06:00 - Emergency authorization act
01:06:57 - Articles regarding injecting foreign RNA?
01:08:16 - mRNA vaccines, infertility, syncytin-1
01:10:03 - Shedding of viral material during stress
01:12:26 - Ray's thoughts on the vaccine timeline, who will get the vaccine first?
01:14:28 - Replacing doctors and teachers with AI and robots
01:16:49 - Is this situation the craziest Ray has ever seen?
01:18:01 - Problem, reaction, solution
01:20:22 - Ted Kaczynski, technocracy, MK-ULTRA
01:23:55 - Is there an optimal level of technology?
01:25:44 - Ray's thoughts on bitcoin
01:26:10 - Klaus Schwab, cyber polygon, cyberattack
01:27:48 - Money, China, Russia, Iran, the great reset
01:33:40 - Copper, cytochrome c oxidase, thyroid, DHEA, infection, pigmentation, iron, ceruloplasmin
01:39:11 - Benefits of lidocaine, carbon dioxide, eugenol
01:43:29 - Possible to get rid of citric acid in fruits?
01:44:43 - Is starch craving a manifestation of hypothyroidism?
01:46:30 - What are the big vitamin K2 doses useful for?
01:48:15 - What is Ray working on?
01:49:14 - Vitamin K2 as an antiestrogen, increasing steroid synthesis

00:00 - Start setup music
03:58 - Skip setup music
03:58 - WEF cyber polygon, economic collapse, digital currency, social credit score
09:35 - mRNA vaccine side effects, bell's palsy, antifertility, syncytin-1
24:12 - The future of the show is not on youtube
26:12 - Idealabs update
29:20 - Stress-driven lipid peroxidation, inflammation re-awakens dormant cancer cells
32:47 - Niacinamide may treat ALS by improving energetic state
36:00 - "In the body, as in a chain, the weakest link breaks down under stress although all parts are equally exposed to it.” Hans Selye
36:18 - Niacinamide may treat depression by improving energetic state
39:50 - Sexual activity and stress levels (HPA activity) may determine longevity
45:06 - Aspirin can cure liver cancer in just 24 hours (in rabbits)
49:42 - For hypothyroidism, T3 and T4 are most effective when taken orally with food
49:42 - Question: high cholesterol, aging, hypothyroidism
01:00:44 - Question: differences between mRNA vaccines, polyethylene glycol, what's being tested in trials?
01:14:04 - Glycine (and leucine) can treat fatty liver (NAFLD and NASH)
01:15:39 - Serotonin promotes (futile) patience and (false) faith in future rewards
01:20:50 - Serotonin (and SSRI drugs) can cause anxiety and PTSD
01:31:20 - Oral pregnenolone as hormone replacement therapy (HRT) in humans
01:36:00 - Compared to meat eaters, vegans / vegetarian / pescatarians have higher risk of fractures
01:38:18 - Question: weight gain, calories, stress, thyroid, "Ray Peat diet"
01:55:54 - Donations, parting words

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Intro: Mitch Murder - In The News
Outro: Mitch Murder - In The News

00:00 - Start setup music
02:03 - Skip setup music
02:04 - Abiogenic petroleum origin
09:06 - Evolution as an energetic process
10:22 - Georgi on "Kali Yuga"
11:50 - Is there an optimal energy source for civilization?
12:21 - Did we evolve from the ocean?
15:01 - Sydney Fox, Vladimir Vernadsky
17:17 - Jeremy England
19:19 - Alexis Carrel, Hayflick limit, Jean-Baptiste Lamarck, August Weismann
23:20 - Are genes the drives of evolution?
24:51 - Do chimpanzees and humans share a common ancestor?
27:09 - Did the human organism develop under harsh circumstances?
30:13 - Does cognitive ability and openness to possibilities relate to the redox balance?
32:14 - "The being of matter is its meaning; the being of ourselves is meaning; the being of society is its meaning. The mechanistic view has created a rather crude and gross meaning which has created a crude and gross and confused society." David Bohm
34:17 - Altruism retards brain aging?
38:12 - Pathology, trauma, self-mutilation, war
43:25 - Child-care, CIA, Gloria Steinem, Jaffe memo
46:23 - "Toxic masculinity," machismo
50:24 - Contraception weaponization, Barbara Seaman
53:29 - Did occupy wall street frighten the power-elite?
56:45 - What distraction was employed when JFK was shot?
01:03:31 - Half the population is suspicious of mainstream media, "vaccination hesitancy"
01:06:45 - 'Doctors say CDC should warn people the side effects from Covid vaccine shots won’t be ‘a walk in the park'
01:07:38 - Children can now self-consent to vaccination
01:08:39 - Vaccine trials testing for symptoms of the common cold
01:09:37 - Will the public get spooked when side-effects are discovered?
01:11:47 - How long before side-effects are seen from an mRNA vaccine?
01:13:16 - 'Side-effects of vaccine same as covid'
01:15:00 - Why are mRNA vaccines being employed now?
01:17:00 - How can a person protect themselves from an mRNA vaccine?
01:18:57 - Lies, Damned Lies and Health Statistics – the Deadly Danger of False Positives by Dr. Michael Yeadon
01:19:30 - Endotoxin, TLR-4, tetracyclines, vaccines
01:21:17 - Ingredients of the Pfizer vaccine (lipid adjuvants)
01:24:04 - The great reset and a Biden presidency, CFR, CIA
01:28:24 - World economic forum and cyber polygon cybersecurity event
01:33:53 - China, Russia, the great reset, AI
01:38:07 - Chinese electromagnetic pulse weapons
01:39:47 - Is AI overrated?
01:45:04 - Covid-19 cured the flu
01:46:50 - When did the education system in the U.S. become insane?
01:50:00 - What is Ray working on right now?
01:51:46 - Hyperthermia therapy
01:56:13 - Estrogen and cortisol tend to decreases the temperature
01:59:25 - Methylene blue and red light
02:01:39 - Email [email protected] for Ray's newsletter subscription and books


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“Treating humans without the concept of energy is treating dead matter.” Albert Szent-Györgyi