#iwishididnttakeit | Watch and share and if you might like to help this family with the costs of Dylan's treatments, you can use this link: https://gofund.me/2ed1f7d8 or you can etransfer or contact Dylan directly at [email protected]

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14 year old Isais wants to get into politics. It is youth like him that give hope for the future of this country.

https://druthers.net | Are we really going to accept this? Or are we ready to finally stand up and change things?

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https://druthers.net | "No more time to be silent. It's time to stand up and say something." - Daniel Bulford - at the Constable Erin Howard support rally today in Whitby, Ontario.

https://druthers.net | Watch as bikers rumble through Ottawa yesterday. Rolling Thunder Bikers Convoy 2022

https://druthers.net | There is much debate on this topic. What are your thoughts? Which is better to use, the Charter or the Bill Of Rights?

https://druthers.net | Promo video for Druthers created by Mitchell Verigin

https://druthers.net | We set out to see what the dating scene is like for critical thinkers / freedom fighters in 2022. Here is what we found at a recent singles event near Toronto, Canada.

https://druthers.net | A few of the most absurd things to have happened in recent weeks.

https://druthers.net | Chylow Hall, employee of the Canadian Department of Nation Defence, was put on unpaid leave after attending the truckers freedom convoy & speaking out against the mandates. Here she is speaking with Druthers about it.

https://druthers.net | Aleesha shares the story of her brother and his battle with mental illness during lockdowns. Sign the petition: Vulnerable Persons Alert/Silver Alert for Canada! Amendments for my brother James by Aleesha @ https://chng.it/zHMmwXMw7w

https://druthers.net/magazine | Zo√ę talks with Druthers about her experience during the last 2 years of lockdowns in Canada. Her story is not like most teenagers and Druthers is proud to have helped her have a strong voice in Canada's freedom movement.

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"EXPRESSIONS of Virtue" by Twisted Wizard
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https://druthers.net | Rick Nicholls, MPP, explains why the Ontario Government extend the emergency orders, how the orders are protecting the pharmaceutical industry, and the possible infiltration of Ontario's COVID-19 Science Advisory Table.

Big news in Spain. Police are standing with the people! By Henna Maria. Get more news & information "they" don't want you to see at https://druthers.net

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And so it begins... no poke, no food in Toronto, Canada. Wytchwood Barns Farmers Market. Via: @_ThePeoplesNews on twitter. Get involved: www.druthers.net

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