https://druthers.net | Toronto police are back at it again... harassing, ticketing and arresting peaceful lockdown protestors. Here are some highlights from this past weekend's protest.

https://druthers.net | Watch as Torontonians descend onto Queen's Park for their weekly freedom rally and march on April 3rd. Civilians attempt to educate the police and speak out against the lock-downs. Oh and the Bubble Bus spreads some bubbles!

https://druthers.net | On April 2nd, Harold joined by supporters including nurses made a plea to the John Noble Home in Brantford to end the health deteriorating restrictions faced by it's residents. The crowd also marched in support of the seniors, waving and singing songs.

https://druthers.net | Did you know concerned families and educators had a meetup in Ottawa? On March 27th they met for a family fun day filled with fun social activities for the kids and touching impassioned speeches. The community stresses the importance of children's play and social interaction for their mental wellbeing and proper development.

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What a buzz! This was the scene in Brantford, Ontario, Canada today during the lockdown protest.

https://druthers.net​​ | Seemingly over-compliant protestors taking to Yonge and Dundas Square in this very odd artsy protest. March 20th 2021

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https://druthers.net​ | See why the entire crowd instantly fell in love with this elderly woman at a lockdown protest in Toronto today.

Watch as Toronto residents stand up for their rights and freedoms, en masse.
Worldwide Freedom Rally / Protest - March 20, 2021
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https://druthers.net | This beautiful testimonial is a good example of why we do what we do...

https://druthers.net​ | Toronto protestors stop at Nathan Phillips Square for a little bit of a celebration of life. And to #justsayno

https://druthers.net​ | We made this short video to say hello and give thanks. Druthers would not be growing like it is without all your love & support.

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https://druthers.net​ | After police aggressively kicked protestors out of Dundas Square in Toronto 9 weeks ago (with numerous tickets and arrests), watch as protestors take back the square this past Saturday. Are police 'allowing' protesting again? Did they ever have the legal / lawful right to ticket and arrest people for peacefully protesting??

https://druthers.net​ | 8 weeks ago today the police started behaving as though protesting was illegal. This is the first weekend the actually 'allowed' us to protest without harassment! No fines or arrests were made.

https://druthers.net​ | This week, on Shawn & Zoë's Lockdown Protest Adventures, you'll see our camera man get attacked by an angry masker, and much more. We hope you enjoy our first presentation. Please leave some words of encouragement if you would like to see us do more reporting like this next week.

druthers.net - Canada's fastest growing newspaper is now creating digital content too! Here is our first report from the lockdown protests in Toronto from Feb 22nd 2021.

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"We're Not Going To Take It" Protestors Sing Outside Mayor John Tory's Residence on January 2nd, 2021 in this powerful video.

Original video by, The Observable Thing @ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCFnm7oQPDYhXA-JnXmCszdQ

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They tried to cancel the Santa Claus Parade... so we made our own. Way to go Toronto! druthers.net

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WRCB Channel 3 (NBC affiliate) from Chattanooga was interviewing a nurse that had just taken the Covid-19 vaccine at CHI Memorial Hospital. Part way through the interview, the nurse passes out. CDC notes that this is a known symptom. However, this raises more concerns on what nefarious side effects haven't been discovered or disclosed by Pfizer or CDC. The video was copied and reposted should WRCB remove the footage of the fainting nurse at 13 minutes into the video.

Video footage provided by WRCB Channel 3 Eyewitness News

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Vincent Gircys is is a retired O.P.P. officer who stands with the people. Check out this short clip from Laura-Lynn Tyler Thompson's show the visit wwwdruthers.net to get your paper and show your support. Also, you can see Laura's full interview here: www.facebook.com/LauraLynnTT/videos/10159114747034319

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