Live Radio - Deanna Spingola interviews Roger Sayles
What is freedom?
Do we have it?
How to obtain personal freedom?
Truth, the enemy of all States in the world. Believe it.

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I will provide a link to my notes on the broadcast.

My first eye-opening experience on the path to Truths.
Simply stated, the best 2 hours I've ever spent.

He speaks with heavy accent. Don't let that take away from the message.
This message SHOULD move you to start asking questions bout everything.

This video was remade with voice-overs many times in the past. This is
the original upload. This man's page has been removed for a couple years now.

Please make time to hear this insight.

Another favorite of mine, newearth channel. Unfortunately all of her videos were
taken down by the Corporations as well. Truth is the number one enemy of
all States.

by Ewaranon. Unknown channel source.
- Old World - hidden energy
- Appropriations of symbols and their original meanings : in forms of Coat of Arms, Flags, Religion, Reigning powers...
- The Moon
- Puppets

"We gather here today, on the 6th Anniversary, of the founding of the Republic of Kanata, formerly the Dominion of Canada."

Planet Lockdown - Published by the National assembly for the Government of The United States of America.01-01-2021
Slavery is alive.
COVID is a worldwide plan of action, not a pandemic.
The Bankers, the people that consider themselves of superior race, don't need us, don't want us around.
But we are cattle to be traded, the most valued market on the face of the planet, and it's thriving.
What they want is to control all of the wealth on the planet with keystrokes where it also can be shut down.
What they are doing is real. Truth is always unpleasant.

C. Fitts, talks about the human body actin as an operating system. I'm not sure of her investigation on this, but I am aware of what she refers to. The rumors are out, because it's true: Here are just two patents on this stemming from the 90's:

United States Patents: US 6,965,816 B2 and US 6,718,491 B1 and most recently US 20,090,062,677 A1

Search those two patents out and read them. You will be alarmed. In short this patent is on research that integrates your body's energy with use of electrolytes that will power the electroplating of micron-size injectible hardware. The details start the patent off with information of tracking and monitoring warehouse goods and military hardware (called TRAC/Fact), but a few pages in shows the injectible that engages with the host-body that is remote operated via interfacing with the brain through microwaves (5G and Beyond Act of 2020). They are in a hurry to roll out and build as many high powered antennae as fast as they can before people catch on and stop them.

TRAC/Fact of 90's is now TRACE/Act. Get it yet?

Catherine Austin Fitts. Publisher of Solari Report

Source of Source Video: T ROH

This video linked from Source to Source:

I have been saying this since February, 2020. From the word, "V in China". The programming, the prediction of your thoughts and actions, predictive programming that happens to you and everyone around you.

And I smelled this for a couple years now, growing stronger and stronger. The False Flags, trying to get You and Me (we the people) to give up their arms. Why? For a safer America? Oh, no, no, no, no... To put you down into the mud that much faster when you cannot defend yourself.

People this is WW3. I knew this already. It's time for YOU to know. So get knowing and get knowing now. Know your neighbors. Know your town, know your strategy.

Organize. Now! Get off your ass and organize with people that know. KNOW now.

Make those citizen's arrests. You know who they are. The talk at you and tell you what to do. And they do it as if they are the LAW. They are not. They are treasonous. And you know this. They look like mayors, look like governors, look like official health officers, look like people you should trust, because that was what you were programmed to believe.
Peggy Hall
Source Video:

The full article contains these sources:
The sequel “Misinterpretation of Viruses 111” follows.

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Article in German:
Article in First English Translation:
Article in Spanish:
Influenza aka “Spanish Flu” How 50 Million Died in 1918 due to Vaccines (and Aspirin overdose).
1918 Flu Experiments show NON-CONTAGION–experiments-upon-volunteers-to-determine-the-cause-and-mode?rgn=subject;view=image;q1=virology
Thanks to Tracey Northern for her tireless research

James McKumiskey
RIP David Crowe

The Germ Theory Hoax
The False Germ Theory of Disease
No Viruses Exist – Isopathy and the Terrain by Amandha Vollmer

Amandha Vollmer on California Radio Discussing Germ Theory and the Terrain
No Virus Has Ever Been Isolated Amandha Vollmer Event 202
The source video:
Channel: YumNaturals Emporium

Full Article:


In 2005, House Speaker (convicted felon) Hastert sneaks "Emergency Preparedness Act" into National Defense Authorization Act, during a time of war.


Only YOU, one of the people, us together, can stop Government. But you have to get off your ass! Start reading and inform yourself, or this nation will be swallowed up and injected with no repeal, no repercussions, no liability from the injectors nor the manufacturers of the injections.

"... It is for us, the living, rather to be dedicated here to the unfinished work which they have, thus far, so nobly carried on. It is rather for us to be here dedicated to the great task remaining before us that from these honored dead we take increased devotion to that cause for which they gave the last full measure of devotion that we here highly resolve that these dead shall not have died in vain; that this nation shall have a new birth of freedom; and that this government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth. ..."
Gettysburg Address:

Prep Act, layers thick:

Source video: Daving Martin (Davit Martin World)

Declaration of Independence!

mailto: councilofassemblies (.at.) protonmail (dot com)

Get a copy:

Source Vivideo:

If and when I hear opposing sides to a "story", I post it as a follow up.

* I have looked into some other sources on Kevin A:

What is real? Who is fraud? Who is acting in treason?

I'm from the Incorporated U.S.
Here are 2 dates for the people of the former USA: 2 21 1871 and 6 5 1933. Two important dates.

Canada, by the power of God, show the world how to fight!
Protect Kanata, the Common Wealth, the downtrodden, keep their swords sharp and accurate
God hear my words. Amen.


"Breaking News Release: Tuesday, August 25, 2020 COVID restrictions and mandatory vaccinations are outlawed and nullified by Common Law Assembly; Citizens are encouraged to resist police state measures as officials are threatened with fines and imprisonment"

OCLA Bylaw No. A-09242020-101A


This is the biggest False Flag, since WTC, 9ll.

Pass on information.

We need to unite, under one cause, and push these infiltrators, these treasonous-bastards, out of our land and into prison! Or into a ditch, whichever works out first.

If you were not aware, or if you are still partially asleep, this is a world war.

Even Germany is showing Americans what is. What IS NOT.

Thank you my friends in Germany!

Show some courage and get these greedy cowards off the face of the planet.










Truth on a very grande scale. Hidden by WW2, with conditions signed by the US on the signing UN Treaty. We are under British Admiralty Laws, we are treated as commerce under these de-facto laws. But we don't have to be! We are protected by the Articles of the Constitution. But, you have to know What, How. You are not granted these protections automatically. You must represent yourself. We do not operate as under De Jure Laws. Oh no. This is all hidden. All courthouses are at Dock, are docked, under Admiralty Laws in which we are operating right now. You cannot be be protected by any Lawyer under the Bar Association. They have a job and are NOT acting in your interest, but in the interests of these de-facto laws. You must educate yourself and you must do it now. Share!

You must know what the UN Treaty is, how it can protect you. But you also have to know your Constitutional Law of the Land and the Articles as they apply to you as a child of God. This is not granted to you.

Rule of 3.
L. A. W.
--------------- words ------------------------
Land - Jurisdiction you want to be in
Air - The Vatican
Water (Admiralty Law, Commerce Law, Contract Law) - Where they want to you agree you are. Only if you agree. You are compliant always, because you have been trained to be. Education system taught you this.


Tacit Agreement - What is it? You must know this.

[ Law of the Land vs. Law of the Sea ] you do not know what is going on.

I took some notes. Law is way out of my depth, it's meant to be though.

Notes of talk: I'm not sure of the spellings as this is a radio broadcast from the internet.
1939 Atlas Corporation - "Atlas Shrugged"? - The hidden, Greek Philosopher Kings - The Council 300 (total corruption under false laws)

Cordell Hull - created the UN, WW2, Bankruptcy to King of England, dba Atlas Corp - 19 republics
Title 18, Section 7 - Meritime Jurisdiction

Personal Note: 2 lines above, makes me think of the series, "Atlas Shrugged", told by Ayn Rand (also a video series, although while she was alive did NOT want this story told in video format as she wanted to be in total control of any story told in video format -- as it is done in the world, over head dead body, the movie-series was bought and sold and produced after her death. I haven't read her books, but I should. If the video reference is anything like her actual story, it makes a lot of sense. Though the videos/movies/series lack a lot of information. However I did do some research on this subject matter and I would recommend you do the same.

Form D: Entity, under FCC or "SCC"? By law, under liability if fiduciary duty is the military.
Barr Union members: A military coo. Treason and Sedition via military child trafficking after killing all the parents, war-crimes.

Whore of Babylon - that which denies the Father and the Son.

Private Hawk, DTC, SSN

* Dead SSN's (Obama, never a legal citizen)

* So, now are you a trader, a treasonous, or are you with the side of the Lord?

Channel Source: Crrow777 - also on YT
Source: (taken down)
Channel: or Crrow777 on YT, but you won't get questions answered unless you are a member on his dot-com, as a paid member, FYI.

Hour 2:

Links I found to follow discussion:
Lieber Code 24 April 1863 -

The HighWire with Del Bigtree - posted!
CA MAYOR QUESTIONS MASK MANDATE - CA Governor Newsom has no authority to make laws;
there was a Proclamation of Emergency;
CA was under State Emergency;
Under Article 3 and CA Statutes, all executive orders under such mandates are NULL and VOID after 60 Days.

Black and White, read the legislation!

Mask Orders do not exist, it's pure fiction and fear propaganda by the Media Cartels. Want something to fight for? How about Media Cartels spouting "fire fire fire" in your living room every day?!

Nevada City, CA mayor, Reinette Seenum, explains why she drew ire from the media and Governor Gavin Newsom after publicly questioning the authority and scientific validity of a mask mandate. #gavinnewsom #maskmandates #nevadamayor



#gavinnewsom #maskmandates #nevadamayor

Watching the video is crucial to take action, volition, movement, syntax, facts, accountability.

!IMPORTANT! The video gives detailed instructions. This is the Quantum-Syntax. The tilde (~), and other markings are important for syntax accuracy and FACT. Very critical actions are required (signatures over stamps, verified with thumbprint).

These are secrets, freemasonry; actions, suggestive motions, syntax, the very act of standing, a stamp, etc. We are not supposed to know that we have power. We are deprived, suppressed, every single person the same.

SYNTAX of this COMMAND to your servant branches: USPS HQ, FCC, and DOD.

Whole Dollar stamps are important. Bullet Stamps for Evidence For Accountability; need to be verified in your action when mailing.

I submitted a question, regarding this for Californians:
The tricks of Law. New rules for California regarding filing paperwork.
Note for Californians:
I don't know if this applies to mailings to USPS, DOD, and FCC. This is not filing of court documents, so I suspect not. Please comment.

5G. It's not just a definition for "Fifth Generation". We are talking about a planned, systematic, increase in weaponized technology in the airwaves.

Did you know that Television is a weapon and it's use is to agendize the American people? That Is-the motivation, it's controlled by the FCC. TV, Internet, NEWS, is-the government. Period.

Time to pick a side and move. They have been trying to take your rights away for millennia! One left only! The 2nd. Once that is gone, with the aid of Tracing and extracting high-profile threats from your homes (e.g. men with military experience, weapons experts, should all become), and then concentration camps of the American People.

NO? It's a training program in the US Army, how to deal with FEMA camps and threats, with use of the the current ID's that became mandatory; ID's linked to special photos and SSN.

FCC, inquiry, accusation of lack of movement, command to your public servant:

You are a ward of the state. You are a vessel. You are a commodity, a currency, and a utility.

The air had been polluted. Our bodies have been seeded with specific metals.
The Airwaves will now be electrified with microwaves.
Your body will be injected with more metals.
What do you think this is for? THINK.

Can you recall a very graphic movie about Royal Power and means to keep power? Use of Armies and force, Wealth of Lords?

That theatrical mental picture, IS-THE reality we live in. This has not changed. The earth is run by monarchies. We are the downtrodden. We are peasants. We are surfs.

Do you have the ability to write quintillion? Do you know what a Slush Fund is? Now imagine a force that has a slush fund of some tens of quintillions of dollars. That's reality. The only thing we have is "rules of war".

Instructions and letter to submit.

For more information, the authors of this video: given okay by post-master-general.

Source YT video ID: iRJ2uk_95dY
Channel ID: UC-0GYe-pjKHjlTzPEgAJHow

FCC, "What We Do",of%20Columbia%20and%20U.S.%20territories.

WiFi - Act of Congress
Microwaves, RF, Radar, Air Frequencies in your neighborhood/schools/shops
Congressional record 2020: and Act

I have tried to reach out and ask pertinent questions about this method. Do your own research please.
or PDF

The letter to the FCC can also be found here on the home site:

This is an introduction to the information I found on these two gentleman: We are, in fact, Born Debts, Birthed Vessels docked at Hospitals Dry Docking, Certified Birthing signed by our Parents. Our SSN is assigned as an account associated with our Vessel/Corpus. Visit the links to find more information. Please share so that we can figure this out together!

The tricks of Law. New rules for California regarding filing paperwork.
Note for Californians:

According to the story, the US was at it's 3rd and final bankruptcy. The US had borrowed money from the Rothschild's at an interest rate that made the loan unpayable. Sounds like most American's to me trying to buy a house. And these two men deciphered the Language at a level that is "Legal", a Language spoken at Dry Dock (courthouse).

In the story, if you follow the information out there, these men bought and secured manuals and books up to a few feet thick, and cracked the cipher. Something I call Court Speak. A Law, requires Law-yer "indoctrination" to [under]stand.

I have always had this struggle with Language. Too many words. Why synonyms? Why homonyms? I have theorized that Language was designed for keeping the people separated. Separated from the Powers of State, and/or Separated from other Countries, and/or separated from other Kingdoms. To keep the People separated. Full Stop. I even surmise that the real language of Mankind is known, but hidden. I believe that real Man's Speak encompasses tone as well. I'm not talking about historical ideas that are discussed by Indoctrinated Scholars, I'm talking about truths that are unknown to the World.

Turns out that I was on the right track with this line-of-thought.

Here is a staring point on this story. Their story. Our World Postmaster. According to [his]story, even the CIA says, "nobody will believe you".

Can we become known to the PTSNB as Living Vessels and still trade? Let's look at this and find out what is really going on. The year this went down is very symbolic because a lot of war happened from this point. And IX-XI, taking out Oil, using US military in fraudulent "Intelligence". Let's really look at this.

:JUDGE: David-Wynn: Miller.
Syntaxing the Grammar of Federal Court, Federal Contracts. Calling Fraud on the whole show.

Source Channel:

1999 - Matrix. Think about that. If you haven't watched the movie, watch it as, "A book that needs to be published, but will only publish as Fiction". Same for Atlas Shrugged, by Ayn Rand.

The Media Cartel, tries to ingrain the MASK ORDER! Thanks to Peggy Hall, a California Resident, and Educator, teaches us a few things about being a citizen. Freedom is not free and the Marines and the Navy Seals do not fight for your freedoms here in the United States Corporation. YOU, must fight. The military only fights for the Elites on borders of other countries for private interests. In case you did not know that. I served, I know. You served? If so, you know too.

Time to stop watching news. Think for yourself. Read the laws. Read maritime laws. Read the Declaration of Independence. Study it! Study the Constitution of the United States. Read and study the Amendments.

Revolutions and Civil War was the result of a once great nation. This nation is under attack. Under siege by invisible infiltrators.

There are millions of us. Think critically! Don't listen to rhetoric. Don't wait for deliverance. Do something!

It seems that the mother's are doing more than anybody else in this nation. Move your collective asses! Move your family into gear. Get amped for your freedom, because it's being snatched up. And while you were sleeping, new WiFi (RF/RADAR/Radiation) in the name of "better mobile service" is covering your airwaves. That's not good, and from what I can tell will cause health problems, respiratory problems, will cause the next "wave" of respiratory problems. The WAVE, is radiated airwaves and it's already here. Get on the phone, get to your lawyers, get to your Congressman, get to your Mayor, and Speak. Write! Rebel and take action. Demand WiFi be taken off your street, your school! Get that out of your house! We want to live.

Peggy Hall, you did it again! Thank you! You move me, thank you for that. And I don't only mean emotionally, but physically. I am involved.

Ethos, Logos, Pathos - tools for your destruction.

CA Suggested MASK

CA Current Guidelines:

YT Video: UtHJkM6YmiM
ID: UCwC7VpIHS2uJzJ0q5I11oQA

Source: DELETED - Share, UPLOAD

When you professor tells you in class, on your first day, "there will be surprise exams this semester", you know that any given time in that semester you will have an exam unexpected, so be on your toes because it was announced and it WILL happen.

So, when a retired multi-billionaire and his cronies say, "There will be a surprise outbreak and pandemic this coming year", that means they will bring it, it was announced, and so it shall be.

How does that sit with you? You know, I know, this "pandemic" was planned, a HOAX to end all hoaxes. This is war on the people.

*2010 - The Manifesto of all manifesto, by the Rock-------'s: Lock-Step, it's in this list-of-uploads. You can find it and download it yourself, it's out there. I have a copy of it also.
*2017 - The surprise pandemic is announced.
*2019 - The leaders have a "war-game meeting" on "how to react if there is a pandemic?" -- In that global meeting, they got exactly the feedback they wanted, "Quarantine", "Do things against the people's will, for their own safety", a big pow-wow of insidious ideas. So, you are in a "war-game meeting" and so you spitball your crazy dictatorship views... and then the "surprise exam", "surprise pandemic that was planned", hits. How can you take back your comments in that meeting?
*2020 - Lock-Step, Hand Revealed.

People followed like the cattle they were raised to be. Like Sheep following the Wolf-In-Sheep's-Clothing, public shaming non-compliant's!

*System of education.
*System of indoctrination.
*Government Power.
*Absolute Power.

And now you are waiting for your insane dictators to mandate and rule you, by de-facto orders?! Unjust orders against the Constitution that you hold so high? But do you? Or is it just rhetoric for your conversations?

Conversing is over. Commenting is over. Your liberty has been stricken down. What are you going to do? Write a comment? Or are you going to do work? Do due diligence? Do your civic duty and be a an active citizen? Liberty is not free. Liberty is not fought by soldiers. The Navy Seals, the Marines, aren't here for your freedoms. Every able-bodied individual in this country is the body, the only body, that will fight for you. You have to fight for you. You have to fight for your neighbors. But only if you unite. Protect your inalienable rights!

Re:upload test sound check.
#covid #covid19 #hoax #truth #liars #thieves #bribery #tyranny

Each state has a dictator; labeled as Governor; a Lord of land with Subjects. No? Believe it. Truth hurts. Truth is buried.

YOU, YOUR NAME, are not an American! None of use are. You are a Debt, Cert. Birth to SSN is a promissory note, a bond to the Federal Reserve Bank of London.

SHARE NOW - for Americans, for freedom!

You really need to watch the entirety of this video. Come back and skim-read this section before clicking on any of the links. Watch, then read these comments. We need to be informed. Conspiracy? No. Facts. And your brainwashed mind has to know what you are.

The Author of the Video:
Searches in public domain - seems enemy of the State indeed!

He is deemed "conspiracy theorist”: anyone contradicting American beliefs is

My opinion:
If you aren't a Conspiracy Realist then you are not American, you are asleep and derelict of your civic duty as an American.

Here is the reference to this man, depicted by whom?

Flash screen shot reference: Looks very Leftist, I see CBS, CNN videos.
Was this website bought out? Everyone has a price, right? Even websites, Instagram names-spaces...


We are U.S. Citizens, under contract, via Birth Certification + SSN + value at birth held in the private "Fed Reserve Bank"

THX_1138 reference

If you try to go to (gone)

What I have always concluded, for the past 10 years of my adult life. After education, after awareness, it should come clear: US is, has always been, controlled by England Royal infiltrators

It is also my opinion that we should become colonies again. Also, small towns. We don't need, nor do we want Governors, governing us and ruling us. That is not democracy, that is not a free Country, that is a police State. United Policing States of "Colour of America" based in District of Columbia. Why does the POTUS defer to States? He has to. Even in evil, there are rules.

Another Author states: USA is not a country; this is a Corporation.

“The United States Government is a foreign corporation with respect to a state.” Volume 20: Corpus Juris Secundum, (P 1785: NY re: Merriam 36 N.E. 505 1441 S.Ct. 1973, 41 L. Ed. 287)


Corollary video reference:

CFO of the USA. CFO?
But USA isn't a Corporation?
Yes, it is. And it invests.
USA owns over 80% of Microsoft stock? Oh shit, that's big. So, KillBill and US are in Cahoots? Indeed!
IX XI is looking clearer by the minute here! - no longer exists. In a

41st Congress, Session III, Chapter 61-62:

We are Serfs. In order to "earn a living" we must work. Why? Because there is no FREE land. Therefore, you must work, or starve. So, we become "employees" of the system (a subject under a Lord). Such lords are Governors of State. And Mayors of smaller territories in the State.

14th Amendment makes it so:

All persons born or naturalized in the U.S, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the U.S. and of the States wherein they reside.

Read "Social Contract", by Rousseau? It speaks to me.

This is all true my people.

Video Source:

More Links:

First National vs. Jerome Daly (illegal Consideration (legal jargon for Bank creates illegal tender))

A question:
If you are born as a US born, with Birth Certificate and SSN, then what is a child born in a home that does not want a birth certificate, nor an SSN? Is that baby then American and free? Let’s find out America!

1933 USA went bankrupt. You are a commodity, you are owned, tagged with a SSN, Certified birth, and a quantity established in the Federal Reserve Bank

Your Name (person), YOUR NAME (corporate debtor slave name)
Capitis Diminutio Maxima: JOHN DOE or DOE, JOHN = SLAVE NAME with SSN:123-45-6789 in Fed connected to YOU, not You.

Civil Law, Maritime Admiralty: Banking Law
United States Congressional Record, March 17, 1993 Vol. 33
Dissolved the Sovereign Authority of the US

I came upon this... I don't know. It's way out of my league. Beyond any comprehension. I'm so internally scrambled, as we are right now, especially the one's in the Know. Most people are just going with the flow, "Meh, no big deal... almost out of this...". I assure you it's just beginning.

I have no idea who Angela is, but I intend to find out. And the face-time... What is unfolding, in my mind, just took a turn somewhere.

Some years ago I came to a realization, at least in my opinion, that the US and England (UK) were never separated and it was all a ruse, a trick, In the name of separating from the Royal Power... in order to make a more perfect union... Enslaved in the name of Liberty. Still though, what starts, or may have started, out as a good intention, somehow turns perverted as doe many-a manifesto of good intentions. Usually because a few benefit while the rest get thrown to the proverbial wolves.

In my theory, I ask: Was the USA invented as an idea for world conquest? Or was it perverted?

source video: 7bA5A5Ie0V4

UPDATE Findings:

I try to get all I can about something before I post it. I found more videos, this one makes me scratch my head... really hard:
Title: ALL The King's Horses & All The Kings Men - Interview [1]

He has been tracking his own lineage since 2014? That's a red-flag date to me, a lot of things happened that year. I don't know I'm pretty tired as I have been trying to track down these videos that relate to this mystery guest all night long. There is no direct evidence. Anti-Christ callers might have a clue on this one. Could be CIA that found the link to the Roth's, a broken lineage, and he is a front man calling BS on the Queen? The story is now even more twisted the more I look at all the angles. The Corona Virus is definitely a hoax, but I don't know how this fits in the puzzle. Now in my estimations relating to England still stand.. that the US was wither corrupted or the US was false to begin with; an offshore land with special powers, unlimited funding, and not ties to the Royals in England?

UPDATE 2: I find this video to be a large red flag, a video on his own YouTube channel? "King of UK"
He tells a story about what the SSN in the USA is, and I believe it 100%. A number assigned to people as a monetary value paid in the spoils of war to the winner. It seems that World Wars is a tactic for Games and reducing population. But as for him being King? He talks about UFO and reverse technology. Red flag. For me that is.

#bambuzled #baffled #christ #antichrist #covid #covid-19 #murky

A worker goes against instructions and while on the job-site, he decided to open up the hardware to check out the circuit boards in these new 5G antennae that are going up. He finds ID COVID-19. Now if you search around these videos, I will be putting up, right after this one, a lawyer studying the contracts of "mobile data contract" that you and I all have signed. That and a loophole in the Constitution, allows experimentation to be done on the population. Remember, this is according to laws! It was never intended for super companies like AT&T and T-Mobile to loophole population experimentation. Now also know that it's a "loophole clause" that let's it go unchallenged, but it's also in colour of experimentation. What this is, is warfare against the people geared towards the Agenda 2021 that has and been in place for years. On that team are all the richest people in the world, The Roths, Kill Billy, and other powerful families, even including, "I love bread!" herself, Miss Opera Singer Wind Free. It's war and the mob is posting selfies with new deco-masks. Wake the mob up, make it known what is happening! it's your job to inform everyone you know.

Do not let your kids go back to school. The schools are geared up with FREE Wi-Fi. And when the 2nd Wave hits, it will be radiation poisoning (directed Wi-Fi) and your kids will feel sick, and they will think that they are infected. But it will be their inability to get oxygen.

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All of us have a mobile device. Remember data plans? They also wave your right for lawsuit against whatever they do. You signed it, I signed it, we all signed it. All we have to do is CANCEL all MOBILE PLANS, CANCEL OUR CONTRACTS! That and fight tyranny that is letting the rich and powerful treat us like lab rats. They view us as cattle, that's a fact. And we have been behaving like sheep, that's a fact too. You better start slapping those fools that are taking selfies as compliant sheep wearing masks. Wake up! Wake everyone up!


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This channel will be dedicated to the re-discovery and research into truth.

Some of my research lies in Ethos, Logos, and Pathos, tools of Rhetoric. "I know what rhetoric is", you might say. But have you done research unto rhetoric?

I call this research, "HR". Heuristics and Rhetoric. These are POWERFUL tools being used against you right now, every day of your life, starting the day you were born into this life, injected, certified and given a number. Then you are educated by a system of educators that follow a strict guideline of indoctrination of workers for the system.

What do you want to be when you grow up? Doctor? A doctor to heal, or a doctor that practices medicine? Pharmaceuticals then I see. Lawyer? If you want big money, you will be a criminal defense lawyer. Any lawyer, though, is trained in the art of quotations of passages of courts cases of past-time and untangling the obfuscated mountains of documents pointing to other documents pointing to articles and passages, something called Law.

Why aren't we staying together as a family, creating and nurturing something vital that is IN the family for the family and strengthens the family, which also brings fortune and plants a stake in this society we are born into? Instead we are indoctrinated into the system and only to work for a system that supports outsiders and government.

Ethos. Logos. Pathos. Heuristics. Rhetoric. CONTROL