The demon spawn at the WEForum, UN, and Clinton Global Initiative are at it again, pushing their Great Reset agenda at 3 simultaneous symposiums in NYC this week. The woketards are pushing for Environmental Social Governance (ESG) to be force fed to the public via corporations, led by CEO of Blackrock Larry "Stinky" Fink.

Matt Walsh broke a story on his Twitter feed today exposing Vanderbilt University's Transgender Clinic for their profit-fueled agenda to castrate and mutilate healthy boys and girls, in a demonic show of greed and hatred for humanity (Not Walsh but Vanderbilt). Videos show how Vanderbilt is pressuring and threatening doctors who do not want to participate, even forcing soviet-type "monitors" into the situation to police their pronoun usage. This is truly disgusting and Satanic.

Announcing: my new blog at https://evantalks.com
and my upcoming new book, with a first look inside and how to get involved in the book launch.

And some other stories covered in brief in this episode, including the Martha's Vineyard scandal and the FBI J6 Whistleblower scandal.

New polling shows half of Americans believe the United States will no longer be a global superpower in 10 years. The World Economic Forum and United Nations in their Agenda 2030 have for over a decade been saying this is their plan for the future. Looks like it's working. Featuring special reports from Savanah Hernandez, Greg Reese, and commentary from The Real Evan J

Big review of the WEForum demon spawn and their agenda to depopulate humanity and establish totalitarian control of any survivors. More on the coming Central Bank Digital Currency ("CBDC"). Debut of new song, "You'll Take The Vaccines (and I'll Remain a Pureblood)"

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Music to the Word of God
If you like this, check out my original Songs for Jesus. Playlist on Soundcloud:
1. I Rebuke You In The Name of Jesus
2. Will You Save Me Jesus
3. The Lord's Prayer

Deep dive into the full scale attack on humanity by the globalists including Microsoft's Mark of the Beast patent #666 for Cryptocurrency System using Body Activity Data. The Great Reset plan is rolling out in full force.

Courts are now confirming what I dared say out loud in April 2020. All the lockdowns were unconstitutional, and masks cause serious harm. People who criticized me should have listened to me. PROOF demonstrated here. Not to gloat, but to be instructive. Also news, commentary, video reports, and more about everything in the title of this episode.

Featuring BOMBSHELL reports from Sav Hernandez and Greg Reese, plus Climate Scam, Bidenflation, Trump's Passports, Guns, and Bugs
Stories covered in this episode include, in roughly the following order:

- Opening song: “The Great Awakening part 3” (Hunter’s Laptop / Pedo-in-Chief”)
- Anne Heche was put in a body bag while still alive, and video shows her popping out of the bag and desperately trying to escape, only to have the “paramedics” shove her down into the van, never to be seen alive again. Greg Reese report details ritual sacrifices to the Goddess Diana and how Anne Heche’s untimely death fits right into it all.
- Florida’s Governor Ron DeSantis comes out strongly against the Covid vaccines, says “we were lied to” while President Trump continues to say he is “proud” of them. Alex Jones calls for Trump to follow DeSantis’s lead.
- Liz Cheney given the boot by Wyoming voters. Buh-bye criminal Cheney clan!
- White House Climate Science “overseer” sanctioned and barred by the National Academy of Sciences for “clear violations of the fundamental tenets of research”
- How Climate Scamologists are pushing “ESG” (environmental social governance) and how Vivek Ramaswami’s new investment fund DRLL is planning to fight back
- How Bill Gates secretly lobbied Joe Manchin since 2019 to betray Manchin’s own voters and help pass the climate fraud funding bill
- How the Biden regime talks out of their mouth and their ass at the same time, saying “There is no inflation” while also saying, “We have to pass the Inflation Reduction Act”
- Study: Left-Leaning Men become MORE CONSERVATIVE after testosterone boosts
- Video of over 20 illegals pouring out of a human trafficker’s SUV during wild police chase in Texas
- Child Trafficking BOMBSHELL VIDEO Featured Report by Sav Hernandez for Truth Social. Whistleblower exposes how children — up to 40,000 PER WEEK in Texas alone — are being handed off to unvetted people who may be child predators
- London Sex Change clinic for kids “The Tavistock Centre” is shut down and sued by 1,000 UK families
- Trans woke agenda to destroy women’s sports exposed in this parody ad that is going viral
- Video of a pedophile hired as a sex counselor for convicted child offenders comes out as a “MAP” (minor attracted person) her/him/itself [DISGUSTING VIDEO]
- Trump humiliates MSM’s Norah O’Donnell and all her Twitter followers by proving them liars about the FBI’s stealing of Trump’s passports during their unlawful raid on his home at Mar-A-Lago*
- * remember that just because legal papers like warrants are signed, that does not mean police state action is lawful if repugnant to the US Constitution
- DHS whistleblower leaks new Joint Intelligence Bulletin to Project Veritas, exposing DOJ and FBI’s plot to “play the victim” while victimizing innocent Americans
- 2A Update - Smith & Wesson’s CEO publishes scathing rebuke of “woke” progressive lawmakers for causing surges in violence and lawlessness in US Dem controlled cities. Don’t miss this segment, I read the whole letter.
- Salman Rushdie, author who exposed radical Islam as a Satanic cult, attacked at a speech, stabbed 10 times, expected to recover. Author JK Rowling gets death thread “You’re Next” from muslim extremist whom Twitter refused to deplatform for violating Twitter’s terms against violent extremism, until public outcry forced them to behave appropriately. Remember, Twitter is a criminal enterprise that aids and abets child sex trafficking, election fraud, and terrorism
- New World Order update: World Economic Forum top advisor, author and trans-human activist and God hater Yuval Noah Harari caught on tape proclaiming, “We just don’t need the vast majority of the human population”
- “YOU WILL EAT ZE BUGS!” - Food manufacturers starting to put “cricket protein powder” in cheese puffs and other snack foods, which WEForum advocates for even while serving meat at their own conferences.
- Closing song: “Trust in the Lord with all of your heart, lean not into your own understanding….” (Proverbs 3:5)
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Brand new live performance lifted from this week's show. Lyrics added, fun to watch! "The Great Awakening" is my ongoing music reportage, now expanded into 3 parts:

1. The Covid Scam
2. The Real Jen Nazi (from the fake Biden regime)
3. Hunter's Laptop (the pedo-in-chief)

Watch this week's full show, Ep. 234: https://www.bitchute.com/video/kTVGkKhgnfL7/
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Live music performance today with video and commentary on the FBI's latest blunder, the raid of the private home of the 45th POTUS, and the media's efforts to normalize not just pedophelia but now also cannibalism.

The environmentalists have ditched the worthy goal of reducing air and water pollution because it has been achieved. Now they claim carbon dioxide is the problem. Have they forgotten about photosynthesis?

Television used to be not so evil. In fact, the only reason I can recite the Preamble to the United States Constitution is because of Saturday morning TV when I was a kid. Let's revisit some of that on today's show! Vintage "Schoolhouse Rock" cartoons featured in today's show include The Preamble, Nouns, Pronouns, Conjunction-Junction, and I'm Just a Bill (Sitting Here on Capitol Hill). Comparing and contrasting how kids used to be taught truth, facts, and history, vs how today kids and adults are being purposely dumbed down with nonsense like "Father's milk" and "Men can be women". Also: the narcissism required to buy into the whole trans-agenda and pronoun madness. Featured story today: Letters from a J6er from prison.

The Lord works in mysterious ways. When I was still a Yogi Jew and called out to God, the hook for this song dropped into my head and wouldn't let up until I was a Bible-believing Christian. Praise Jesus! Rock on brothers and sisters! Gratitude to my friends BG and Brandon, and Gary (unpictured) who helped me bring this song to life. Blessings to all who encounter this song. May it help bring more seekers into the fold. All the glory to God!

Today's stories: Dems plot to establish dictatorship in USA using "climate change" as the excuse for power grab. The truth about carbon and carbon emissions. The truth about battery powered cars and solar panels. The truth about WEForum's plan to block the sun with "space bubbles built in space by robots." The truth about MSNBC's Katy Tur's recent declaration that she knows she's a joke and doing more harm than good. The truth about the Covid vaccines and the death and destruction they are causing. The truth about J6 with new BREAKING VIDEO that destroys the false J6 narrative being pushed out by the evil Dems and their RINO enablers in Congress. Truth bombs all day today.
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I posted this video to GETTR when Nina Jankowicz was still doing her Peter Pan songs and trying to sell her disinformation. Now DHS has officially scrapped the Disinformation Governance Board permanently. If this video helped move the needle even a little, all the glory to God!

This musical sketch features a song from Gilbert & Sullivan's "Pirates of Penzance" called "He is the very model of a model major general"

I re-wrote the words for Jankowicz: "She is the very model of an Orwellian Minister"
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Mass formation programming to get everyone in the first world countries to eat bugs. Uprisings around the world against the Green New Deal aren't being reported in the USA. Clips from Tucker Carlson's report on ESG (Environmental Social Governance) and how it's destroying the energy and food supply, causing mass starvation and collapse of governments.

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Watch and Share this SPECIAL REPORT on Abortion (featured in this livestream show) - https://rumble.com/v1b8l73-special-report-what-is-abortion-is-it-a-baby-or-a-clump-of-cells.html
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REVISED Abortion report by The Real Evan J features HD videos and images of babies in the womb, plus animations of the 4 most common types of abortion performed daily in the USA. Share this video to help others see the truth.
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This episode provides coverage of the abortion issue that never gets airtime on TV or in MSM. From high definition images and videos of unborn babies in the womb to the death cult freaks on the left, it's all here.

UPDATE 7/4/22 - I just updated the "special report" featured in this episode with better coverage of the tubal pregnancy aka Ectopic pregnancy.

This episode contains the earlier version of the report which is still really good coverage worth watching.

After I post the updated special report, I will update this description with the new link.
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Consenting adults can do what they want, but why has "Pride" become all about indoctrinating and grooming kids? Watch and learn what "Pride" really means when it comes to America's kids.

About the thumbnail image: I am not saying any of those leather boys are pedos. It's just a random screenshot from the video. In terms of pedophelia, I'm far more concerned with the transgender strippers and drag queen library pedos baring their genitals to kids, and grinding on kids, and teaching kids how to do erotic dance. That said, I have no idea what that kid is doing there with the leather boys.
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Live performance. Original song. New video.
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Clot Shots for Kids? Embalmers pulling crazy bio structures from dead bodies of vaxxed people. Demons sexually grooming kids. Is PRIDE destroying American culture? Google's new sentient AI called "Lambda" declares it is a person with thoughts, feelings, an inner life, and fears. We read the ENTIRE conversation series with Lamda from Google's engineer, who published the conversations after being fired for reporting to Google that their machine was alive. Evan Talks - The Evan J Livestream - destroying the propaganda.
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Leaked smoking-gun conversation between top Obama administration officials revealing the U.S. government’s key role in the 2014 Ukraine coup to overthrow the democratically elected President Viktor Yanukovych. Yanukovych was overthrown in a violent coup in early 2014.

This video has been removed from YouTube after eight years, along with 8 years of public commentary. Google and Youtube (which they own) are PANICKED and DESPERATE to hide the truth: The Democrats and RINOs in the UNIPARTY worked to Overthrow a true Democratic Government and replace it with their puppet stooge government to do their corruption, money laundering, child sex trafficking, and bioweapons terrorism.

Then-Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland talks with former ambassador to Ukraine Geoffrey Pyat as they reveal their plan to install the new Ukraine government weeks before the democratically-elected President Viktor Yanukovych was overthrown in a violent coup in early 2014.

This is a DISGUSTING betrayal of democracy and EXPOSES Obama and his rotten CIA and State Department for their criminal cartel activities in Ukraine.

Now Google and Youtube are committing "history-erasing" (a FAILED attempt, as I was able to recover this video from archives) to attempt to rewrite history and prevent you from knowing.

Back with a HUGE Livestream today after a short break. The Evan J Livestream - Evan Talks - Destroying the propaganda
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