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BitChute has a track record when it comes to defending freedom of expression and as a result we have gotten a lot of requests for live-streaming. This is something we have been thinking about and designing and doing some testing and prototyping on for quite some time and we're now at a point where we have a scalable and workable design. We would love to build this on our current resources but we just don't have enough so we are asking for your help.

Mister Metokur, authentic cancel culture victim


Many people in the independent media are capable of out-competing the MSM for ratings. Tens of thousands of viewers on live-streams will be a common thing in the build-up to the 2020 election. The problem is it will only take some pressure from activists to eliminate the majority of the platforms willing to host these kinds of streams. In addition to this, laws such as the copyright directive, Article 17 in the EU and other proposed changes all across the world are placing more regulatory burdon onto the platforms which may increasingly mean the risk and cost of hosting creators in the open way that we have all come to love is just too great for any centralized service. For this reason, we have decided that BitChute live-streams needs to be a fully decentralized protocol from launch.

What does that mean?

Fully decentralized means viewers and streamers will be able to connect without a central authority. Not even we will be able to disrupt that connection, the power and responsibility that currently resides with the platform will shift to the streamer. To achieve this we will be creating open-source tools that anyone may use. Usability and accessibility are also very important to us, so while this will be fully decentralized it is still going to work out-of-the-box in a normal web browser, and the end-users will be abstracted from the additional complexity.


How can I get Ethereum?

There are many ways to get Ethereum, for those of you who are new to cryptocurrencies it may be simplest for you to buy on a centralized exchange with a credit or debit card. One such exchange is Coinmama. Once you have bought the Ethereum and transferred it to your Metamask wallet you will be able to donate here as well as spend Ethereum in the many thousands of other places that now accept it.



We will race to get this ready as soon as possible, and even as we're making progress we do plan to make some components available to a select number of streamers in order to test parts of the design, get feedback and keep some of you online in the interrim of the full launch. Short answer, yes.


Yes. Our plan is not to create our own blockchain or token as that may be more vulnerable to certain types of attack. We will use the Ethereum blockchain as close to censorship proof as you can get. Our design doesn't require a high frequency of writes to the blockchain so cost shouldn't be an issue but there will be a relatively small charge to the live-streamer to do functions such as starting a stream and that's just the cost of writing to the blockchain, we don't intend to profit from these charges. Blockchain is only one part of the decentralized design and it's mainly used for storing some meta data in the form of ID codes.


Yes, this will not only be possible it will be very achievable for people with a bit of technical knowledge. You will be able to launch and customize this. For example maybe you would only like to show gamer results.


We're building the tools on this budget, in addition to this there will be running costs. The protocol wouldn't be decentralized if we paid those, so there will be costs associated with running streams but they will be relatively small and much of the cost of running the stream will be spread between a decentralized p2p content delivery network. Also we'll be utilizing many open source libraries and applications that have already been built, we don't need to build every part from scratch but there is still a lot of work to be done.


We have previously used Indiegogo and even though it was for a politically neutral and open-source comments platform they shut our campaign down and returned all the money. So we've decided to do own crowdfunding in such a way that cannot easily be shut down. If this goes well then perhaps we will get more people who want to use it.


You can add questions when you make a donation or on Gab and Twitter by using the hashtag #BitChuteLivestreams and we will check this from time to time and answer as many as we can. Please check back before you ask in case it has already been answered.


Updates will appear here as the campaign progresses.

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