Sunday Evening 8/18/19

Sunday Evening 8/11/19

Saturday October 26.
We will meet at Countryside Baptist Church, 2555 Spanish Claim Road, Sullivan Missouri, 63080, at
9:00am for coffee & donuts. 
10:00-12:00, soulwinning.
12:00-1:00, lunch will be provided at the church. 
1:00-3:30, soulwinning. 
Then meet back at the church for food, a hayride, fellowship, and baptisms.

Preached at the Sure Foundation Baptist Church Family Camp
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Sunday Morning 7/28/19

Wednesday Evening 7/24/19

Sunday Morning 7/21/19

Wednesday Evening 7/17/19


The Meeting will be at New Eden Baptist Church
634 W 59th St, Chicago, IL 60621
The service will start at 10:00 AM in the Morning and 7:00 PM in the evening will soulwinning during the afternoon.
Saturday we will have a service at 10:00 AM and then we will wrap up the meeting with soulwinning probably finishing around 1:00 pm
The speakers will be Pastor Lampton Liddell, Dr. Ron Petrick, Pastor Manly Perry, and Pastor Tommy McMurtry and possibly more.
If you are planning on coming email me at [email protected]

Wednesday Evening 7/10/19

Link to video of Mike Allison's ignorant rant about those who do not support the antichrist state of Israel.
Quote from John. R. Rice came from his book "Ho Israel Repent"
Book review video
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Meeting at The Foundry Cafe, 331 Shankill Road, BT13 3AA from 9am


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