Thousands of more votes cast by mail than mailed-out. Thousands of voters casting ballots in two different counties. Election computers not updated and left vulnerable to remote access. Election workers accessing the internet in violation of state law. Election officials purging computer information just hours before turning over materials to the audit. The 2020 Presidential Election in Arizona was corrupt and should be de-certified. The remedy would be to hold a new vote. This is the blueprint for all the swing states. Graham Ledger speaks with Arizona Senator Kelly Townsend about what happens now after the overwhelming mountain of election fraud in the Grand Canyon state. Please subscribe free to The Ledger Report by clicking here: www.GrahamLedger.com

3 weeks ago

Graham Ledger and Sidney Powell agree: if the Arizona election audit produces solid, documented evidence of massive election malfeasance and voter fraud, then brace yourself. It could trigger an official recount. And, if that happens in the Grand Canyon State, the Keystone State could be next. Pennsylvania is eyeballing an audit of its own. Then, who knows? Georgia? Wisconsin? All electoral hell could break loose. Ledger talks with Powell about the possibilities and probabilities for a decertification of these key swing states that would upend the purported 2020 election results.

3 months, 3 weeks ago

The Republican leadership in the Arizona Senate deserves great credit for standing up to Democrat roadblocks and mainstream media mudslinging in its effort to quantify exactly how much election fraud transpired during the 2020 presidential election. And remember, Arizona ostensibly went to Biden over Trump by a razor-thin margin of 11,000 votes out of nearly four-million. Graham Ledger speaks with Arizona State Senator Kelly Townsend about the audit process, the partisan roadblocks, the effort to discover if some ballots were counted multiple times and when the effort to get to the truth about the 2020 election will be complete.

4 months, 2 weeks ago