“how many of these camps will be built, and how many people does this government expect to detain.” He pointed out how documentation shows that the “Federal Quarantine/Isolation sites” could be used for “other requirements” besides for COVID-19.

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There is an urgent need for global stakeholders to cooperate in simultaneously managing the direct consequences of the COVID-19 crisis. To improve the state of the world, the World Economic Forum is starting The Great Reset initiative.

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financial advisor, and served as chief investigator in 1953 for the Special Committee on Tax Exempt Foundations (commonly referred to as the Reece Committee), which was chaired by U. S. Congressman B. Carroll Reece. Dodd was known primarily for his controversial investigation into tax-exempt foundations.

Norman Dodd was interviewed, shortly before he died, by the journalist G. Edward Griffin, and an interview documentary was produced as a result, which has gained a very wide audience in later years.

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Interview with Dr. Lorraine Day. We often try to figure out what's going on searching the internet for answers which leads us to a sea of opinions. Every once in a while we get a good Doctor that we trust to tell us the truth. Tonight we share with you from one such Doctor.

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