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big cheap far apart houses
thorium safe atomic power (china india using now but USA created tek in 50s)
baby license
no banking landlording lawyers university schools shrinks
no trade
deport violent and thief
no foreign owning any asset of this country
no offshore work
no trade
make everything here
nice trains
problem creators pay for fix
no immigration
no refugees
no riot mobs

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We've all tried to wake up people we know, usually with disastrous consequences. Hopefully one of these questions might just be the one that makes them open their eyes to the massive fraud that is currently being waged against the good people of the world.
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Tägliche politische und Geoengineering-Nachrichten:
Meine Kanäle:

Mein Gruß an alle Partioten in der Welt:

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Here's a List of a Commercial Break; Recorded on June 30, 1992 on WEYI CBS TV 25 (Before it became an NBC station) during an airing of "Bare Essentials" (1991).

Honda (Bill driving his brand-new Honda in a pencil-style animation!)
Shower to Shower (Before the controversy of this product that maybe the cause of Ovarian Cancer)
Monistat 7
McDonald's (1992): Olympic Hopefuls (Babies completing for the future 1992 Olympics!)
Palmolive Sensitive Skin Dishwashing Soap
Stouffer's Lean Cuisine Ice Cream (They actually had an Ice Cream brand!)
Howie (1992): CBS Promo (Howie Mandel did had a short-lived Summer Variety Show while taking a break of doing "Bobby's World")
Conspiracy of Silence & To Be The Best (1992): CBS Promos (With Peter Cullen announcing!)
Forever Knight (1992): CBS Late Night Promo (Remember when CBS had a Late Night Broadcast of Movies and TV Shows Before "Late Show with David Letterman" took over?)
Minute Maid Lemonade (Always very Smooth Kiss for making Lemonade the Old-fashioned way after a long Tennis game!)
Marathon Gas (1992): Super-M Premium Frequent Fueler Card with Free Pepsi & Gas!
Alberto VO5 Hot Oil
CBS Tuesday Night Movie (1989): Commercial Bumper
Street Stories (1991): CBS Promo
Jake and the Fat Man (1987): CBS Promo (1992)
CBS ID (1991)
Michigan Lottery (1992): Cash 5
Highland Electronics with Carol Leifer
Married...With Chidren (1987): WEYI TV 25 CBS Promo with Ed O'Neil as Al Bundy
Care-Free Sugarless Bubble Gum (1992): Opera Singer becomes a Rapper after bursting with Care-Free!
Chevrolet Trucks
Tilex Shower Cleaner
Nuprin with Jimmy Connors and Chris Evert
McDonald's (1992): Batman Returns Big Mac Combo with Collectible Cups (I had one of those a long time ago but it's been lost!)
Duracell Copper Top Battery (1992): Swing Dancing Couple (They last long unlike the others without Duracell!)
CBS Tuesday Night Movie (1989): Commercial Bumper #2
Forever Knight (1992): CBS Late Night Promo #2
Rescue 911 (1989): CBS Special Night Promo
Bodies of Evidence (1991): CBS Promo
CBS ID (1991) #2
Married...With Children (1987): WEYI Promo (Al Bundy, Security Dude!)
Art Van Furniture (1992): The 4th of July Sale
Family Feud (1988) with Ray Combs WEYI Promo
Tropicana Twister
Post Honey Bunches of Oats Cereal (1992) (Always love this cereal!)
Hershey's Chocolate & Strawberry Syrup (1992): Save up to $2 on another half gallon Ice Cream when you buy 3 Hershey's Syrups (Awesome!)
Goodyear Tires
Pizza Hut (1992): Free Pie in July!
Visa (1992): Olympic Athletes
Arm & Hammer Potpourri Carpet & Room Deodorizing and Air Freshener
CBS Tuesday Night Movie (1989): Commercial Bumper #3
Guiding Light (1952): CBS Promo (1992)
Top Cops (1991): CBS Promo
CBS ID (1991) #3
Chiquita Bananas
Toronto, Canada
Jenny Jones (1991): WEYI Promo
Lysol Eliminating Odors
Resolve Carpet Cleaner ("That's Okay.")
Lysol Basin Tub & Tile Cleaner
The Prudential
Correctol Extra Gentle Stool Softener
Power Stick Deodorant
Wisk Power Scoop Detergent
CBS Evening News with Dan Rather: Eye on America (1992): Father & Son
48 Hours: Tales of Times Square
Big Business (1988): CBS Promo (1992) Starring: Bette Midler & Lily Tomlin (Great Comedy! Have it on Blu-ray from "Mill Creek Entertainment").
Street Stories (1991): CBS Promo #2
Century 21
Glad-Lock Zipper Freeze Bags
Dirt Devil Hand Vacuum
McDonald's (1992): Human Compass.

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Canal POPULUS TV: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCC4OuE-t7Y8KkRXY_feD0Vg

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25 years top of the pops

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These points were established by the resisting Nationalists (later the NSDAP) in Germany during the Weimar Republic (established by Jews and traitors after World War One) that was a Jew-run crooked government with a Communist bent secretly promoting Communism and overthrow of Germany. These invaders all together robbed and raped the weakened country, in the end trying to make another Soviet Union out of it, as some of the Jew radicals in Germany said. A violent overthrow was planned by the Communists. Tens of thousands of Germans had already lost their lives in attacks, ambushes, and street battles. On these points, Adolf Hitler's confiscation of land by the government hast to do with the fact that after WW1 the Jews and other foreigners invaded the land of the starving Germans and stole their land or gave them a penny to a Dollar. Hitler wanted this land to be returned to the German people; therefore, the government interference.

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