why war? why be an idiot? what is the time?

4 months ago

From the terror of the situation to laughing it all out...

4 months, 3 weeks ago

some more quotes & chat on Gurdjieff's System

5 months, 1 week ago

Know Thyself

5 months, 1 week ago

the terror of the situation

5 months, 1 week ago

what is Work?

5 months, 4 weeks ago

continuing the Gurdjieff wiseacring by moi

6 months, 3 weeks ago

we have a fun time talking about the Gurdjieff Work and how to wake up.

6 months, 4 weeks ago

continuing my series on what George Gurdjieff is teaching

7 months, 2 weeks ago

Continuing my series on the writings of Gurdjieff.

7 months, 4 weeks ago

Discussions on the writings and system of George Gurdjieff.

8 months ago