Fugetata in clown world is a short onslaught of caustic made 8bit noise with a deluge of memes in music, summed up best as: "downloading informations now going to differing dimensions and thinking more now than then."

The name Fugetata is a combination of toccata and fugue, which is how the music sounded to me at the time I was composing it. Hopefully the noise captures the angst and turmoil of trying to make sense of our 21st century world?

(*This is a repost on bitchute. The original video stopped playing, so I decided it is best to reupload and remove the original).

I do not wish to win you over, nor convert you to my world view. I do want to challenge you.

All of my tonepoems on bitchute: https://www.bitchute.com/playlist/B20zZbMnK577/

"Good Poetry Exposes Bad Language." - @Poeticise

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5 months ago