NZ8B Train arriving and in Hamilton 19th April 2000

Blue Train continue with The Business Of Dreams (4-40); Wild Heart (4-28); I’ll Say Yes (3-12)

Arrive Hamilton at 9-33 a.m. Stay Hamilton.
Hamilton, the country’s fourth largest city, straddles the Waikato River, 30 miles inland in the heart of farmland. Parklands and footpaths cover most of the city’s riverbanks, and these provide popular walking and jogging routes for locals and visitors.

Walking around Hamilton

Thursday 20th April 2000 - Day 6 - Leave Hamilton on The Overlander at 10-43 a.m. for Palmerston North where the train arrives at 5-12 p.m.

Train entering station. Goods trains.
The Overlander

Stations on the way:
Music and commentary: Blue Train: Stay With Me Baby (3-37); Don’t Ask Me Why (4-15); Al Stewart: Running Man (5-10).

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