Wherever possible buy organic, because it doesn't have chemical pesticides and fertilizers. Organic food also does not harm the bee population, which is extremely important for pollination of our crops (seed production). Crops sprayed with pesticides kill off bee populations and cause food shortages due to less seeds available for next years harvest.

Eating a diet rich in fresh vegetables allows your digestive tract to stay healthy, and also provides a rich source of antioxidants that helps your body repair itself. Eating only processed foods saturates the body with preservatives and pesticides, which eventually causes premature aging and never allows the body to restore itself.

=====Fresh Vegetables (always organic)====
-Baby kale (very important to be organic)
-Spinach (very important to be organic)
-Arugula (very important to be organic)
-carrots (very important to be organic)
-broccoli (very important to be organic)

====Free Range organic humanely raised animals====
-Whitetail deer (hunted)
-Free range chickens (organic, humanely raised and killed)
-Free range cows (organic, grass fed, humanely raised and killed)
-Occasional salmon sushi (watch out due to mercury, contaminants from fukushima)
-Free range organic bacon (sparingly, every once in a while)
-wild turkey (hunted)
-wild pheasant (hunted)
-wild woodcock (hunted)
-Free range organic turkeys

====seeds (organic)====
-avacados (anti-inflammatory)

A quick note on polyunsaturated fats:

This new age idea that "low fat" is a good idea is false from all of the research that I've read. Fats are an extremely important part of the diet. If you are looking to have healthy skin and heart you'll want to concentrate on polyunsaturated fats. Specifically, you'll want a diet extremely rich in omega-3 fats (which are very rare), but you also need to balance the omega-3 with 4x mg consumption of omega-6. If you have a high uptake of organic/free range omega-3, it's correlated with a massive increase in skin/heart/cardiovascular health. To get the maximum benefits you must combine with the 4x the milligram consumption of omega-6 versus omega-3. Omega-3 is extremely important for getting rid of acne, from what I've read. Take it or leave it; I'm not giving medical advice just trying to help you have healthy skin.

skin health = omega-3[flaxseed] + (4 * omega-6[olive oil])

====oils (organic)====
-olive oil (polyunsaturated omega 6)
-flaxseed oil (polyunsaturated omega 3)
-grapeseed oil (3 & 6)
-small amounts of organic cow butter, use sparingly

===remove from your diet as much as possible====
-Processed sugars (soda pop, candy, sweets)
-Processed grains (white bread, cake, pies, pizza)
-Processed foods (cheap foods like Rmen noodles, cheatos, chips... anything in a room temperature bag)

-Reduced fat milk (IE: fat free, 1%, 2% milk) .. from the studies I've read, the reason is because the fat based hormone profile is changed when the producer removes fat; it creates an "incomplete hormone profile," which causes your skin to release more oil if you're predisposed to acne.

These foods cause your skin to produce more oil that the acne bacteria feed on, which causes surface level inflammation. You will want to reduce consumption of these while also increasing intake of healthy anti-inflammatory foods. That will reduce the oil while also reducing inflammation. It may take several weeks to see a difference but you will likely see a difference within days.

https://duckduckgo.com/?q=blood sugar and acne&t=ffab&atb=v164-1&ia=web

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VIDEO: Best Shaving Cream in the World, Coconut Oil -- ASMR -- Male, Soft-Spoken, Scratching, Beard

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ASMR - Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response


Math in Real Life

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How to Study


10 by 10 Grid and Multiplication Table, plus a Math Puzzle, a Pattern Recognition Game (Includes Live Streams)


In Conversation with chycho: Q&A





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We extract benzoyl peroxide from a skin treatment cream, and then explore some of its properties and test to see just how stable/unstable it is.

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