The Adamic Nations that came from Noah must have all looked the same since they came from one man and his wife. So what did Noah look like? What did his three sons look like? What did the original Nations look like?

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Old 100 Proofs:

Noah, Shem, Ham, Japheth
Genesis 10 Nations

Elam - Persia
Ashur - Assyria
Arphaxad - Hebrews, lsraelites, Europeans
Lud - Lydia
Aram - Syria

Cush - Ethiopia
Mizraim - Egypt
Phut - Libya
Canaan - Caananites

Madai - Medes
Javan - Ionian Greeks
Tubal - Tubali
Meshech - Moschi
Tiras - Thracians
Gomer & Magog - Unknown

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