Interview with Prof. Exley at the Isle of Man, Manx Museum.

3rd December 2018. Interview with Dr Chris Exley, Professor of Bioinorganic Chemistry. Interviewed by Courtenay Heading, Patient Advocate, Jurby Wellness. The interview follows a live presentation given by Dr Exley at Manx Museum, Isle of Man, 3rd December 2018.

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Aluminium Adjuvants and HPV. Following Prof. Christopher Exley's interview with Courtenay Heading, Prof. Exley gives his presentation on the use of aluminium adjuvants and the HPV vaccine in the Isle of Man to a public audience in the Manx Museum (December 2018).

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Chapter 8 In the gulf war for the United States Army United Kingdom in Australia all employed nascent anthrax vaccine that use an adjuvant notice squealing and oil based education. It caused immune response 100% of the time and as human beings creates all kinds of oils it has a very large potential of confusing the human body and to create antibodies for oils that itself is producing creating auto immune diseases.

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Coly's Toxin Adjuvant
Mineral Oil Adjuvant
Freund's Adjuvant
Aluminum hydroxide

The future of PETROLEUM!!!
Phosphazene polyelectrolytes as immunoadjuvants

An immunoadjuvant soluble polyphosphazene polyelectrolyte is disclosed. In one embodiment, the polymeric adjuvant is a poly(organophosphazene) with (i) ionized or ionizable pendant groups that contain, for example, carboxylic acid, sulfonic acid, or hydroxyl moieties, and (ii) pendant groups that are susceptible to hydrolysis under the conditions of use, to impart biodegradability to the polymer.

Background of the Invention This application is in the area of polymers for biomedical applications, and in particular describes polymers that can be used as immunoadjuvants.

Vaccine Development A wide variety of antigens stimulate the production of antibodies in animals and confer protection against subsequent infection. However, some antigens are unable to stimulate an effective immune response.
The immunogenicity of a relatively weak antigen is often enhanced by the simultaneous administration of the antigen with an adjuvant, a substance that is not immunogenic when administered alone, but will induce a state of mucosal and/or systemic immunity when combined with the antigen. It has been traditionally thought that adjuvants, such as mineral oil emulsions or aluminum hydroxide, form an antigen depot at the site of injection that slowly releases antigen.
Recent studies by Allison and Byars, in: "Vaccines: New Approaches to Immunological Problems:, R.W. Ellis, ed., p.
431, Butterworth-Heinemann, Oxford (1992) indicate that adjuvants enhance the immune response by stimulating specific and sometimes very narrow branches of the immune response by the release of cytokines.

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I'm taking the title for this excerpt from a poster in the Toronto transit (TTC) subway system here in Canada. I intend to use it in my next blog post. And now, I will fit this info in as well. There's so much covid propaganda everywhere you look now. It's sickening. That's not rhetoric. Anyway, In a recent discussion, attached to an article on Off Guardian, someone pointed me to a video in which Chris Exley, an expert on aluminum (which he calls aluminium because he's British), reveals a way to get aluminum out of our bodies. The YouTube video is on a channel belonging to someone or some group called "néva."

The (March 17, 2016) YouTube video is titled "Aluminum Toxicity - DETOXIFY" and it can be found at this web address: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xleocy6karo

I used this in a blog post titled "Covid 19 – A Laughing Matter? Keep The Children Safe From Those Keeping The Children Safe Is All I Can Say!" / https://arrby.wordpress.com/2021/08/15/covid-19-a-laughing-matter-keep-the-children-safe-from-those-keeping-the-children-safe-is-all-i-can-say/

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A critical SWR (German public law broadcaster) video related to the danger of experimental adjuvants in the 2009 flu shots Pandremix (not approved in US but in Germany yes)

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