Ausreden findet Jens Spahn schneller, ALS EIN AEROSOL EIN NASENLOCH

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Simple demonstration with vapor and masks.
Reminder: the coronavirus is an aerosol. Where the air goes, it goes too.

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Chemtrails, are "chemical trails" resulting from an intentional high-altitude release of chemical agents. Chemtrails may be distinguished from contrails by color and displaying a persistent appearance. The purpose of chemtrails might be weather control, attempted solar radiation control, or testing of various agents on people, flora or fauna.

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This is an excellent break down of how aerosol campaigns on the west coast can bring cold arctic air over the rest of the country and maintain it for long periods of time and breaks down the toxins involved.. Artificial Winter...


The HAARP Report <- A special thanks to the creator...
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Explains why the Polar Vortex makes the US so cold every November. This is the most important, and urgent, video I've ever made. Disclosure of Pacific weather control technology, that is heating the Arctic, putting California in drought, and poisoning the USA with super-toxic Aluminum aerosol sprays. This is a must-see, brand new science, which has never been public before.

My videos are always new research, with good science to back up the disclosures.

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Anyone know of a good PDF hosting service? I don't like java scripts, but just about any one will do. Thanks

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Hier könnt ihr exakt sehen wie die Sonne attackiert wird

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Stratospheric aerosol injection over Canterbury plains, South Island, New Zealand create artificial clouds

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