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The AHEAD Map™ is a clinical tool available to you absolutely 100% FREE of charge (a $300 value), with over 510 years of clinical experience behind it as of 2020,

Using a SF-36 outcome based research model, subjective patient data is collected and converted into an objective numeric value that can now be easily tracked and followed

Use the AHEAD Map™ to assess the efficacy of any medical, pharmaceutical or natural treatment, protocol, therapy or modality using objective numeric values easily followed

With an emphasis on the major organs of detoxification, the AHEAD Map™ score can be tracked for establishing and assessing improvement or worsening of your patient/client

Eliminate all the trials and tribulations of trying to determine the best course of nutritional supplementation for your patients/clients (if selected by the provider)

Automate the process of systemic detoxification with over a 93.5% success rate of improving patient outcome within 60 days (if selected by the provider)

Nutritional supplementation and detoxification becomes dynamic and automatically adjusts every month based on response to treatment as experienced by the patient/client

Let the advanced neural network do all the work utilizing a sophisticated algorithm designed to do all the heavy lifting, while you enjoy the success your patients will experience

Capitalize on your existing patient/client base and offer them an automated method of achieving extraordinary results in achieving improved functioning and optimum health

Take the AHEAD Map™ yourself NOW! Begin by experiencing the benefit in your own health and realize the significant improvement in clinical outcomes you can now offer your patient/client, while improving and increasing patient satisfaction.

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