Thug running around truck, crossing in front of truck, and attempting to take gun

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Jurors 11 white 1 black
Selected for thinking he was innocent huh
He was a burglar he should have stopped

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#williambryan #ahmaudarbery #travismcmichael

In an interesting plot twist, the man who recorded the incident that lead to Ahmaud Arbery losing his life, has been charged with felony murder and with attempted false imprisonment due to the GBI investigation.

In the video I talk about my feelings on how his defense should / will present his case and also I give my thoughts on how I think the prosecution will move forward with this in an attempt to tie him to it. It is complex, the jury is going to have a heck of a time trying to figure out what is legal and what is ethical, if it even goes that far for Mr. Bryan and for the McMichaels as well.

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Released bodycam footage shows the December 2017 arrest of Ahmaud Arbery for shoplifting a TV from a Georgia Walmart.

Police released video Tuesday of Arbery's December 1, 2017, arrest outside a Brunswick Walmart store on shoplifting charges.

The video shows Arbery being stopped with three friends and being ordered to sit on the ground.

Arbery goes to stand up whilst being quizzed by police and is then ordered to lie face-down and is handcuffed and arrested.
released footage, the officer can be heard asking the group about a 65-inch TV.

'TV? What? We don't have any TV,' Arbery states.

'What about the 65-inch TV?' the cop says.

'Sixty-five-inch TV?' Arbery says.

After getting the age of the group, the officer asks them to all sit down.

'Take a seat for what?' Arbery responds. 'I don't know nothing about no TV. … I don't steal no TV.'

A man then approaches the group and suggest that Arbery attempted to wheel the large television out of the store.

'What TV?' Arbery asks, before motioning toward the store. 'The TV is in there.'

Arbery attempts to get up, telling the officer that he has a receipt for the purchases he made. But officers instead detain Arbery and place him in a squad car.

The group are then taken back to the Walmart as the clip comes to a close.

Court records show Arbery pleaded guilty to trying to steal a television and was sentenced to five years on probation.

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...this might hurt some clown feelings...(HonkNoise)
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You can't handle the truth!

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#ahmaud #arbery #travis #gregory #mcmichael #williambryan

In this video I read over the police and give my thought about William Bryan, he's listed as a witness on the police report and gave a CNN interview stating as much just a couple of days ago. There have been some people saying he wasn't a witness but that he was somehow part of the chase, ultimately, it doesn't much matter in the outcome but there were other 'independent' witnesses that would be able to corroborate his story so we need to hear from them.

This is one piece of the puzzle, there are many pieces to it and it's not as cut and dry as some in the media and on social media want to portray it as. We have to examine it piece by piece and then arrive at a conclusion.

Link to the police report: https://www.scribd.com/document/460042566/Ahmaud-Arbery-Police-Report

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There has been yet another change in prosecutors, the one who had the case for about 3 weeks, Tom Durden, who, despite being qualified, isn't the right skin tone according to an attorney for the family, yes, S. Lee Merritt, said that. He said that he preferred a black person be the prosecutor, well, wish granted, it's a dirty dirty game folks. We'll have to see how this unfolds but something tells me that this will be a story line throughout the summer.

Race is all that seems to matter in this case, I assume most have already made up their minds, it will be interesting to see how they go about finding an impartial jury!

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The title explains it all but I looked at a couple clips from the video where the man who shot the video (William Bryan) in an interview he did with Fredo on CNN last night, the 11th!

It seems that witnesses were saying he was involved as a third party and he's getting death threats now. He and his lawyer say that Bryan wasn't involved and just a good samaritan

Archived article: archive.ph/3dIPO

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In the second part of the video I talk more about the media reaction, how individuals out there, calling themselves activists, are interjecting themselves into the investigation in order to pressure government officials into giving them their way.

The media is all over this, politicians, celebrities, athletes, everyone is going ape s*** right now, it's important to get context and to just relax and let the facts of the case come out before we jump to some sort of demand for conclusion!

Video source: https://heavy.com/news/2020/05/ahmaud-arbery-shooting-video-georgia/

Archived source: http://archive.ph/h47tW

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Youtube: youtu.be/tCH2wv7W_yg
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some might be interested in a more detailed analyis of shooting of "jogger"
georgia shooting - ahmaud arbery

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In the first part of the video I show part of the video, obviously I can't show the confrontation part but that will be linked below if you haven't see the video yet.

This shooting happened in February, 2 individuals within the DA's office recused themselves and nothing really happened in this case until the video went viral just days ago. When it went viral, all of the sudden, the two guys in this case were charged with murder!

Video link: https://heavy.com/news/2020/05/ahmaud-arbery-shooting-video-georgia/

Archived source: http://archive.ph/h47tW

Twitter: @DoseofSarcasm1

Youtube: youtu.be/NFJy-x5J8is
Bitchute: bitchute.com/video/LTKXsLMlsdaN/
Daily Motion: https://dai.ly/x7tsoxl

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The Ahmaud Arbery video footage.

This happened in the state of Georgia, and it's gonna be the next Trayvon-hoax.

Background story: https://www.liveleak.com/view?t=9HlLa_1588700357

Archival purposes only, original source: https://www.liveleak.com/view?t=9HlLa_1588700357

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