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A two-time cancer survivor says she was humiliated by American Airlines staff in a dispute over her 'f*** cancer' sweatshirt after she was told she wouldn't be allowed to board her flight to North Carolina if she did not cover up.

Roslyn Singleton was boarding a flight from Los Angeles to Charlotte last Tuesday when she was approached by an employee who told her to cover up her sweatshir.

Singleton asked the employee if the policy prohibiting her sweatshirt was in writing and she says was asked if she wanted to speak to a manager.

Singleton says she covered up the sweatshirt with a jacket but was approached by staff once more while in line to board the plane. She said the worker 'humiliated' her.

'The first thing she said to me — she didn't say hello, she didn't say ma'am, she didn't say anything — she said, 'I was made aware that there was an issue,' Singleton told WSOC-TV in an interview.

'I literally just took my jacket off. I ripped the sweatshirt off my body and I just walked away and stood in line and felt humiliated because she literally pointed me out like a child after I complied with what they asked me to do.'

In a statement to WSOC-TV, American Airlines says their policies 'prohibit clothing that displays offensive statements and inappropriate language from being worn on board.'

But the airline goes on to say that airline employees should have considered the context of Singleton's sweatshirt and offered an apology to her.

'In this instance, our team should have taken the broader context of the message displayed on the customer's shirt into consideration when explaining our policies.

'Our team is reaching out to learn more about Ms. Singleton's experience, apologize and reaffirm our support for efforts to fight cancer.'

Singleton, who says her father is currently battling cancer, tells WSOC-TV why she wore her sweatshirt.

'I don't love cancer,' she said. 'I don't respect it, and my sweatshirt gave my exact sentiments on something that has tried to kill me twice.'

She adds that she would have 'gladly' removed the sweatshirt with no problem if she were approached differently.

American Airlines says they are internally reviewing why Singleton was approached a second time after covering up her sweatshirt with her jacket.

WSOC-TV reports that Singleton and her attorneys are seeking an apology from the airline and are asking that employees involved in the incident be fired.

Singleton is also asking that American Airlines review policies dealing with customer conflicts.

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[Source: Chris Sky] ⁣Man organizing class action lawsuit in order to travel freely in Canada without dangerous PCR test requirements. In other news - also check out this website: https://www.freedomairway.com/. Go to https://truthsearchengine.com/ for more truth.

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Alright, so this is a big leap and many people are not going to understand this. That's ok, they can come back later if/when they put together enough pieces of this giant puzzle. This is for the very few who are what I call, super-woke, people who are familiar with matters much higher level.

I watched this event play out in the MSM in 2018 and I was so intrigued by the irregularities of it that I spent a couple days investigating & following up on the claims and the people involved and who they were connected to, and basically I was led to the conclusion that there is some really high level shit going on, and this entire event was a sort of celebratory ritual of mockery and empire expansion.

The story goes from the MSM and these people that a Southwest Airlines plane during mid flight experienced some sort of engine explosion which caused a portion of the engine housing to fly off and hit the side of the airplane thus breaching a window to which cabin pressure loss pulled a woman from her seat (while she was buckled no less), half way out the window. Mid flight this all happened. Some passengers are alleged to have pulled the lady back inside the plane while the, get this, US Air Force pilot, then successfully landed the plane.

The lady allegedly sucked out of the window mid flight, Jennifer Riordan, perished during the incident they claimed, but here is where it gets even more strange. There is no blood seen on the outside of the aircraft, there is no blood seen on the inside of the plane near her seat or near the small window, no hair or fibers from her clothes are seen on any sharp edges of broken window.

In 2018 it was her ten year anniversary with Wells Fargo as Director of the community relations department, and later Vice President. The article which I will link, claims that she was the "Bedrock" of her community. At the time many of the MSM outlets had eerie advertisements promoting travel to Mars! I shit you not. I may have some screenshots somewhere.


Now, at the same time, this clown Marty Martinez seen in the CNN interview, is the founder of a "social revolt agency" where their team led the "digital & social media" strategy for the March of Science org. Here:


Examining the March of Science website shows some of their affiliates, one being the "Union for Concerned Scientists". Presently the UCS website are, low and behold, fully on board towing the corona "virus" agenda trying to tell people about corona virus "disinformation" with the CDC listed as a "trusted" and "reputable" source for information! Here:


The March of Science website also promotes a relationship with the "Society for Neuroscience" where they tow the corona "virus" agenda and have awarded the Julius Axelrod Prize to Morgan Sheng, MBBS (Masters in Bovine Bullshit Studies? lol), PhD, supported by an endowment from the Eli Lilly and Company Foundation. !


So right there is a link to big pharma eli lilly scumbags, the big pharma corp who created thimerosal and once had george bush sr on their board of directors following his position as director of the CIA! You can't make this shit up!

These are just a few connections made today while I revisited this topic.

Now, here is where we step up to the next level. Years ago while researching "Pizzagate" and Max Spiers, I learned of a man named James Casbolt, aka Michael Prince. This guy's story is fascinating, a super-soldier married to a grocery store millionaire's daughter, and who has trained in both the UK and US armed forces. While watching one of his presentations one day a light bulb turned on when he said, "rothschild, so rich he can build colonies on Mars", here: https://www.bitchute.com/video/8T9PbJxoGyh0/

At that point I remembered this strange Southwest airplane incident and the first thing that had come to mind as I sat and thought about this was that this woman, loyal to the banking cartel for a decade, was taken to Mars to help implement and maintain the same monetary system there as the one used here on Earth, with this psyop used as a cover for her disappearance.

This rabbit hole goes deep but it connects to the usual NWO culprits who want to depopulate humanity and who throw people under the bus to get a leg up by using front organizations disguised as philanthropy, charity, and foundations, meanwhile they are all part of the big club who are working hard to kill off people with pills and vaccines.

Do the research, you'll see. You come to this channel because I give you the next level perspective and connections that the NWO/MSM and even most "truth" channels keep hidden from you.

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Originally published 4-18-2020

Loving Life 2020

Lest we forget. FlySAA Youtube channel no updates for a long time ...

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A commercial airliner landing at the Palm Springs International Airport.

Blog post: https://www.planecharterplanet.com/jumbo-jet-landing-in-palm-springs/

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Cenk Uygur Badgers And Yells At Black Airline Employees

We’ve said it time and time again. When Democrats show you who they really are, believe them. Cenk Uygur was so angry about his flight being delayed he made a ginormous a-hole of himself yelling at a bunch of black airline employees. And what makes him an even bigger a-hole is that he not only recorded himself berating these black airline employees but he tweeted it out for the masses to see. Classy, as always, Cenk.



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Original Jedi Watching: Airline captain weighs in on viral plane seat debate following chair recline row

Airline captain weighs in on viral plane seat debate following chair recline row. An airline captain has given his two pence in an online debate about reclining plane seats that has taken over the internet. Umesh, calling Shelagh from Watford, told Fogarty today that some passengers behaved "entitled" and that he would not have accepted such behaviour if it happened on his flight. His comment comes following a viral video that shows a man repeatedly punching the back of a woman’s plane seat because her seat was reclined. The video was taken by another passenger and shows the man, seated in the last row of the plane, banging the back of Ms. Williams’ chair while watching something on his mobile phone. Her aisle seat can be seen shaking back and forth as a result. Speaking to Shelagh Fogarty today, the pilot said: "Things like this started to become a daily occurrence and worldwide actually." The pilot then went on to explain: "At the end of the day, the lady was entitled to push her seat back from what I could see and if he didn't like it, he could have asked her and I'm sure if he had spoken to the cabin crew, they could have moved into another seat if there was one available. "So there are other ways to deal with it. The cabin crew are trained to actually deal with situations like this." On her Twitter page, Ms. Williams added that, when she complained to a flight attendant, the man was offered a complimentary cocktail. On the topic, Shelagh asked Umesh: "Was giving him alcohol never a good idea? " He answered: "No. I mean, if someone like that is purely, it became like that they are openly showing that they are unable to control their emotions. Therefore, I don't think alcohol would have helped regardless whether this person was under the influence or not." The airline captain concluded: "If that would happen on my flight and I was made aware of it by my cabin crew I would not accept it." In a statement, an American Airlines spokesperson said: “We are aware of a customer dispute that transpired on American Eagle flight 4392, operated by Republic Airways on January 31. "The safety and comfort of our customers and team members is our top priority, and our team is looking into the issue.”


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A Ukrainian airliner carrying 176 people has crashed shortly after takeoff from Tehran's main airport Imam Khomeini International Airport in the Iranian capital. The plane carried 167 passengers and nine crew members from different nations on its flight to the Ukrainian capital, Kyiv, Biniaz said. The crash killed all on board, Iranian emergency officials and Ukraine's Foreign Ministry said.

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