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Live instrumental by The Surfrajettes, mixed with original vocals (Grace Slick)

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My friend got a Private Pilot Licence

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Airplane Story | NICK FUENTES

From America First With Nick Fuentes ep. 622

#AmericaFirst #NickFuentes #Groyper

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NICK FUENTES WEBSITE: https://nicholasjfuentes.com


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Pilot in Ausbildung
Gefunden auf Twitter

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A beautiful clip of an airplane wing high above the clouds with the setting sun in the distance.

Blog post: https://www.planecharterplanet.com/more-above-the-clouds-video/

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We're posting another flight-above-the-clouds to start your week with.

Blog post: https://www.planecharterplanet.com/your-monday-flight-above-the-clouds/

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Local Stuff

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Just a tad deceitful

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Shanghai woman was locked by Thai flight attendant, shouting me wrong! Hot face
The reason was that on the flight from Bangkok to Shanghai, the stewardess's disinfection caused her dissatisfaction, so she deliberately coughed at the stewardess.

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Go your own way guys...

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I've gone with them, the're cheap and pretty good.

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Plane dumped jet fuel over Los Angeles (EXPOSED) This is what they're spraying on us everyday!

Freemasons of Gwinnett "The Lost Original Intro" - Exposing Gwinnett Corruption

Bunch of REJECTs from the Cast of Deliverance - DUELING BANJOS ~ Gwinnett Corruption:

I just pick up pieces and rebroadcast them.

I will NOT provide FALSE EVIDENCE against my neighbor even if THEY STOLE OUR HOME. I will TESTIFY ANYTIME ANYWHERE.

I apologize if I don't look at comments/messages. The attacks are vicious and after what we have been through....

God Bless you all and hopefully this corruption will be removed soon. I have been trying to get this resolved for years.

One of My Greatest Achievements will be EXPOSING this CORRUPTION! (1:02)


Banks, Mortgage, Forgeries FRAUD and The Great American Heist - 60 Minutes - 4/3/2011



"Did M & T Bank actually have any interest at all in Howard Graber’s house? Did they or their agent or assignee or successor-in-interest actually hold Graber’s promissory note and/or have the right to enforce that promissory note? That’s a perfectly legitimate question, and one that should damn well be answered before Graber is thrown under the jail for 170 years."

M&T Bank, FreddieMAC Gwinnett County FORECLOSURE FRAUD! - Making Families Homeless and the Caymans Great Again!

Worse than Gitmo:

Federal Grand Jury Probes Gwinnett Sheriff's Department

Another 75 Inmates Sue Gwinnett Sheriff Over 'Gratuitous Pain'

Bayview Loan/Bayview Asset Management/M&T Bank/Bank of America FORECLOSE on MILITARY in WAR ZONES!

Operation Restoration - Georgia CRIMINAL Statutes Relating to FRAUD:

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Passengers and cabin crew have rushed to detain a woman who threatened to blow up a plane as it was accelerating down the runway at Turkey's Istanbul Sabiha Gokcen Airport. The passengers surrounding the woman noticed her smoking and try to pry the cigarette and lighter from her hands. She then tries to set fire to a T-shirt.
According to reports, the woman said: "I am a FETO member, and I will blow up the aircraft."

Onur Celik, who filmed the video, told Newsflare: "She tried to light the plane with a lighter." Hurriyet Daily News reported that the woman was removed from the plane by security guards.


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Video just for kidding...

The worse thing is when you walk on the street and fill a wet drop, that comes from a airplane above you flashing the toilet. But no worries, it as been purified in the air.

This video was deleted from youtube because it got a stick for a lie (fake). The lie is in the paragraph above.

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Anti-semite kicked off airplane.

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BTS Survival game. Choose who to team up with. Be careful and choose wisely!

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by the way Airplane was a very funny movie , hats off to the Jewish scriptwriters and actors who combined , even so in most movies there are some examples of predictive programming

The man of the future will be of mixed race. Today's races and classes will gradually disappear owing to the vanishing of space, time, and prejudice. The Eurasian-Negroid race of the future, similar in its appearance to the Ancient Egyptians, will replace the diversity of peoples with a diversity of individuals. [...]

Instead of destroying European Jewry, Europe, against its own will, refined and educated this people into a future leader-nation through this artificial selection process. No wonder that this people, that escaped Ghetto-Prison, developed into a spiritual nobility of Europe. Therefore a gracious Providence provided Europe with a new race of nobility by the Grace of Spirit. This happened at the moment when Europe's feudal aristocracy became dilapidated, and thanks to Jewish emancipation.

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https://prrt1steamlocomotivetrust.org/ - Please help fund the T-1 Trust! They are a wonderful organization, building an advanced new 4-4-4-4 T-1 steam locomotive from scratch!

A restored original WWII FW 190 airplane, with a rare BMW 801 radial engine! This video was taken in 2012, while a new portion of the museum was under construction. Imagine having airplanes like this in your hometown! Flying Heritage and Combat Armor Museum in Everett, WA.

Some information about this warbird:

Information from researchers involved with the restoration confirms that the pilot of the Fw190, Paul Rätz, was a POW and repatriated to Germany in 1949. He passed away in 1989 and his son aided in the research for the restoration.

Paul Rätz was a ground crew member before becoming a pilot with 1./JG54 in 1942 and 1943. He had several air victories and survived three crash landings. He was best known as a ground attack pilot and transferred to to 4./JG54 on July 9, 1943. Ten days later on July 19 he crashed with this plane during a mission to attack a train.

"Fw190 A5 White A of 4./JG54
This Focke-wulf 190 was manufactured in April 1943, originally as an A-5 variant and supplied with the full work number 0151227 by the parent factory of Focke-Wulf Flugzeugbau GmbH at Bremen.

THE LOSS OF FW190 A5 W.Nr 1227.
On Monday 19th July 1943 Fw190 A-5 W.Nr 1227 'White A' went on a mission carrying a SC250 (550Ib) bomb. Taking off from Siwerskaja, on what was probably a hot summer day, 'White A' headed for the Front line which was only fifteen or so minutes flight time away. Crossing the front line over the Dvina River, the Fw190, flying with another crossed it and headed East. Whilst behind enemy lines, in an area called Voibakala, the 'Rotte' attacked an armoured train and reportedly suffered damage from flak. The loss report indicates the Fw190 crash landed due to this damage, although none was located on the airframe. This Fw190 suffered a catastrophic failure of the BMW801, caused by a rag -sabotage is suspected as it was a new engine was fitted a few days before. The Fw190 was recorded as being 100% lost in the map reference co-ordinates of Pl.Qu.20124. This grid system based on 1:200,000 maps was used to identify crash sites, possibly for salvage, recovery of missing pilots or as the best way of identifying an area consisting of unpronounceable Russian towns, villages and large areas of forests and lakes. The more numbers the Pl.Qu. reference gives, the smaller the area of the location. A key to this 'code', would help identify literally dozens of possible recoveries within Russia!!

The pilot Feldwebel Paul Rätz survived the crash landed behind enemy lines. He removed his leather flying helmet and retrieved the first air kit from the rear fuselage and is thought to have headed West back to the front line only a dozen or so miles from the crash site. He was undoubtedly captured by the Russians and interned although the Luftwaffe loss report still class him as 'Vermißt' (missing) in action.

Found in silver birch forest 1989.
Recovered in 1991

Owners = Doug/David Arnold and now Paul Allen.

The restoration revealed that this Fw190 most likely crashed from engine sabotage. The engine was newly installed and the oil lines were found to be blocked. The engine factories often used prisoner labor, so sabotage sometimes happened. The restoration is nearly complete, including a new wing spar to replace the cracked original.

A partial restoration was started in the early 90s, then it was sold to the Flying Heritage and Combat Armor Museum. Much of the restoration was competed in the UK and the aircraft is now in the US for final work and paint. It's expected to be completed soon.

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I can never fall asleep on the plane, but I know some people swear by it. If being on a plane puts you to sleep, this is perfect for you!

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Near Rhinebeck NY, Cessna Cutlass 172RG takes off during a windy day.

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Roosh Hour Clips: Demonic woman does disgusting act in airplane

Clip source: https://www.invidio.us/channel/UCw1DoneC0bVKbFVAr6KTQbw

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This is a showcase of the Falco seaplane from the anime Conan the future boy from 1978. All the modelling, animations and textures were done by me.

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This Trump supporter was thrown off a flight he paid for, just because he expressed his pride as an American and his patriotism.
Source: Daily Caller

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A fast version of Airplane 2. #Jellotuna

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A fast version of Airplane. #Jellotuna

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I was sure the airplane was flying out from the South , but I lucked out and caught a nice arrival shot anyway !

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