How Canada's Assisted-Suicide Law Went Wrong - Eugenics - Abortion and the Poor - Assisted Suicide for the Poor and Homeless - Israel, Iran, Palestine - Economic Wars - Planned Society - System of Austerity - RIIA/CFR - Free Trade - World Standardization - Obamacare - Universal Healthcare and Population Control - Mandated Abortion and Sterilization - Eugenics - Conformity to Peer Group, Groupthink - State-Appointed Guardians - Elimination of Nuclear Reactors - Energy Rationing - Every Group is Used - History of Israel - Ronald Storrs - Ulster - Wars for Oil - Carroll Quigley - Front-Men and Advisors - Control of Public Opinion - Plunder by Banks.

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The Latest piece by Not Sure

The Outer Limits of Liberalism

‘Why did Canada help my brother die?’

No Other Options

Scheduled to Die: The Rise of Canada’s Assisted Suicide Program

A vicious tradition of eugenics

The future of medication abortion in the US is uncertain. These women say they’re glad they got sterilized

The Boston Brahmins, WASPs, and Nazis: The Pursuit of Eugenics

One third of Canadians fine with prescribing assisted suicide for homelessness

Twitter Was Central to American Politics. Musk’s Ownership Puts That at Risk.

War Clouds Gather over Israel as Iran Makes Peace with Arab Rivals

Iran regime close to getting nuclear bomb, but what's the holdup?

President Abbas: PLO was founded to foil Zionist movement’s attempts to eradicate Palestine

Failure to back Ukraine would send signal to China about taking Taiwan -US senator

1 day, 5 hours ago

Judy in Oregon - Geoengineering - Worked for Scottsdale, AZ Builder - 9/11, Terrorism and a Trip to Las Vegas - Deeply Bothered by War - Behaving Like a Conspiracy Theorist, Trying to Wake Everyone Up - Researching - Moved to Costa Rica for a Year - Traveling Through South America, Easter Island, Egypt - Discovering Alan Watt - Going to Canada to Meet Alan, The Harsh Conditions at Alan's House - Drinking Brandy with Alan - The Spiritual Experience - Rudolph Steiner - Waldorf Schools - Steiner's Thoughts on Reducing Humans to a Single Bodily Function, an Eye or an Ear - Alan Watt's Book on The Hermaphroditic (Androgynous) Agenda - Handicapped, Disabled People, the Metaverse,Transableism - May Cover of British Vogue Featured Handicapped Women - Book, Harrison Bergeron, Film, 2081, Handicapping People in the Future - Book, Covid Vaccines From a Spiritual Perspective.

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‘They Are Not Girls’: High School Asks Boys To Stop Putting Tampon Dispensers In The Toilets

Bridging the Gap between Transgenderism and Transhumanism

An accessible, disability-inclusive Metaverse?

‘A necessary and overdue education’: British Vogue dedicates five covers to disabled trailblazers

2081 short film

From transgendered to 'transabled': Now people are 'choosing' to identify as handicapped

Becoming disabled by choice, not chance: 'Transabled' people feel like impostors in their fully working bodies

Transabled: Healthy People Who Want to Amputate Their Limbs. Really.

Michigan State Inclusive Guide 2023

Alan Watt: The Mind Has No Firewall

The Battle for Human Nature Between Luciferic and Ahrimanic Beings - Rudolf Steiner

The Being of Man - Vol. 128. An Occult Physiology (1951)

Covid Vaccines from a Spiritual Perspective

Judy in Disguise - John Fred and his Playboy Band

4 days, 4 hours ago

Visual Repetition Imprints on the Brain, Engram - Imagery Associated with September 11, 2001 - Project for the New American Century (PNAC) - Evil.

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5 days, 8 hours ago

This short segment from Orson Welles' cinematic essay, F for Fake, may be the profoundest moment in cinema history. It is both uniquely moving, as well as stunningly deep philosophically---a truly rare cinematic combination. This clip should be required viewing, not only for every student of cinema, but for everyone who seeks an antidote to the world's increasing descent into cruelty and darkness. Here, Welles achieves the miraculous with amazingly simple means (note the lack of music as an emotional "guide", for example). Introduced by media psychologist, Dr. James N. Herndon.

"F for Fake" is a 1973 docudrama film co-written, directed by, and starring Orson Welles who worked on the film alongside François Reichenbach, Oja Kodar, and Gary Graver. Initially released in 1974, it focuses on Elmyr de Hory's recounting of his career as a professional art forger; de Hory's story serves as the backdrop for a meandering investigation of the natures of authorship and authenticity, as well as the basis of the value of art. Far from serving as a traditional documentary on de Hory, the film also incorporates Welles's companion Oja Kodar, hoax biographer Clifford Irving, and Orson Welles as himself. F for Fake is sometimes considered an example of a film essay.
Note: This is a new upload with better image quality of the movie excerpt.

Thanks to FilmKunst for original upload and description

Listen to Alan Watt's April 21, 2019 talk where he mentions Notre Dame de Paris Cathedral:
First You Till the Soil....

6 days, 8 hours ago

Seeing Symbolism - Freedom - Notre de Dame de Paris Cathedral - Conspiracy Theories - Dry Dusty Books - Culture is Grown - Studying the Architecture of Parliament and Government Buildings - Freemasonry, Masons in Every Town - Passing Debt - Japan - Headspace, Neuroses, Hypochondria - Eternal Truth - Breaking Through.

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Emotive Topics and The Bonfire of the Vanities - by Not Sure

Notre Dame: State of the restoration 4 years since the fire

Do You Believe in Government Mind Control? -- Part 3: Dr. Nick Begich

1 week, 1 day ago

Michael from Sweden - Long Winters, Alcoholism and Seasonal Affective Disorder - Born in Ghana, High School and Military in Cyprus - Learning about The Individual as Opposed to the Mass Man - The Capital of Cyprus Split Between Turks and Cypriots, Constant Fighting - Stay at Home Dads in Sweden, Social Engineering - Increased ADHD - Mass Drugging of Swedish Society, Men on Antidepressants - Infertility - Brave New World in Sweden - Brain Chips/Neural Implants, Biometrics - Sweden, Cashless, Technology-Driven, Virtual Reality Headsets - University in Southampton, England - U.K. Obsession with Football - Parts of Cyprus Promoted as International Party Destinations, Anything Goes - Meeting a Woman from Sweden in Cyprus, Moving to Sweden - No Football Team Colors Worn by Swedes or They'll Be Branded Racists/Nationalists - Promotion of Transgender Agenda - Care in Communicating with Others, Living Inside Your Own Mind - Relating to Daughters - Pressure to Get Covid Vaccination - Strict Enforcement to Conform to the Authorized, Standard Culture.

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Seasonal Affective Disorder

An Island Divided: Next Steps for Troubled Cyprus

Sweden's Experience As a Sexual Paradise

Sweden: Land of the Stay-At-Home Dad

ADHD medication collection among girls and boys (0-19 year olds) in Sweden over time

In Sweden, Men Can Have It All

14% young Europeans at risk of depression, Sweden tops the list

Sweden - Young men feel the most threatened by advances in women’s rights

Thousands Of Swedes Are Inserting Microchips Under Their Skin

Swedes are getting implants in their hands to replace cash, credit cards

A beautiful song from Northern Ghana

Donae'o - Party Hard | Official Music Video

Ayia Napa: where youngsters come ‘to do what they can’t do at home’

'It’s all about democracy': inside gender neutral schools in Sweden

1 week, 4 days ago

Culture Creation - Youth Follow the Stars - Behavior and Fashion Given to the Youth from the Top.

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1 week, 5 days ago

Twitter, Elon Musk - Sunrise Movement - Urban Alchemy - Signs of Decline into Third World Status - Lack of Decency and Respect - Thousands of Agencies Involved in Propaganda to Brainwash Us - Pentagon's Involvement with Movie Production - Sunstein's Nudge Units - Behavioural Insights Teams - CIA Involvement in Politics - The Left, Democrats and Labour have Completely Forgotten the Worker; All for the War Agenda - George Orwell, War is Meant to Go On and On; Very Profitable for Those Involved - Mass Surveillance - Fusion Centers - Routing Calls, Spying on the Public for Years - Special Interest Groups, e.g. Gender, Race, Turned Against Each Other While We are All Moved towards Austerity - Club of Rome, Maurice Strong on the Need to Bring in Austerity - Maurice Strong, Groomed by David Rockefeller - CFR, RIIA - Think-Tanks that Advise Government - Socialism - Soviet; Rule by Councils - Very Old Organization runs Central Banks, IMF, BIS, World Bank - Euthanasia - Homelessness and Winter Deaths in the UK - Some are More Equals than Others.

The Gang of Five - by Not Sure

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Neighbors raise concerns about mass tent site planned for Central Eastside

Urban Alchemy

S.F. looks to calm its streets with Urban Alchemy, a nonprofit that hires the formerly incarcerated. How is it going?

Liberal Billionaire George Soros Funds Movement to Rid El Paso of Reliable Energy

El Paso voters soundly reject Proposition K Climate Charter

Sunrise Movement

Momentum Community

Twitter Finally Agrees On Something: Hating Musk’s New CEO

Elon Musk Says Neuralink Is The Only Way To Survive And Compete With AI

Elon Musk says we need universal basic income because 'in the future, physical work will be a choice'

"It Scares Me To Death": More Ohio Families Turn To Food Banks Amid Cost-of-Living Crisis

Pope Francis Laments New Euthanasia Law in Portugal

Canada shouldn't deny assisted suicide if social conditions made life intolerable: bioethicists

2 weeks, 1 day ago

Thanks to 'world orders review' for sharing my video.

I got a bit of criticism for having the music too loud so this is a music volume reduced version.

This video doesn't even scratch the
surface of the life works of these two teachers....
but at least its something. A small introduction
for people who may not know their work..
Hope you enjoy it..

Look into Alan Watt's work at

This is a link to a good Krishnamurti talk..

All music on my channel is original
(apart from the odd video where I've
used well known music)..

2 weeks, 1 day ago

All countries use propaganda on their citizens to promote agendas, wars, et cetera. Each new generation receives an upgraded form of propaganda to confirm to times.

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The latest piece by Not Sure

2 weeks, 5 days ago

Maximum Chaos - Unspeakable Talking Points

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Art in European Parliament shows Jesus with gay 'sadomasochistic slaves,' sparking outrage

EU displays anti-Christian "artwork" in parliament

El Paso to issue new state of emergency as border facilities hit capacity ahead of Title 42 expiration

Liberal Billionaire George Soros Funds Movement to Rid El Paso of Reliable Energy

Neighbors raise concerns about mass tent site planned for Central Eastside

2 weeks, 5 days ago

1000 Points of Light - NGOs to Guide Society - Creation of New World Religion based on Ecology, Greening etc. - Eco-Fees (Tax) on Products - Communitarianism, "Stakeholders" and "Community" Councils - Common Purpose group, Training Future Leaders - Mandatory Community Meetings - "The Big Idea" and "The Big Society" - Redistribution of Wealth across the World - "Rich" Countries Pay for Coal-Fired Power Plants in China and India - Jacques Attali's book, "A Brief History of the Future" - Subjugation by Insurance Companies - Mass-Produced Surveillance Objects Network - Economy based on Fees and "Premiums" - Self-Monitoring for "Socially Necessary" Behaviors.

PHILANTHEFTIC: The Love of Getting Away with Theft - by Not Sure

Transcript - "Cutting Through the Matrix" with Alan Watt - "New World Order -- Communitarianism" - July 15, 2010

3 weeks, 1 day ago

AlanWattCTTM Channel Is Part Of The Problem, Not Solution
This was streamed Live on youtube then removed to protect my channel from strikes, as youtube has been censoring me and hitting me with bogus, anti freedom of speech strikes ontop of the shadowbanning of my channel (hiding my channel, content from people)
After removing the livestream on youtube I am now uploading it as a video here.

3 weeks, 3 days ago

Book of Ours, an Art Collaboration - Husband and Wife, JP and Julie - Commitment to Art and Creativity to Address Social Issues - Anarchy - Post-Left Anarchism - Communitarianism (versus Community) - Microsoft Justice Reform Initiative - Data Mining, Aggregation - Geofencing - Rockefeller's Resilient Cities - Opportunity Zones - Wraparound Programs, Lifelong Dependency on the System, the New Form of Slavery - Behavior Modification, "Nudging" - Sidewalk Spykit - Lifelong Learning - Quarantyranny - The New Constitution: Living War Crimes - The Creative and Artistic Process - Leaving San Francisco - Living by Intuition - Lateral Thinking - Gardening - Keeping Love for Humanity Alive.

Please Visit the Official Websites of Alan Watt

Creating a more equitable justice system

Neighborhood for Social Change



What Is an Opportunity Zone?

100 Resilient Cities

The New Model: Communitarianism

The New Model: Life Long Learning

Sidewalk Spykit

The New Model: Resilient Cities

The New Constitution: Living War Crimes


The Golden Age


The New Model: Globotics

The Reason Redux

Book of Ours email
[email protected]

Book of Ours Website

Book of Ours Patreon

Book of Ours YouTube

3 weeks, 4 days ago

Aldous Huxley, Suggestible People, E. Bernays, Mike Wallace - Pay with Our Tax Dollars for the Studies that Manipulate Us; Managed like Cattle; Behaviourists - Hundred Year Business Plans - British Empire and Banking System; America's Federal Reserve (Private Banks) - Reign of Terror on the Public - Part One, 9/11, The Towers; Part Two, The Corona - Lockdown, Herd Immunity - Problems with Testing - Vaccine Industry - Elimination of Privacy - UK, Bristol Hospital, Social Distancing - States can Mandate Vaccines - Tyrants, Depravity and Slaughter - We're in a Revolution NOW - WHO - Sustainability - Bill Gates - The Disgusting Way of the Elderly have Been Treated During this Pandemic is Pure Eugenics - Bioethics Committees - Gates, Reimagining Education - Television Series, Dad's Army; Rationing, "There's a War On, You Know" - Trump, Military will Be Used for Vaccinations - Eliminating Religion - Clapping for the NHS - Police - Jacques Ellul - Italian MP Sara Cunial wants Bill Gates Arrested in Italy for Crimes Against Humanity; Event 201 - GAVI Alliance - Follow the Stars - Censorship - Bertrand Russell - Scientific Tyranny will Be Brutal - Please visit www.cuttingthroughthematrix.com to Donate.

4 weeks, 1 day ago

False Realities - Do Your Decisions Matter? - Tucker Carlson Departure from Fox News, His Father a Journalist for Voice of America - Book, CIA and the Cultural Cold War - Embedded Journalists - Walter Cronkite, World Governance - Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. - JFK, RFK, Camelot - Election Fraud - Bezmenov, Demoralization - Elon Musk's Tesla, Partnership with CureVax to Create mRNA Vaccines.

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For more "Dynamic Independence" podcasts

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Redux 106 Excerpt from May 10, 2020 Blurb - Pandemrix Vaccine Damage from "Swine Flu" of Neil Ferguson, Tony Fauci - WHO Manifesto from 2020, Green, Sustainable - WEF's GULF, Authorized Voices Give Your Reality - Elon Musk Praises mRNA Vaccines - IBM Teams Up with Moderna on Use of AI for mRNA Vaccines - Next Step Being Rammed Through by the WEF, World Economic Forum - Prince-King-Charles - A Green World - Edward Bernays; Propaganda Runs the World - Fear and Terror - What has Happened is Criminal - New Normals - Agribusinesses Own Everything - Bertrand Russell, New Values; Changing the Meaning of Words - Masks, Social Distancing, Viruses - 60% of People are Highly Suggestible; 10-20% Need a Bit More Time to Bring them Around; Maybe 7% or Even Less Cannot Be Hypnotized; Aldous Huxley - The Art of Persuasion - Aiming Propaganda at Women Who Come to See the State as the Husband - Vaccines - Psychopaths - Thomas Malthus - TV Evangelist Techniques; Jimmy Swaggart - Scientific Socialism, Technocracy - League of Nations - United Nations - International Monetary Fund (IMF) - Austerity - Council on Foreign Relations - Royal Institute of International Affairs (Chatham House);
Carroll Quigley - Club of Rome, The Limits to Growth - Churchill, the Joke of Democracy - Authorized Media versus "Fake" News - Fauci's Association with Vaccine Companies, Big Pharma.

Please Visit Alan Watt's "Cutting Through the Matrix" Official Sites

Wait! There's More from Dr. WHO! - by Not Sure

Moderna Partners With IBM Hoping AI Can Help Develop More mRNA Medicine

How mRNA technology is on the cusp of transforming global health

Elon Musk Tweet about mRNA

Elon Musk shares details about Tesla’s mRNA microfactories for CureVac (Nov. 2020)

Strengthen ‘One Health approach’ to prevent future pandemics – WHO chief (2021)

Pandemrix vaccine: why was the public not told of early warning signs? (2018)

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update: FDA Authorizes Changes to Simplify Use of Bivalent mRNA COVID-19 Vaccines (Apr. 18, 2023)

HPV Vaccine Mandate to Attend College

1 month ago

Ken & Krissi and Their Family in Eastern Europe - Natural Childbirth - Growing Trend to C-Section - Bonding with Children, Cultural Traumas - Trivium Method of Learning - Pornographic Pop Culture - A More Natural Way for Children to Be Born, Play, Learn and Grow.

Please visit the official websites of Alan Watt "Cutting Through the Matrix"

Patrick Hernandez - Born to Be Alive - Official Video

Patrick Hernandez - Born To Be Alive (1979) - Extended Dance Version, Soul Train

Ultravox - White China

Caesarean section rates continue to rise, amid growing inequalities in access

Why the C-Section Rate Is So High - Doctors are generally paid quite a bit more for a C-section than for a vaginal birth.

Breastfeeding: how the biological norm became perceived as a modern day pressure


1 month, 1 week ago

This video doesn't even scratch the
surface of the life works of these two teachers....
but at least its something. A small introduction
for people who may not know their work..
Hope you enjoy it..

Look into Alan Watt's work at

This is a link to a good Krishnamurti talk..

All music on my channel is original
(apart from the odd video where I've
used well known music)..

1 month, 2 weeks ago

Aldous Huxley on Mike Wallace Show, Tavistock - People Will Come to Love Servitude - Herd Instinct - Youth Conform to What Those at the Top Tell Them is Hip and Cool - Protests Always Directed from the Top.

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2 months, 1 week ago

Alan Watt's Effect on Lives - Time - Does Time Go On Forever? - Walking the Walk - Secret Societies Down Through Time - Isis - The Pyramid - Symbols - Obelisk - Learning to Get Above the Fray to See the Big Picture - Culture Wars - Dividing Men and Men, Destruction of the Family Bond - Promotion of Sex and Drugs - Narcissism - Where Does the Time Go?, European Website Up and Running - Transcripts in New Languages to Come, Controllers - Professors of Ancient History - Culture Introduction - Formula, City-States - Standing Armies - Building Empires - System of World Government, Amalgamation of Security and Intelligence Forces - International Corporations - Customs and Duties - Taxation Systems, Middle Class Bureaucratic Families, Wage Slavery - Jobs for Life, War on the Public, Antagonistic Forces - Time at an Empire's End - Rome - Greece - Elevation of Sports - Pass-Times - Passing Time, Indoctrination - Religion of Self-Worship - Oblivious to Changes, Generation X, Bizarre Surrealism of Media.

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Latest Not Sure piece - Bankers All the Way Down:

2 months, 1 week ago

Betty was Born in 1929, Father Died in 1933 - Mother had Six Children Under the Age of 14 - The Depression - Garden, Cows Named Blackie and Suzie - Churning Butter - Chickens - Fruit Trees - Round Steak - Supplementing the Life Insurance Policy - The U.S. Dollar in 1933 and 2023 - Inflation - House and Car Prices - Mortgage - Property Taxes - Political Gangsters - The Truth About Government Services - Helping Family.

Please Visit the Official Websites of Alan Watt -- Cutting Through the Matrix

Cost of Goods the Year You Were Born

1930s Price Guide


2 months, 2 weeks ago

Local Police Receive DHS and Other National and International Funds, Grants and Equipment.

2 months, 2 weeks ago

Scotland the Brave - International Bagpipe Day - Alan Watt, Truth - Listening to Cutting Through the Matrix, Decision to Home School Children - Neil Foster, Reality
Bytes Radio, Interview with Alan Watt, Demonizing Other Cultures, Scotland, Deculturalization - Generalist versus Expert - How News is Presented - War - Ukraine, Same-Sex Marriage - Symbolism of Words - Soldiers Lost During War, Flowers - Rowdy Roddy Piper; Movie, They Live - The Corries, Flower of Scotland.

Visit and support the websites of Alan Watt:

Read the latest Not Sure:
Not Too Big to Fail - by Not Sure

Horror of the trenches returns to Europe

'It's like Verdun': The grinding battle for Ukraine's Bakhmut

Ukrainian MP on how the war in Ukraine has impacted women

2 months, 2 weeks ago

Life in Florida - Gardening - Covid and Training to Comply - Human Obedience Training, Angry North and Boris's Bitches - Getting a Patdown at the Airport - Phobias - Saying "No" - Hold on to Humanity - Facebook - Autistic Boy - Standing Up for Yourselves - Terrain, Germ Theory - Cryptocurrencies, World Economic Forum - Rationing Toilet Paper - Reality Bytes Radio - Fifteen Minute Cities - The Great Reset, book - Propaganda About Right-Wing Extremism - Rollout of 15-Minute Cities in Florida - Neil on Writing and Radio.

The New Concentration Camp is Here - The 15-Minute City Rollout has Begun

Your Government Loves You

Human Obedience Training by Angry North & Boris's Bitches

2 months, 2 weeks ago

Neil Foster - Born in Scotland, Father was Single Parent - Neil Sent to Catholic Boarding School, Education was Poor - Worked in Hospitality Industry - Studied Management at University - Grew Sick of the Apathy of Scottish People - Moved to Turkey, then Ireland, then Bulgaria - Worked in Bulgaria for Spanish Company FCC, on the Building of a Bridge - First Heard Alan Watt While on a Mountaintop in Bulgaria - Moved Back to Ireland, Started Writing for the Sovereign Independent Newspaper and Website - Lisbon Treaty; Voting Irregularities - Ireland,
Abortion, Immigration - Traveling, Learning Different Cultures - Hospitality of Bulgarians - Destruction of Cultures, European Union - Euro, Price Increases - Inflation - Soviet Era Engineering in Croatia, Serbia - Meeting Paula, Visa Problems in the U.S.; Forced Out for Three Years, Married in the Bahamas.

2 months, 2 weeks ago

Cloning - Brave New World - Letters of Aldous Huxley - Purpose Made People for Specific Tasks - 1984, The State Talks Directly to the Individual - Culture Creation - Sex, Drugs, Rock & Roll - Destruction of Bonding Between Men and Women.

2 months, 3 weeks ago

"Espiritu Resuelto," Resolute Spirit; Guitar - Remembering Alan - The Importance of Purpose and the Resolve to Commit to Your Purpose - Weston Gilson - Mike from Sweden - Shortcuts that Alan's Talks and Writing Provide - Keep Hold of Your Mind - Alan's Day in Town Where People Were in a Mental Funk - Chemspray and Technetronic Warfare - High Sciences of Perception Management - Brzezinski - Psychotronics, Computers Used to Pick Up On Your Electrical Impulses - Movie, Control Factor - Voice-to-Skull Technology - Television Flicker Rate - Changes in Your Environment to Change Your Behaviour - Going into a World of Rapid Changes - Modified Food, Inoculations - Huxley's Brave New World - Audacious Knights Conquering Nature - Charles Darwin, Selective Breeding - Grief.

Visit the official sites of Alan Watt/Cutting Through the Matrix:

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2 months, 3 weeks ago

Joe from Niagra Falls, Canada - Immigrant Parents - Father Contracted Polio as a Child - Discovering Alan Watt's Talks - Rick Simpson -
Growing Cannabis with Father, a Strong Influence and Support - Pressure from Employer to Get Covid Vaccine - Growing Garlic, Making Sourdough
Bread - Food Security - Trading with People - The Beginning of the Pandemic, Affects of Lockdown on Psyche - Scarcity of Decent Women -
Sex is a Powerful Drive - Lack of Emotional Support During Pandemic - Live-streaming Webcam Sites During Lockdown - The Positive Influence of
Joe's High School Girlfriend - Normalization and Mainstreaming of Internet Pornography During Covid - Research on Affects of Pornography -
Bond of the Family Unit - Christmas Day Windfall of Webcam Site Credits - Surveillance and Data Collection - Self-Cleaning Public Toilets -
Safe Shooting Up Sites for Heroin Addicts - Movie, Videodrome - Joe on Guitar - Baking and Gardening.

2 months, 3 weeks ago

In Memory of Alan Watt

"When you can break through this System with all of the sciences behind it and the Wisdom of the Ages that's meant to keep you in a mental straitjacket from birth 'til death -- When you've overcome that, you've overcome the world, and you can go on from there."
- Alan Watt

"This Is Your Brain on Music describes the components of music, such as timbre, rhythm, pitch, and harmony and ties them to neuroanatomy, neurochemistry, cognitive psychology, and evolution, while also making these topics accessible to nonexpert readers by avoiding the use of scientific jargon. One particular focus of the book is on cognitive models of categorization and expectation, and how music exploits these cognitive processes."


List of videos from this channel

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Thanks to VeritasUploads for this clip. You can subscribe to his or her channel here https://www.bitchute.com/channel/1xUQfHdDTWyi/ for lots more Alan Watt content.

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Go here for thousands of educational talks from the great man who passed away earlier this year http://cuttingthroughthematrix.com/

5 months ago

Secret societies, Skull & Bones , occult, freemasons, mind control, ancient history, awareness, illuminati.......

5 months ago