Alexander goes under various identities online stalking, doxing, impersonating and flagging YouTubers and Streamers down while trying to extort them for money, he was also involved targeting various content creators including (Dick Masterson, Justin Whang, Rusty Cage) *SCROLL DOWN FOR LINKS*

(Scroll down for info/links as he has tried to wipe these off the internet)
https://archive.is/64mpB (Old profile linking to Kirasan.net )
https://yiff.party/patreon/6371853 (Patreon)
https://archive.is/9XTAK (Impersonating me over Twitter)
https://archive.is/DjcrZ (Threatening bitwave.tv)
He likes to dress up like a little child (ageplay) and have sexual roleplay with children on Second Life and owned a website dedicated to shotacon and other creepy porn, he was also involved in stealing credit cards and skidding peoples accounts online, if you have anymore information feel free to contact me, he's an Australian in his 30's.

🌐Website: https://www.britbong.com (fixing atm)
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Seething sewer rat

Alexanderjapankid, superhound, australian.


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