We're off to another very cinematic and explosive start with Episode 3 of The AMC TC. Rather than diving in to the Golden Sang Arc straight away, Episode 3 instead gives us some answers as to how Episode 2 ended, and to where the core story is going to go.

This level shows off just how ridiculously huge a couple levels in this Episode will get, has some (as always) janky vehicle stuff, and has some outright gorgeous views if you've ever been interested in what a Cycloid planet looks like.

Apologies for not hanging around in the Interactive Intro to talk to the NPCs, but I've had to record this video *three* fucking times, due to completely re-doing OBS' settings in order to get a cleaner and more consistent picture (especially considering how BitChute's compression breaks stuff), and boosting the Gamma (OBS doesn't like giving any respect to in-game brightness settings in a lot of games). The original recording was so fucking bad and full of artifacting even at 1080p/8mb bitrate that I honestly couldn't justify to myself uploading a video that low quality.

00:19 -- Interactive Intro Start
03:07 -- Episode 3 Cutscene Start
06:14 -- Assault On X64-2 Cutscene Start
07:48 -- Mission Start
40:48 -- Mission End Cutscene


It bears disclosing that I haven't got to play all of Episode 3 through multiple times like I have with the other two Episodes, so I don't know too many secrets in these new story missions. I'll go out of my way to hunt down and catalogue anything I can, though.

11:55 -- Look around the large open area surrounding the Ventilation Hub: There's a short C-Shaped tunnel with two Chaingunners and some supplies, but outside of this tunnel there's a Health Amulet blatantly in the open.

22:36 -- I wasn't able to show them due to this video being a re-recording, but the first area you fall into in Part 2 is full of Grays (Roswell aliens). Talk to the one with a speech bubble over their head, and you'll be able to rescue all of the Grays in the room to be Scientists back at base.

26:20 -- The little shortcut space in between the two open areas has a handful of Octabrains chilling near your Slot 8 weapon, ammo for it, and a Portable Medkit.

27:08 -- Land on this island surrounded by HyperAcid to grab s 200 Armour pickup. Then hop over the river and check the "corners" below the tower containing the Blue Cycloid Keycard for a couple Slot 0 ammo pickups.

31:30 -- After crossing either of the two treadmill-like paths, take a hard left for more Slot 0 ammo.

31:49 -- In the following area, don't forget to load up in this huge ammo stockpile room.

1 month, 2 weeks ago

Capping off Episode 2 of The AMC TC as a whole, I've smushed the final two missions into a one-hour monolith of a video.

This time, we follow Micky as he goes through a gauntlet of references to the Total Recall movie, clearing out the Cohagen Mines and getting into the depths of the colony to turn on oxygen for the city.

After he succeeds, we swap back to James Stanfield one more time to explore the unregistered Space Station orbiting Mars.

00:18 -- Cohagen Mines Start

35:18 -- Cohagen Mines End Cutscene

37:05 -- Mars Space Station Start

46:47 -- Pre-Boss Cutscene

48:34 -- PATCOS Boss Fight

51:52 -- Escape Sequence Start

54:25 -- End of Mission Cutscene

55:50 -- End of Episode Report

There's only one secret that I know of in these levels, and it's just a Health Amulet, so I'm not going to bother going through the footage to get the Timestamp.

Also, I lament that I can't give more information on MJ12 and Magnus Giesler for flavour in this description: I've tried playing James Stanfield's other mods that give some context around his enemies, but sadly they pretty much refuse to run (I did almost get Imagination World 1 to work, but only the first mission was playable as it crashed any time I hit ESC, tried to save the game, or it had to show a loading screen for a new level, so I just gave up).

1 month, 3 weeks ago

In this, the second of three parts of the final mission(s) of AMC TC Episode 2, we follow James and Mikko. James heads to the Orbital Elevator to get himself up to an unknown space station orbiting mars, and Mikko heads through the nearby train terminal to arrive at the local news station where a hostage situation is ongoing.

02:32 -- End of Recap Transition, start of James' section

18:05 -- Start of Mikko's section


As far as I can remember, there aren't really any secrets or anything too hard to find in these two missions.

2 months ago

Time for the penultimate mission of Episode 2. The Arsia Mons colony on Mars sees a WHOLE BUNCH of action, and it demands the attention of FOUR of the AMC Team. Sang, Mikko, Micky, and James must all deal with the ongoing situation with the Paradigm Eschaton.

This mission is a big fucker, and yet another capstone set of levels that show off just what this team can pull off. So big that I'm going to split it into a few parts, which I'm sure you guys will understand seeing that this opening section is 40 minutes long.

Also, in other news, I have bought a new GPU just in time for the holidays. The GTX1650 isn't the be-all-end-all of GPUs, but it means that the stable of games I can record has increased SIGNIFICANTLY. Things that just outright weren't options for decent resolution videos before - ranging from Sekiro to STALKER Anomaly to RDR2 and plenty in between - are now on the table for shitposts or playthroughs. It also means I'm all set for playing Elden Ring and the ports of GoW Remake and Bloodborne and Ghost of Tsushima when those finally come out.

03:10 -- Mission Start

38:33 -- Transition Cinematic (Part 2's recording will start with this)


*03:59 -- A cliff to one side of the starting area has a nice spot for some rope. The rope can be found hidden behind a green dumpster just round the corner from an entrance to the HERBS store. At the bottom, you'll find an Iron Key. Hold on to this until later (30:30) to get a Megasphere and a Weapon Unlock. If I remember correctly, the key can be used elsewhere, but just nets you some ammo.

20:50 -- Once you have the environment suit and head into the radioactive area, take the first left you find to get a Megasphere. It might be a bit hard to see given the lighting of the whole area.

22:34 -- Use the dumpster behind the Billiards Bar to jump in a hole in the wall, and talk to the lady in a blue shirt with glasses. She'll hand you some C4, allowing you to explode your way into the porn shop and grab your H-Item (A Mirror Orb in Sang's case).

29:47 -- In the second section, enter the Barracks (red building, second floor) and clear the place out to find a little caged off area. Use the Iron Key from the beginning here, to get yourself a Megasphere and a Weapon Unlock for Mikko.

2 months ago

In this Mission, Mikko and Sang (unfortunately not playable here) go to check up on Mikko's newest.... "acquisition": A planet called Energeia, full of Mako energy and Materia crystals, and harboring George Costanza's dirty and deadly secret.

Seriously though, what the fuck is this entire level.

00:55 -- Intro Cutscene

02:40 -- Mission Start


05:27 -- There's a Fortune Cookie next to the landing pad.

15:52 -- To the left of where you fall out of the sewer pipe, there's a Health Amulet. If you miss the jump from the pipe, you can cross the islands the mercs are on to get there.

**20:20 -- A bundle of C4 (which I completely forgot to use) sits a short distance behind the Mech Suit you nick. Jump into the green river in this same area, duck under the water, and blow open a hole. This creates a shortcut backwards, but more importantly lets you get at a tiny spot to surface into a secret with the Mako Ring artifact.

2 months, 1 week ago

In this mission, James heads to another site where Cultists have moved in. This time though, it seems like they're after something hi-tech instead of something old and supernatural.... at least, at first.

Recording this Mission was a pain in the ass. In general I actually found it a bit easier than usual, but it had some serious bugs on this playthrough that pissed me off immensely. First and foremost was that the buttons to open up the Secret Mission didn't work (I went by memory first, then went to watch another video to be sure, then restarted the level and had it *still* not work).

I also experienced a new bug I've never had before, where trying to switch weapons too quickly was leaving me in a fucked up state unable to reload or swap to other weapons until I ran my ammunition dry. You can also see once or twice where enemies try to shoot me through walls. I don't think that caused a real problem this time, but it's an engine bug that annoys the shit out of me every time I see it.

Also some fucking around with Settings, because I had to reinstall Win10 and not everything is back the way it was, yet.

02:34 -- Far Mountain Reaches Start

22:53 -- The Lurking Fear Start

34:11 -- Dark Truths Start


**03:30 -- First Button to get to the secret level. Found right near the start, this is the most important, because if you miss it, you can't get back to it without cheats (as far as I know).

**12:45 -- Second Button for secret level.

**13:28 -- Location of the Door to the secret level passage. Make sure you go the right way, because I believe going the wrong way just sends you straight to Dark Truths. Also make sure you have all the resources you want from this map before continuing.

**14:11 -- Third Button. If you can even get to this button, you should've done everything necessary. NOTE: Due to a bug, this door wouldn't open (playing v3.6.5-x), so I had to use NoClip to get in.

18:48 -- The only other secret in the first of these levels: go up the ladder, onto the roof, and then descend into a trapdoor in the opposite corner to get to a secret with your Slot 8 and some ammo.

***23:32 -- Inside The Lurking Fear, through the very first door, remember to pick up the Weapon Unlock for Sang.

44:01 -- Not secrets exactly, but very easy to miss: When you're on the lower floor of Dark Truths, in the section with a T-Intersection containing your Slot 0 weapon in a blue cubby, remember to check the outside hallways for two other little cubbyholes you can open up for more ammo (44:55,45:07).

47:40 -- When grabbing the Yellow Keycard, remember to go 'use' the wall on the right-hand side of the room. 'Use' the wall on your left to get outside and grab some goodies.

***53:26 -- As you escape from Dark Truths through the Yellow Keycard door, remember to jump over the chain-link fence on your right. It has the UMP45 Weapon Unlock for James, and a Health Amulet.

2 months, 2 weeks ago

Uploading a day early, bite me. Just a short couple of levels to dig into before starting the monsters that are the final handful of Missions of Episode 2. Good thing I decided to record these, as Xuglop Train contains the Shovel that's required to get at a couple 'secrets' in other Missions.

00:53 -- Xuglop Train Start
06:00 -- EDF Base Repent Start

03:13 -- The Shovel is located in Xuglop Train, on the car immediately following the first closed cabin car, on top of a military crate.

16:55 -- Through the Blue Keycard door, there is a Weapon Unlock for Zaxtor, and a couple of Scientists to rescue.

2 months, 3 weeks ago

After returning from the Shadow Realm, James pulls out some more missions for the team. Since we're NOT DOING MADAGASCAR, we skip straight to Micky investigating the whereabouts of a Prototype Event Horizon styled EDF airship. To get to the flying fortress, he needs to get teleported there from an EDF base, which just so happens to be under attack.

NOTE: Due to some issues, both technical and my own dumbassness, I can't show a couple of Notables properly. Their Timestamps are marked with two asterisks ** to show they require careful reading if you're using this as a walkthrough.

00:33 -- Mission Start


01:50 -- At the end of the cell block there's a Mini-Shrinker. You don't need it for the broken doors in this area, so only grab it if you REAAAAALLY want it, since you can't come back here for it.

07:36 -- Go out the window to the right to reach a room separated from the ship by poison gas (08:22), with a switch that gains you your Slot 3, and access to the Engine Room from under the Ship.
Go out the window to the left instead to reach an actual secret(10:54), containing Super Armour and Slot 4 ammo, and gets you to the back of the ship quickly.

**11:40 -- In the Laboratory (Rear of the ship, East side, through the Firing Range) there's a Red Keycard, two researches, one bundle of C4, and a Weapon Unlock. One research and one Weapon Unlock are

*14:11 -- The second bundle of C4 is in the Garage(?), opposite side of the ship from the Lab. The more important thing in this room is the giant voxel Deck Gun, which you'll absolutely want. Flick the switch on the desk near the C4 to send it where it needs to be.

17:08 -- The Front-Western area of the ship is the Shower/Laundry/Locker Room. Find the darkened locker in here for the Gas Mask.

19:22 -- If you're stuck trying to get to the Second Floor, head to the Engine Room at the rear of the ship, and take the bright silver elevators up. In this Engine area you'll also find a fair amount of health in kits and wall-units, and your Slot 0. Up the elevators, each Sleeping Quarters has a side-room with weapons: your Slot 7 in one, and an MIA Gun in the other.

*20:40: -- Use the Red Keycard from the Lab on the hub's Second Floor. This gets you into the Cafeteria, where you'll find a Toolbox in the kitchen at the back.

**24:10 -- Next stop is the Blue Keycard. You have to head through the red sci-fi looking door on the hub's Third Floor West side, then take an immediate right through another identical door into the Recycling Room. The Blue Keycard's in the broken recycling tank right at the back.

26:04 -- There's a secret in the Third Floor of the Cafeteria, where you can break a fan vent to find some nightvision goggles.

**30:47 -- This one I forgot just due to incompetence: when you hit the Eye Button in the Abyssal room, remember to head to the back of the Offices - it unlocks the Captain's Quarters at the back where you get some Evidence and one of Micky's weapons.

*33:02 -- The Bronze Key (even though the sprite is very golden) is on the eastern side of the offices. Hop to the direct opposite side of the offices to use it and get the Yellow Keycard.

34:36 -- Before you kick off the final shitstorm, use the Zipline off the Western side of the upper deck. This will get you the last secret. Just make sure you let go of the Zipline with good timing. Also...

37:26 -- Turn on all the missile defense turrets on the main deck. They're not critical, but get the lengthy ending sequence over quicker.

3 months ago

Continuing from The Tower Of Life, our chosen Hero finds themselves in a vast plane of blue- and purple-tinged stone and a sea of green fire that stretches to the horizon. This is the Shadow Realm, where Shadow Beasts roam and Stamina is infinite. This level is extremely straight-forward: destroy full-body statues encircled by orbs of power; it restores your HP, removes the related orbs from the giant bust statues, and opens paths forward.

I literally only know of two "secrets" in this level:
At 08:36, walk atop the fortress wall to find a Fortune Cookie.
At 10:35, instead of proceeding up the elevator to the Boss, head around to the opposite side first to find Fire Armour and more Fortune Cookies.

11:27 -- Entering the final stretch
13:50 -- Ending Cutscenes

3 months, 1 week ago

Finally, back to a Mission in Episode 2 that I actually enjoy. The team heads to a temple called the Tower Of Life that's seen increased activity, trying to figure out where all the Shadow Beasts are coming from. I'm taking Merlijn on this one because frankly I don't use him as much as I should, and using him against all the melee enemies in this Mission and the next should be an interesting challenge.

This can be an extremely ruthless level the first time you play, and can be very confusing with how often you have to backtrack up and down floors. Levels that are this twisting and confusing are why I chose to start recording this series in the first place: to help people be less confused and frustrated in progression and help them keep up the fun and flow.

01:55 -- Mission Start


02:25 -- Right away, there's a "secret" on your left in the first room. Get rid of some vases to get access to a Zilla Launcher and a Heat Seeker card for it, and blow open the cracked wall in front of you.

05:22 -- Walk out this window to find a bit of Health, and a vine "ladder" that will lead you down and around the cliff to your Slot 5 weapon.

08:50 -- In the room with the first giant gong, there's a button on the side of a pillar. This opens a secret in the water under the monster-face button, giving you some Fire Armour and a Fortune Cookie. To progress, you must hit the gong and push the button.

*09:25 -- The room right next to where you enter the Second Floor is important: falling down the hole here leads you to the Bronze Key.

*12:50 -- From this patio-like area, follow the cliffs to the right and keep climbing upwards. You'll eventually find a short cave section that leads to a monster-face button. The other monster-face button is mere meters from the next transition door.

**14:30 - 14:50 -- Before you head back inside from the patio-like area on the Second floor, look further around. You'll see a Bhudda statue holding another gong. This one opens up the wall of green fire on the floor below, containing a weapon for Merlijn, and a new artifact - a book that allows you to "consume" grass sprites and some other plants for tiny amounts of HP.

*16:35 -- The Silver Key in this room needs to be taken back down to the Second Floor. It opens into a lava-themed area which contains a tiny platforming challenge for the Gold Key.

17:10 -- Explore the cliffside in the room with the L-Shaped body of water to find some primary ammunition for your Slot 7 Weapon.

*19:09 -- To get the Gold Key, being fast is critical. The middle platform sinks when you stand on it, so you need to jump to the high platform as fast as possible. Take it up to the Third Floor to open an ice-themed area for the Red key.

*22:12 -- The Red Key is used on the same floor it's acquired. The door is located in the same room that has the large L-shaped pool of water with a couple of bridges crossing it.

3 months, 2 weeks ago

In this Mission, the Squad heads towards the Island they saw marked on a map at the Yakuza's wharfside poker game. It turns out the island is some kind of nuclear facility, providing enough power to manufacture prototype Mechs.

This is another mission I dislike, although for different reasons than E2M3. I dislike it enough that I don't put effort into looking for secrets. In fact, I dislike it enough that I use Zaxtor for it, who I kinda consider the character for cheesing missions.

E2M4 isn't horrible exactly, but people who've played AMC TC probably noticed I went out of my way at the start of the last couple sessions to start earning Supplies from buying factories. That's because I don't find E2M4 to be very nicely balanced *without* getting that extra injection of ammunition from a Supply Drop (doubly so if like me you don't find the second, secret Blue Keycard to get at a supply stash). On top of that: it has not one, but TWO awful vehicle moments, the Bosses at the end have geometry problems (as you will see multiple times), it uses more quadrotor drones than I ever want to see again in a mission, and it enjoys making heaps of the level really really dark in terms of lighting.

This one's NOTABLES section will be short because I really don't feel like I want to put much effort into this level.
It does have a couple of redeeming features, like an interesting level layout and a very cool last few minutes, so it's still nowhere near as bad as the goddamn Madagascar levels.

01:59 -- Intro Cutscene
06:53 -- Mission Start
42:36 -- Outro Cutscene


07:43 -- Jump on top of the shack at the dock to find a Fortune Cookie
08:38 -- Behind the concrete barrier here, there's a battery for the Electricity mode of the riot shotgun you find in the shack at the start.
18:26 -- After destroying the first mechsuit using the Hovercraft or nearby DUP Missiles and Zilla Launcher, there is also a Toolbox on the floor. This opens the garage (seen at 11:18 with Blue Ninjas outside, just before the Hovercraft) which contains another Zilla Mini-Missile Launcher, a Heat Seeker card for it, and a Mini Nuke for it which can be used to essentially delete one of the two Bosses.
25:38 -- Head down this very long ladder to find a secret. From the bottom of the ladder, on your right past some ventilation fans will be your Slot 5 and some ammo, and a view of the starting dock. On your left you can jump up to the secret itself and get a spare Zilla Mini-Missile Launcher and some DUP Missiles for it that will be extremely useful against the Bosses.
30:50 - 31:03 -- After getting the Green Keycard, this is an easy shortcut back to where it's used.
32:55 -- When you get to the manufacturing factory area, make sure you take a look behind the big blue plastic curtains to grab the KSG Weapon Unlock for James.
36:55 -- Kinda easy to miss: the C4 to get into the pagoda at the end of the level sits on a tree stump near the back of this area.

3 months, 3 weeks ago

Unlocked in The Wharf by finding the floppy disk and the password for the computer at the construction site, Offshore Oil Rig is a nice little snack of a Mission that you can work in before E2M4, and probably should: destroying the two empty Mechs in this level prevents them from intervening when you take on the island full of Yakuza in M4. This is probably my fastest completion of this level, although knowing AMC TC I've probably not found all the secrets either.

01:22 -- Mission Start


02:13 -- The blue shipping containers ahead of the start point are vital for progression, usually by jumping in a broken window. However, if you use the scaffold fence, you can jump to the roof of the office building and enter the hatch seen at 02:25, which gets you into a secret with some cash, a bunch of health, and your Slot 3 weapon.

04:54 -- Hop from the rooftop to the enclosure around the flame vent pillar for a Heat Seeker card for the Zilla Mini Missile Launcher (found in the office building).

06:45 -- Unmarked secret: Hop on top of the outside ledge (surrounding where you got the Blue Keycard) and jump over the fence onto the big yellow turbine. Behind it on the ground are some underbarrel grenades.

08:48 -- One of the C4 charges is on the absolute furthest floating platform under the oil rig. The jumps here can be annoying when being shot at, but if you can manage to jump over the waves, you should reach the two ninjas before they can whittle away too much HP.

10:25 -- When you enter the final room: Remember to grab the C4 charge from the table and the weapon unlock for Zaxtor. Spamming through Liz's dialogue will kick you back to the AMC Base so ensure you've destroyed the Mechs first.

4 months ago

In this Mission, the Squad follows up on the lead the local Police sent to them at the end of the last level: there's been a lot of mafia activity at a nearby Wharf - but the cops forgot to mention all the voxelized drones and Shadow Realm monsters. Before he leaves the AMC Base, Geoffrey quickly throws some funds at a Dojo to teach the team new skills, including the "Ninja Roll" that can be just as much of a liability as a boon.

This is probably one of the only levels I dislike in AMC TC. It's not fantastically long, but the opening is incredibly stingy on resources, and there's a fair amount of motorcycle usage which - as you'll see - can be a goddamn nightmare. I always forget secrets in this level because I don't enjoy replaying it and I honestly just want to get the fucking thing over and done, but I show the most important one which unlocks the Bonus Mission, Offshore Oil Rig.

04:07 -- Mission Start


04:54 -- Use the cash register in the fishing shop on the First Wharf to open a secret behind you with some Slot 6 ammo and a Fortune Cookie

08:23 -- If you brought a Shrinker to this mission, there's two things to do in the Women's Restroom. Shrink yourself and go into the occupied stall to have the game justifiably call you a perv (and most likely die from un-shrinking underneath a 'low ceiling'), and to use the tiny vent in the corner to get around the door with wall-mines outside.

14:13 -- In the room with the Silver Key and a trap, open the wall behind the left-hand bonsai tree. There is a fortune cookie, and if you follow it around, you can collect the Mini-nuke from inside the shark tank.

**18:20 -- Grab the Red Keycard from beyond the lake behind the shrine. Take this back to the garages near the power station, and you'll discover a Floppy Disk. Then head to the Construction Site, grab the computer password from the dumpster near the port-a-loo, and enter the construction site office with both. Use the password and floppy on the PC to print out an Evidence Document that unlocks the Offshore Oil Rig mission for James.

21:25 -- The Toolbox for the Power Station is at the very top of the Construction Site. Beware the drones that spawn in once you hit the top tier.

29:10 -- Remember to head upstairs in the building that I'm fairly certain is meant to be a brothel of some kind (has two giant pairs of neon lips as a sign over the door). It's not a secret, but the window at the back could be easily missed, which leads to the Purple Keycard necessary to finish the level.

33:14 -- Head around to the left of the Second Wharf, all the way to the end, and jump up the wooden boxes for a secret on the roof.

34:43 -- Head under water at the Second Wharf and search along the Eastern Wall. You'll discover a passage into a spa of some kind. It contains your H-Item, an unlock for the Automatic Crossbow for James, a window can be jumped out of to find some Slot 9 ammo, and finally there's a secret-within-a-secret inside the spa pools (35:11) that gives you another Mini-nuke.

4 months, 1 week ago

In this Mission, a member of the Squad stops in to Hong Kong to begin investigating their next lead. Crime syndicates are starting to make noticeable moves, and the reasons for their uptick in activity should be found.

00:08 -- Mission Cutscene
01:08 -- Mission Start


02:08 -- Grab the barrel near the start and use it to hop up to the Bhudda statue. A secret behind a badly aligned wall gives you your Slot 7 weapon and some alternate ammo for it.

*02:25 -- Destroy the crack in the wall, jump to the sloped roof, and head all the way to the top for an extremely long secret. It eventually leads to some goodies and the Green Keycard (03:28) which you need later in this mission to unlock the Secret Mission.

05:25 -- Destroy the wall behind the Bhudda statue for a secret containing your Slot 4, some ammo, basic armour, a little bit of cash, and a Portable Medkit.

06:48 -- Carry the barrel from the start of the level (or jump across the trees) to use as a leg-up to the roof of the laundry. A riot shotgun is up here, and depending on your character, the skylight can allow you to deal with the syndicate guys inside extremely easily. You can also cross the wire supporting the hanging lanterns at 08:14 to access a 'secret' room with a fancy chair and a crack in the wall I entirely forgot to blow open.

09:27 -- The farthest side of the furthest bed in this room has a switch, opening a secret with a Zilla launcher, heat-seeker card, and a mini-nuke.

10:34 -- If you brought the Mini-Shrinker into this mission with you, you can use it on the mirror after hitting the vent on the wall to access your Slot 0 weapon.

*11:23 -- Just beyond the Blue Keycard door is the Green Keycard fence. Go through the fence for a walk in the sewers to find a room with nightvision, a fortune cookie, and basic armor. Blow open the wall behind the barrels in here to get to yet another secret, this time a Syndicate meeting inside a restaurant. Collect the Floppy Disc in the pentagram (12:40) and check the far end of the room for ammo and an unlockable weapon for James.

**13:25 -- The first door on your left when you get back from the secret sewers has the PC you need to use to unlock the Hidden Dojo mission. Grab the User/Pass Evidence from the opposite table, log in, use the disk, and use the PC again once the screen changes. When the printer finishes, grab the Evidence to unlock the secret mission.

4 months, 2 weeks ago

Episode 2 gets off to a high-powered start: A new team member introduced, a Cycloid Invasion, and a giant sprawling high-effort pair of levels that show off the best and worst of what AMC TC can offer. Huge battles, grating sound effects, freedom of movement and completion, and terrible vehicles. Just as it should be. There's no timestamps for the second map, because it's extremely linear and I dont think it contains any secrets or unlockables whatsoever.

00:07 - Episode Intro
04:43 - Mission Intro
06:05 - Mission Start

~~NOTABLE SECRETS AND ITEMS (Most important marked with a '+')~~

06:39 - 06:43 -- Health Amulet

09:33 -- Easy-to-miss Health Charging Station near your Slot 3 weapon

19:00 -- Easy-to-miss Portable Medkit next to a Slot 1 weapon, next to the Bank, not far from the EDF base in the pub in the NW corner of the map

21:49 -- Impossible-to-miss secret in Theatre 1 with ammo for the Slot 8 weapon you probably just picked up

22:57 -- Use the shadow on the wall in the projection room to open a secret with a Slot 6 weapon and an Armour pickup

23:04 -- Easy-to-miss explodable wall that leads to a secret on the Theatre wall with your character's H-Item

23:49 -- Alleyway that leads to the back-entrance of the comic book store. A Health Amulet can be found inside. This route also saves you from expending your Toolbox to get into the store.

+24:27 -- Red Cycloid Keycard on the store counter. 1 of 4 needed to open the door seen at 18:20

+26:45 -- The roof of the EDF temporary base in the NW has several notable items: Two ammo boxes can be dropped to the ground below if you intend to use the minigun turret. The Gray Keycard that opens the bank across the street sits here. Finally, a large green weapons crate has your Slot 5 weapon + ammo, some underbarrel grenades, and some shotgun Flechette ammo.

30:52 -- Upstairs in the Bank, use the Scan function of your PDA to see what the combination is for this door. Inside are 3 vaults, filled with huge amounts of cash which will give you ridiculous Funds at the end of the mission. One vault also contains your Slot 8 weapon, and another has some Slot 9 ammo.

+31:57 -- the Blue Cycloid Keycard sits on the Bank Manager's desk on the second floor (2/4). Be careful, as collecting it spawns Fat Commanders outside the window.

+33:52 -- The Toolbox is sits behind a broken down red car, in the Southern-most part of the map. It can be used to open the front door of the Comic Book store (in the north-central part of the map), but unless you're playing as Mickey who can re-use Toolboxes, it's advised you instead open the Maintenance Tunnel.

34:32 - 34:42 -- How to get to the rear entrance of the Maintenance Tunnel. This can also be opened from the "front", immediately near the where you fought the Battlelord and pig cops after leaving the Supermarket. This secret contains a Portable Medkit.

40:00 -- A Portable Medkit sits in the tiny room behind the curtain of the stripper pole/runway.

+40:30 -- the Yellow Cycloid Keycard is on the table in the locker room of the Strip Club (3/4).

41:51 -- The entrance to the Shrunk section of this Mission. Literally around the corner from the Giant Battlelord fight and a door to the Maintenance Tunnel. Open the vent in the wall and hop in.

++42:25 - 42:52 -- Use this 'giant' computer to unlock a Side Mission for James. Firstly, stand on the mouse to click it and wake the PC up. Hop to the nearby paper shredder (take care not to fall in the shredder blades) to grab the password. Then jump back to the keyboard and Use it to open the Evidence and unlock the side mission.

43:56 -- Impossible-to-miss, a rope sits next to a pair of EDF agents. This is used shortly at 47:23 to safely rappel down to an Enforcer Shotgun (Slot 1), Explosive Ammo for shotguns, and an unlockable gun for Zaxtor.

+49:55 -- the Yellow Cycloid Keycard (4/4) sits directly next to the C4 you need to get back outside. Once you've got all 4 Cycloid Keycards, you're now ready to return to the door seen at 18:20 to finish this map and play the very linear ending section.

4 months, 3 weeks ago

Continuing the final story Mission of Episode 1: "The Men Who Were AMC", Sang has been captured and must escape. Not too difficult, but that's still far from the end of this story, which gets a whole lot worse before he and James are finally heading away from this haunted mountain town. Many people died here, and their souls create a source of power that the magically inclined can exploit for terrible purposes.

00:25 -- End of Recap
01:38 -- End of Part 2 Intro
28:30 - 29:45 -- Sang repeatedly getting his shit kicked in near the end of the level
32:22 -- Good Ending Cutscene
33:51 -- Episode 1 Debrief
36:18 -- Episode 1 Credits


01:52 -- Now that you're playing as Sang again, grab the Crossbow and bolts from the table. You can get along without it, but the silver bolts it comes with are a godsend for dealing with the supernatural floating mages in this area quickly, and normal bolts ignore the armour that Purple Cultists wear.

03:25 -- The Spider Key can sometimes be easy to miss because of this area's lighting. The key sits directly in the middle of the stage, and is used in the room where Sang was captured previously.

03:54 -- The lamp you can see on this ledge telegraphs a secret. You can access this area without dragging any items around by doing a Super Mario 64 styled wall-kick-jump off the opposite wall. It has your Slot 7 weapon.

06:00 -- At this T-Intersection, beware the Cultists that attack you from the left, but head to the right to collect the second generic Key that unlocks the weapon James couldn't take earlier. Sang MUST pass by those doors in order to catch up with James.

07:34 -- Beyond this Blood Sigil is a semi-point-of-no-return. grab whatever gun(s) you want Sang to have from the locked doors, and grab any healing items you might've missed. Sang will return here, unlike James, but there will be more Cultists and it'll be easier if you only have to focus on clearing a path to the surface.


After this, there's not much to explore or any secrets that I can think of. It's pretty hardcore combat until the end.

During the Boss Fight, killing the special Cultists will eventually remove the Shield protecting the Sorceress. Whether or not you do this is up to you: leaving them alive will allow them to attack you, but her being vulnerable allows you to hit her with the MIA Gun, while also risking killing her and getting the "Bad" ending. There are multiple methods to damage the Boss aside from shooting it, including boulders hidden above the arena itself, and stalactites on the ceiling. But if you're looking to get the Good Ending to this mission, at least one of those options risks killing the Sorceress.

Try to keep at least a couple of explosives for James, as he has a brief few seconds of gameplay just as the mission is about to end.


Next time, we begin The AMC TC Episode 2: "Hong Kong Showdown". Things only get more brutal and more bombastic from here. Levels get bigger, enemies get more tricky, and the secrets start getting really weird.

4 months, 4 weeks ago

Grinding EDF missions so that I can make some money for buying airports and factories in Episode 2.
In the space of 10 seconds, I went from a cartwheeling grenade-dunking badass, to a colossal dumbass.

5 months, 2 weeks ago

Amisia Erdehn wants new colors of blood to paint with, so some seadweller tricked her into leaving Alternia and going out into space where there are lots of nasty monsters that have no respect for her position on the hemospectrum. Looks like it might be her turn to be brutally culled this time. Better hope she ends up feeling sorry for her morbid past back home.

There are quite a few things shown in this video, like certain mods I came across called Complex Doom Cluster and AMC TC. Look for the still images while watching it to find out more. Amisia Erdehn, of course, is from Hiveswap.

You can download the crude Amisia Erdehn player skin shown in this video from here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1swZ-NhjAoniBWEEpChLem_c1eIpC-8fV/view?usp=sharing

1 year, 4 months ago

To celebrate the fact that I got Xion (my gaming PC) back I made this video. You can find out more information while you are watching it. You can also call it my first attempt at creating motion blur within Olive Video Editor (it's very crude.) My little experiment didn't turn out too good despite the time that it took to do it.

1 year, 10 months ago

The credits are in the video itself. :) AMC TC's Polymost update came out recently, so here is a video to show how happy that makes me. :)

Moved from YouTube... Had to be re-uploaded...

2 years ago

You can call this my first attempt at a meme. E:-P This shows what happens if you try to play AMC TC with Polymost (and Polymer.) E:-(

Moved from YouTube...

2 years ago