‘A Bilionária Corrupta’ é um documentário da BBC que mostra como a família de Isabel dos Santos roubou o povo e os recursos naturais de Angola, tornando-a na mulher mais rica de África.

Foi obviamente ignorado pela comunicação social portuguesa.

45 anos depois da independência, Angola é hoje um dos países mais pobres do planeta.

Leaked documents reveal how an impoverished country was corruptly exploited by its former ruling family. Reporter Richard Bilton uncovers the dubious contracts and loans that were used to get hold of some of the country's most valuable assets. He then follows the money trail back to the UK and discovers how one of the suspicious deals was run from an office in central London.

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Clip from the CNN Cold War series (1998), wich chronicles what happened in Angola after the Portuguese pulled out in 74 and the CIA went in with help of South Africa to enflame the existing civil against Soviet and Cuban backed forces.

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Edited extract from CNN Cold War series 1998.

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During Portuguese rule, starting in 1961, Angola had an unofficial local anthem, entitled “Angola é nossa” (“Angola is ours”), used as a march by the Portuguese troops in Angola, it was not performed after independence negotiations were started in 1974, and a different anthem, “Angola Avante” was adopted upon independence from Portugal.

There has been a commission appointed to study any possible changes needed in Angola’s national symbols (there are references in the national anthem to important dates and events for the previous sole ruling party, made obsolete after multi-party elections were declared).

(description c/o nationalanthems.info)

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The blacks outnumbered the Portuguese 26:1 in Angola. By the end of the brutal year of 1961, for every 1 white who had been killed, the whites killed 24 blacks!

Northern Angola turned into a "human desert" as the Portuguese killed and chased the blacks out of their territory.

All the whites of southern Africa benefited from the extreme fight the Portuguese put up. They hurt the blacks to such a degree that the blacks quickly changed their tactics from all-out attacks, to hit-and-run attacks - which, technically, are the only attacks they use against whites to this day.

This is the most detailed information that I can gather at the moment, regarding the most intense fighting that ever took place between blacks and whites in southern Africa. This is the most brutal racial conflict that probably has ever occurred between blacks and whites. The cruelty and brutality of what the blacks did to the whites, is beyond belief. However, the vast majority of whites were NOT intimidated by this and they fought back against the blacks.

In this video I begin by taking a look more closely at how the Portuguese system actually worked towards the blacks. Despite the propaganda, it still favoured whites very much.

In the fighting that took place initially, it was white civilians who fought the black military forces. These Portuguese civilians gave an incredible account of themselves. They were exceptionally outraged at the way the blacks had attacked them without warning, and the savagery of the attacks.

It were these white civilians who not only stood up to the blacks but who began slaughtering them in reprisals for what they did to men, women and children. The whites were not cruel. The whites just settled down to the business of killing. Eventually the government had to stop the white militias because they were getting out of control with the non-stop slaughtering of the blacks!

The Portuguese army and air force and the PIDE (the state security Police) also got down to killing. The Portuguese went and massacred entire villages of blacks, and bombed them. Civilians, PIDE and troops dealt the blacks blows.

The Portuguese even killed white Christian priests who had been teaching the blacks, and they set fire to their churches, such was the anger at what had happened.

In this video we study, in as much detail as possible, the consequences of this, the most brutal racial conflict that ever took place between blacks and whites. I discuss important lessons whites can learn from it, many of which, we will revisit in the future as we explore strategies and tactics by which whites in the future can win racial conflicts against blacks.

My website is: http://historyreviewed.com

You can find ALL my videos on my website.

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White settlers in Angola demanding quicker evacuation in rally outside United States embassy (1978)

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JB Campbell (A Crippled Eagle) & Jan Lamprecht discuss the hideous behavior of the British and Americans towards the whites of Rhodesia. We discuss the Portuguese colonies and what contact he had with them. We discuss the Portuguese and Greeks in southern Africa. The greatest cruelty practiced against any whites in southern Africa was what happened to the Portuguese. The Portuguese never intended giving up any territory in southern Africa. I give background regarding the anti-white actions of Britain and also the Carnegie plan to have America attack the Boers and bomb the whites of South Africa. In other words, the USA had a plan, the same as they’ve carried out in Iraq to come and destroy the Boers.
--Jan Lamprecht

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1982 documentary by Al J. Venter and VH Film Productions for SABC TV on the SADF's war in Angola.
Many Angolan Portuguese moved to Rhodesia after the war there.

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The film includes footage of the Zanzibar revolution, which included the massacre of 1964, which claimed the lives of approximately 5,000 Arabs (estimates range up to 20,000 in the aftermath), as well as of the aftermath of the Mau Mau Uprising in Kenya.
It also shows a little about the Congo, Tanzania, Nigeria, Angola, Sudan and SA

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