This is my journey reading some more of this bullshit

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Communism by any other name still smells like shit

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He gives examples of why he doesn’t like it and how it is a one way street. Not my video or thoughts. Totally His.

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I saw this in a bookstore and had to make fun of it. Please don't read either book to your children. Original: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qw3DjP7HSts

Also, don't be racist!

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20 years ago after the Battle of Seattle and all the successes that was achieved vs the wto, g8, g7, IMF is the reason that there is NO freedom of speech on the internet.
The legal system and political system went insane after the battle AND then the 'incident' in NY that allowed fascism everywhere and "the Patriot act" in THE USA ended the USA as YOU Americans knew it.

JOIN RISE of the NEW ALLIES and we can make Europe a European only continent again.

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The black teenage murderers of Mohammed Anwar get ZERO jail time. There has become a total "anti-racist" double standard in the treatment of black people in our society today and the longer and deeper that it goes the stronger the backlash will be to it which will result in further racial division as one side, perhaps rightfully, sees itself treated unfairly.

#MohammedAnwar #Antiracism #racialrelations
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Did you know that public libraries are just full of white supremacist ideas? Of course you didn't, because it's patently untrue. But because my mother is a public librarian, I often troll her by sending her articles like this one. Drawing on the knowledge I have from her stories and my own lifelong experience as both a library power user and library volunteer, I explain why this article (which is written by a true believer in the antiracist religion) is straight up nonsense.

The article: https://web.archive.org/web/20200803203846/https://bookriot.com/dismantling-white-supremacy-in-public-libraries/

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Anti-racism + White Fragility + Anti-Fragility = Anti White People

White Fragility + Anti-Fragility = Anti-White.

Anti-racism = zero. What anti-racism literally means is lack of racism. Something that is anti-racist is by definition is not racist. It would be like inventing a new number that holds an abstract value within the decimal system. It is a concept linguistically that cannot exist. ‘Anti-racism’ in terms of the value components of words does not exist. Anti-racism literally means that there is no racism. You assign a value to a ‘null’ to invent something out of thin air by constructing a word with no real meaning. Anti-racism would suppose that you oppose racism, the effect, however, is to assign a value of racism by simply not allowing you to say that you are not racist. ‘You are racist and you prove that you are not by fighting it - which in effect is admitting that you are racist because you are fighting it and if you do not fight it, that is further proof that you are.’ The Salem Witch trials.

1. You are a racist 2. Defending yourself against false accusations is your ‘white fragility’ and 3. Anti-fragility = you just have to get over the fact that life is not fair because you were born racist. Inequity - ‘unfair’ - inequity is the battle cry of people who are being completely unfair claiming that the system you built is unfair to them - the system in which they have refused to participate.

One of many little ‘slip-ups’ in the construction of the narrative - ‘bias training’ for police officers should be called anti-bias training. However, it teaches police officers that they are biased. It does not teach them to be anti-biased. It teaches them that they are biased.

‘Reimagining’ is not really a word. You imagine - not reimagine. Reimagine to the Left replaced Obama’s - fundamentally transforming America.

They just keep changing the words. They used to call this inclusivity and talk about disparity. But again - disparity is not a negative word. Disparity describes the ‘difference’ between two things that has nothing to do with what they now call equity - which means ‘fair’ not equal. There is nothing about any of this that is ‘fair’ or even slightly justifiable on any level.

Grow up black people and take responsibility for your actions and your behavior and stop blaming other people for your own behavior. You are mentally unfit if you do that.

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I discuss John McWhorter's ideas about anti-racism as a religion and share a related story from a favorite hobby of mine: partner dancing. Wokeness has entered certain dance scenes, and it's spreading all the time. This took place last summer after the death of George Floyd and the resurgence of BLM activism.

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The opening clip is from the 1946 film, "A Matter of Life and Death" which gives the idea of a fairly mainstream perspective on Heaven for that time period, a vision of Heaven where everyone has a distinct cultural identity and a Heavenly council would care quite a bit about a romantic relationship being people of "good stock" same race, and even same nationality preferred, viewing relationships of people too distant nationally or racially as questionable. However, this movie is still for non-white immigration for America, so while in 1946 Western viewers could accept some amount of American immigration propaganda, they did not think that Heaven would be particularly open to mixed relationships. Learning about that pro-immigration stance though I did find that one of the main people working on the movie was a Hungarian Jew. Anyways, more a view of where Western audiences were largely thinking about Heaven back then. How about now? Seems that as Christianity goes through constant changes, pushed by political forces, that the moral expectations of Christianity change. So are we sure about the antiracist expectations of Heaven? I for one would say these expectations, as they are understood today, are not reasonable for history, for modern nations outside of the West, or in scripture.

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note from 0110 the audio is sometimes difficult to hear due to wind roar on the Mic.

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The City of Seattle held a racially segregated employee training session
aimed at White staffers and instructing them on "undoing your own
whiteness" in order to be held accountable by people of color, according to
documents obtained by a public records request.
The session took place on June 12, as protesters took part in the so-called
"Capitol Hill Organized Protest" in the Capitol Hill district.
One handout distributed in the session declared how “racism is not our fault
but we are responsible." Another said White staffers must give up “the land”
and their “guaranteed physical safety” in order to be an “accomplice” for
racial justice.
Christopher F. Rufo, an editor for City Journal and director of the Discovery
Institute’s Center on Wealth and Poverty, said he filed a public records
request regarding the training session. On Monday, he published copies of the
materials distributed to employees in the session on his Twitter account.
The Discovery Institute has since shared copies of the documents obtained
from the City of Seattle with Fox News.
According to the documents, the Office of Civil Rights hosted a two-and-ahalf-
hour “Training on Internalized Racial Superiority for White People.”
In the email invitation to the event, the office asked “city employees who
identify as white to join this training to learn, reflect, challenge ourselves,
and build skills and relationships that help us show up more fully as allies
and accomplices for racial justice.”
“We’ll examine our complicity in the system of white supremacy – how we
internalize and reinforce it – and begin to cultivate practices that enable us to
interrupt racism in ways to be accountable to Black, Indigenous and People
of Color (BIPOC) folks within our community,” the email invitation said.
The name of the initial sender was redacted. Rufo claimed, “the City of
Seattle has refused to provide the names of the diversity trainers, the budget
for the program, or the video of the session.”
“I'm going to keep pushing—because this is exactly the kind of thoughtpolicing
they want to implement everywhere,” Rufo tweeted. “The new
cultural revolution is being fought via corporate HR, city diversity training,
and public school curriculums. When you find something like this in your
community, expose it, criticize it, mock it, and reject it.”
"It's a dark irony that the City of Seattle's Office of Civil Rights would host
racially segregated training sessions and demand that its white employees
give up their 'physical safety' and 'white normative behavior,’” Rufo added in
a statement to Fox News.
“This new racial orthodoxy is now sweeping through local government,
schools, and corporate HR departments, and threatens to undermine the
American idea of equality under the law. The City of Seattle should
immediately launch an investigation into this practice, change its policy on
race-segregated training sessions, and abandon the cult-like ideology of
'critical race theory.'"
Those who attended the session were shown handouts, including one that
encouraged them to cultivate “networks with other white people who are
practicing antiracist accomplicehood so you can talk through your struggles
in the work of undoing your own whiteness.”
Diversity trainers instructed White employees in “practicing self-talk that
affirms our complicity in racism.”
“Racism is not our fault but we are responsible,” one bullet point declared.
In order to be considered “accomplices,” White employees must give up
“comfort,” “guaranteed physical safety,” “expectations or presumptions of
emotional safety,” “control over other people and over the land,” and
“relationships with some other white people.”
White employees were also urged to give up “niceties from neighbors and
colleagues,” “the certainty of your job,” and “accepting jobs and promotions
when we are not qualified, including racial equity jobs.”
Employees were presented with a flowchart that demonstrated how “white
people keep the system going” by being socialized “to cause harm to POC,”
“justify why we are superior and have been wronged by POC,” “use anger,
self-righteousness and defensiveness [to] mask fear, shame, or guilt,” “show
up small and inauthentic,” and finally are “unable to imagine a way forward
that comes from a place of humanity,” thus reinforcing the status quo.

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Anti-racism or communism? - JF Gariépy TPS #665

•Feb 9, 2020

Based and beautiful

Original video by Jean-François Gariépy on The Public Space:
Individualism and The Western Liberal Tradition | TPS #665
A review of Kevin MacDonald's masterpiece.

JF on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCuoFIyMX7PmlwwdmpXfyeNA

JF's book: The Revolutionary Phenotype: The amazing story of how life begins and how it ends




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White Rabbit Radio originally produced the thought provoking video "Anti Racist Hitler" which put direct quotations from Barbara Specter, a Jewish advocate for European multiculturalism, in Hitler's mouth as he advocates multiculturalism for Israel. This version combines most of the White Rabbit video with Specter's actual interview, adding greater punch to the message. It has even more relevance now with the current wave of Syrian refugees arriving in Europe, fleeing the war that the US and Israel are using to destroy their country.

2 years, 2 months ago

Election candidates sign up to ENAR's "Anti-Racism Election Protocol"

Since 2001, candidates in every local, general and European election are asked by the Irish division of the European Network Against Racism (an umbrella organisation for 87 anti-racism organisations in Ireland) to sign up to the "Anti-Racism Election Protocol".

The protocol requires candidates:

* To send a consistent and clear message to my constituents that I reject racism and all forms of discrimination and hate speech.

* To condemn any campaign materials or statements that may incite hatred or express prejudice on the grounds of ‘race’, colour, nationality or origin, ethnic background, religious belief, or membership of the Traveller Community.

* To guarantee that when engaging in ongoing debate in relation to groups which are the potential targets of racism, including asylum seekers, refugees, migrants, people of African or Asian origin, people of Jewish faith, Muslims, Roma and Travellers, my contribution to such debate is conducted in a responsible way and with respect for the dignity and rights of all members of the human race.

* To use appropriate and inclusive language and words when referring to people of different ethnic and religious backgrounds, in order to avoid stereotyping, prejudice or confusion.

* To endeavour to use images in my election material that reflects the diversity of our society.

* To inform all of my political campaigners about the intent and contents of this Protocol.

* To inform my/our constituents that I have signed up to this Protocol and endorse the No Hate Speech Movement.



2 years, 8 months ago

Irish mammy tells anti-racism mob to get out of Roosky

Niamh Kiernan verbally confronted the activists who descended on Roosky on Sunday to hold an anti-racism rally in response to two alleged arson attacks on the Shannon Key West Hotel which was earmarked by the Irish government to accommodate 80 asylum seekers without any consultation given to Roosky residents. The hotel is the only one in the village. Liah Doherty from Roscommon and Leitrim against racism had organised the anti-racism rally which was almost completely unsupported by locals.

Kiernan told the crowd: "We don't want the likes of you coming around blackening our area."

The rally was well attended by the national media.

No national media was given when Roosky locals hung posters from the hotel in protest at the government's plan.



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The unseen and intentionally ignored side of the Third Reich
DARE TO KNOW --- https://blacknazis.wordpress.com/ --- https://theothernazis.wordpress.com/
--- http://www.ihr.org/jhr/v03/v03p441_Degrelle.html --- SAPERE AUDE
Music: Third Reich from the Sun by Hanzel und Gretyl

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