BLM Activist Promotes looting and arson. Says we are in a revolution and they need to get blood on their hands. To everyone watching this: Understand these are the modern day Bolsheviks. BLM is being used for a Marxist Revolution. Not the blueprint lower class "uniting" against the system. They tried that. (Occupy Wall St) Doesn't work in America. So now they are uniting the minorities against the white population. A race war instead of a class war.

The black speaker even spells it out, calling this a revolution Yea it is, a Marxist Revolution. If they knew the truth they would be uniting against the Jews who control the system. Instead the system is uniting the minorities and pinning the blame on the white population. Anyone, White, Black, Asian, Mexican, participating in this, is participating in their own suicide and the destruction of their own country. And anyone not fighting it is part of the problem.

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The subhuman jew and their anti white agenda in the United States of Israel is infecting the country in millions of ways. This is one example.

📝Do NOT miss this: The NOT so chosen people explains how they've lied about being the chosen people: https://www.bitchute.com/video/czdjuJKABseQ/

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Ecce Lux on massive societal change being the result of narrative and psychology.

From the February 8, 2020 episode of TAP:

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