Who is that star that is shining in the sky each night I'm having a look at my window? Apophis? If it is, the big RESET of this earth is coming. We are stars and we all shine on. We simply have forgotten it.

Fair use music: Instant Karma! by John Lennon and Wandering Star by Portishead

2 months ago

Qui est cette étoile qui brille dans le ciel à chaque soir que je jette un coup d’œil par la fenêtre? Apophis? Si c'est bien elle, le grand «RESET» ou réinitialisation de la terre s'en vient. Nous sommes des étoiles nous aussi et nous brillons tous et toutes. Nous l'avons simplement oublié.

Musique «fair use»: Instant Karma! par John Lennon et Wandering Star par Portishead

2 months ago

This video highlights some of the main prophecies and predictions that 'Billy' Meier shares with us as a result of his conversations with the Plejaren people. This can be of help when choosing where to live and how we can best prepare ourselves for the challenges of the coming times. Topics include: global warming, overpopulation, rising sea levels, storm intensification, the La Palma mega tsunami, the 'Big One' - the San Andreas fault, the Apophis Asteroid, urban living and electrosmog, etc.

As of December 31, 2019, at midnight CET the population on our planet was exactly 9,060,794,141 or an increase of 106,942,723 over the past year!
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