Searching for Bodies (12/4/02) - When Rick's body begins to fail him, he calls Dave looking for a new one. But someone else is looking for a body as well...

Rick, Portal's body-swapping Spiritual Advisor, is having problems with his current form and wants to move. But he's not the only one looking for a body...

Also in this episode:
--Sports commentator Howell Cossard returns to announce a very important fight
--Sergeant Moe Tuesday is once again on the case
--The Drifter makes a terrifying discovery in Asheron's Call 2

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The swamps of Asheron's Call.

8 months ago

Asheron's Call (5/8/02) - Dave enters Asheron's Call, the story of a mighty sword and sorcery kingdom besieged by inter-dimensional monsters! He and Val will also bring you updates on all the online worlds.

We take a look at Asheron's Call, where a single spell that went horribly wrong nearly destroyed the world of Dereth. It's up to you and a few thousand of your best online friends to save the kingdom. Dave and Val also reveal secret locales in Anarchy Online, and introduce Star Wars Galaxies.

8 months ago

Hey guys, Xhodan here with another video on Asheron's Call. Asheron's Call or AC for short was shut down last year in 2017. This footage of a private server my friend Zeme and I decided to check things out since we've never played the game but heard of a server that would allow us to play. Don't forget to smash that like button on this video and subscribe so you can get notified when my videos go up. And like always please leave a comment to let us you what you thought.

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A couple of quests available to new arrivals on Dereth.
Thanks to the Fizzle folks for putting this server together.

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