Illegals are now being openly bused across Mexico using air-conditioned, public buses (nearly) to the US Border area, according to the is Univision Noticias report from 9/19/21. They are made to walk that last stretch so that the public and media do not see them drive up to the border in the buses. It makes people think that they walked all the way from southern Mexico, when they actually bought a ticked and took a bus most of the way to the border.

Normally, they are smuggled by Coyotes working for the cartels, typically in the unventilated containers on freight trucks. Mexico has many military checkpoints on the highways. They normally do not allow people to pass, who do not have visas and are trying to reach the US border to cross illegally.

There have been many thousands of Haitians recently gathering at Mexico's southern border, futilely trying to obtain legitimate visas for refugees, so they could cross Mexico. They haven't been getting them, probably because they don't qualify and they don't have the money to buy a fake visa from a corrupt official. Recently, there have been a number of riots and confrontations between the Haitians and Mexican police.

Apparently Mexico, just decided to let them go and gave orders to allow them pass through the checkpoints. Probably, someone had to pay the cartels, who control the area a fee for this. This is a big part of their smuggling business and the cartels don't allow people to cross for free, if they can prevent it.

It is also organized by some group, such as a nonprofit, or the Haitians would not be coming in large groups on buses and would not all be crossing in the same place on the Mexican border.

Who would be surprised if Biden and his DHS Chief, open-borders radical, Alejandro Mayorkas approved this operation? They essentially invite illegals to come in their public statements.

As stated in the video a few of these Haitians are being flow back to Haiti. The bulk of them are, however, being flown in Coast Guard transport planes to other cities along the border for processing, where most of them will likely be released into the US.

6 days, 21 hours ago

The Bangles: Venus
Fifth Dimension: Age Of Aquarius/Let The Sun Shine In

2 weeks, 2 days ago

Most are too blind to see, but here on Freedom on Deck, we cannot unsee that the turmoil created in the Middle East by the global left has always been to justify the relocation of millions to America, and to the West in general. Call truth to power with guests Paul Sutcliff and Erik Finman.
Our live shows can be heard every Sunday from 3 to 5 PM EST on local radio FM station Fox News 94.9 WJJF - covering Connecticut, Rode Island and Long Island, NY. Listen live from http://freedomondeck.com/ - and find the archives there and on most video platforms, and on Spotify!
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You would never believe who is Australia's most wanted criminal right now. It's not a murderer, or rapist, or pedophile. No, it's a man who left his apartment while sick and sneezed in an elevator by himself.
In other news, teens are being arrested for gathering on a beach, construction sites are shut down for not having the appropriate COVID paperwork and a rugby player was arrested for driving outside his designated zone.
Prayers for the prison colony formerly known as Australia,

1 month ago

Our band performs one of my favourite songs of thiers.

1 month, 3 weeks ago

The Biden administration has tasked six humanitarian groups with recommending which migrants should be allowed into the US to pursue asylum as it faces mounting pressure to lift public health rules that barred people from seeking protection

3 months, 3 weeks ago

The Biden administration’s decision to honour Black Lives Matter by flying the “divisive” group’s flag at embassies around the world is evidence the “lunatics are running the asylum,” according to Sky News host Rita Panahi.

“This is a divisive, anti-capitalist, anti-police group who were behind a summer of violence in America, and elsewhere in the world, where we saw upwards of $2 billion worth of property damage, we saw hundreds of people bashed, we saw more than 20 people killed in these violent riots and looting,” she said.

“Now they’re being honoured by having their flag flown at embassies around the world.

“What is going on with the Biden administration? The lunatics are running the asylum.”

Secretary of State Antony Blinken authorised US embassies abroad to fly the BLM flag on the anniversary of George Floyd’s death, on 25 May, 2020, and beyond, according to a memo.

“Posts are strongly encouraged to make full use of Department and Interagency tools and resources to promote policy objectives to advance racial equity and support for underserved communities throughout the year,” the memo said.

4 months ago

Its hard to stay sane in a crazy world

4 months, 3 weeks ago

Yep! It's a crazy world out there... and it's getting crazier by the day...maybe it's time to think about flying over that cuckoo's nest very soon! With my guest star as usual Amaterasu Solar!

6 months ago

The U.S. government next week will begin to gradually process thousands of asylum seekers forced to wait in Mexico under a controversial program put in place by former President Donald Trump

7 months, 2 weeks ago

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A senior "rescue worker" from the controversial White Helmets has been given refuge in Germany along with his family, the German foreign ministry told AFP on 8 December 2020. Kevork Almassian hosts independent investigative journalist Vanessa Beeley and discusses with her the controversial organization and the asylum of some of their members to different European countries.
Source: Syriana Analysis

9 months, 1 week ago

Swedish girl sexually attacked by immigrants! (2016)


9 months, 2 weeks ago

Hi gh guys!!! Here in America we got the Army general not a doctor claiming to wish to act like one for one day. A very smart Britain. A very smart Canadian. And ofcourse General Bane!!! Remember everyone, the UN only controls some mindspace right now, FIGHT BACK!!!
Semper Fi
Real Neo


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Audio #mp3 can be found here: https://archive.org/details/theparanormiespresent-season5/S5E32+-+Asylums+and+Sanitariums.mp3
Bitchute #Video Playlist https://www.bitchute.com/playlist/3JsDxsoXFiFh/
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From Arkham (The Batman Universe), to Briar Ridge (The Green Mile), to Smith's Grove Warren County Sanitarium (Halloween), to Eichen House (Teen Wolf), movies and other forms of entertainment have based their fictional mental institutions on real places. Real scary places like Danvers State Hospital, The Athens Mental Hospital, The Ladd School, The Buffalo State Asylum, and perhaps the most haunted place on earth, Waverly Hills Sanitorium. Bradshaw is back this week, joining the goys as they take a trip through American asylums , and they have questions. Who started this whole thing? What is a bat wing hospital? What is hydrotherapy? Who invented the lobotomy, why, and are they still being performed? Are there ties to alphabet organization secret studies and experiments: ie MKUltra? Why did they go away and do we still need them? Get /comfy/ and let's find out!
Music Break: Fritter (Stella's Home), by Skinny Puppy
Creepypasta: Waking Nightmare, read by Jack Hoffmen

11 months ago

Asylum Seeker Machete Attack in Germany Kills One, Two Injured (2016)


1 year, 3 months ago

Bulelani Mfaco from the the Movement of Asylum Seekers in Ireland (MASI) has told the Kildare Today Show on KFM that despite Ireland being in the middle of an epidemic with enormous challenges facing the government and the tax payers of Ireland, asylum seekers should be moved to public housing instead of being housed in Direct Provision Centres.

Nick Henderson, Chief Executive Officer of the Irish Refugee Council also previously stated that the Direct Provision system was not working and a portion of social housing stock should be dedicated to asylum seekers in Ireland.


Roughly one in ten asylum seekers have been successful in their asylum claims since 2008 in Ireland but the ESRI reported that 80% of deportation orders against failed asylum seekers are never implemented. 40% of people in Direct Provision in 2016 had deportation orders.

hat-tip to @comhradublin on Dublin for finding the clip:

Broadcast: Kildare Topay | KfM | 28 Apr 2020

1 year, 5 months ago

Radio Kerry heard from two TDs that the HSE recommended against moving asylum seekers to Caherciveen in the Covid-19 lockdown despite the official narrative from the Dept of Justice that they have worked closely with the HSE in accommodating asylum seekers and that they worked with the HSE's national social inclusion team in establishing the direct provision centre in Caherciveen.

Sinn Féin TD Pa Daly said that when the move was made, the HSE in fact had reservations about the centre. When asked why that information had not been provided to Radio Kerry by the HSE, Daly responded that the HSE don't run the centre and it's difficult to get that information.

Fianna Fáil TD also told Radio Kerry that the HSE expressed serious reservation about the centre being set up and it ran against their wisdom and advice to the Dept of Justice. She wanted to know who was going to take responsibility for the "litany of mistakes that have been made".

Broadcast: Radio Kerry | 28 Apr 2020

1 year, 5 months ago

The bullshit is everywhere, all around us, it can come from our thoughts even if we are believing that they are true and that we try to convince others that we are right. The world has become a crazy «Cocoa Puffs» asylum. Thanks «Globalist» for the social chaos you have created by your bullshit in social medias. The social media parasites are the derivatives from all the bullshit.

Music free of copyright «Microchip» by Jason Farnham: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7G_G-CW34xE

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~ From the Vanishing America album
~ Pictures have been sourced via the Internet. Should any picture belong to you, if you would like it removed, please contact me.

Other songs also by Joshua Kadison which will be available on this channel include:
- Carousel Horses
- Do You Know How Beautiful You Are?
- Don Quixote Rides Again
- Job
- Paris
- Scenes From a Tattoo Parlor
- When A Woman Cries
- Wild Angel

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This video was originally uploaded to YouTube on:
Jun 8, 2012
It's now been uploaded to this site as a backup.

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First Safe Port, Asylum Is Not Immigrating By Choice. FULL STORY HERE: https://www.4cmitv.com/2019/07/19/2019-jul-19-trumps-new-asylum-rules-gutfeld/

1 year, 9 months ago

(1) Batman Arkham Asylum #M1820TG #BatmanArkhamAsylum
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Hey everyone, Thanks for watching the video.


1 year, 10 months ago


1 year, 11 months ago

Suicidal asylum built on Native American burial grounds with nothing but bad karma for the inbreds that work there.

Suicide that happened in the Anoka Lunatic Asylum:

1 year, 11 months ago

Italian man loses it as he investigates what's in the trash in front of an asylum center

Italian pensioners & poor families go hungry because they don't get enough help from the state but when it comes to asylum seekers..

#italy #salvini #asylum #italian #european #europe #matteo #leganord


1 year, 11 months ago

Excerpts of Seán Deegan appearing on a RTÉ Prime Time documentary that examined the direct provision system back in 2015. Deegan explained why he rejected 498 out of 500 asylum claims elsewhere to RTÉ on radio with Joe Duffy:

Top 5 countries of origin for asylum seekers to End November 2018:
Georgia (380)
Albania (330)
Syria (322)
Zimbabwe (226)
Pakistan (218)
(Source: Reception & Integration Agency)

Both Georgia and Albania are regarded as "safe countries of origin" by the Department of Justice:

"Ireland refuses asylum to 90pc of applicants" (But most are never deported)

In January, 2018, the Irish Independent reported of an alleged, undeclared scheme being operated by the immigration authorities allowing failed asylum seekers without a criminal record and who had been in Ireland for five years or more, to stay. Legal professionals working on asylum cases referred to this scheme as the "scheme that doesn’t exist".

If an asylum seeker has their application for refugee status rejected, they can appeal the decision. If an asylum seeker does not qualify to be a refugee but is at risk of serious harm if sent home, they may be given a status called "Subsidiary Protection" (SP).

An asylum seeker can apply for SP at the same time they apply for asylum. The application for SP will be reviewed if they are refused refugee status. A negative determination in regard to an application for SP can be appealed to the International Protection Appeals Tribunal.

If an asylum seeker does not qualify for refugee status or for SP, they may be given permission to stay in Ireland for humanitarian or other reasons. This is called "Permission to Remain". As someone with Permission to Remain they will be given many of the same rights as an Irish citizen.

"The asylum system in Ireland"

Áine ní Chonaill on direct provision and subsidiary protection:

"Housing crisis means it's boom time for operators of direct provision centres"

"Payments to private Direct Provision firms rise to €72m after 18% increase in asylum seekers"

From 2000 - 2015, State paid €1bn to private operators to run DP centres for asylum seekers:

"State asylum cases earned ex-minister's wife €1m":

"Ex-justice minister behind direct provision system to interview refugees":


orlared bitchute: https://www.bitchute.com/channel/orlared/

Bitchute: https://www.bitchute.com/channel/bigtaboo/

Email: [email protected]

1 year, 11 months ago

Graham pushes for asylum law change to stem border crisis


2 years, 1 month ago

CNN's Zakaria admits Trump was right about asylum crisis

CNN's Fareed Zakaria said it "pains" him to admit Presiden Trump was right.


2 years, 2 months ago

'Kisyombe not legally obligated to answer questions over the veracity of her asylum story to voters' (Ireland)

Social Democrats Councillor Gary Gannon who is Ellie Kisyombe's running mate in the upcoming local elections has told The Tonight Show that Kisyombe is not legally obligated to answer questions about the veracity of her asylum story to voters.

Kisyombe failed her asylum but has been appealing the decision causing a lengthy stay in Direct Provision. Last year, the Irish Independent revealed that government has an undeclared scheme allowing failed asylum seekers without a criminal record to remain in Ireland if they've been here for over five years but it is not known why Kisyombe has not been eligible for the scheme.

Kisyombe has called for an end to the Direct Provision system where asylum seekers are housed in hotels and other buildings around the country while their claim is processed. They are allowed to work if they have received no response to their claim after nine months. Consequently very few are entitled to work.

In Direct Provision, asylum seekers have all their meals prepared for them and this March their monthly allowance will be raised to €38.80 for adults and €29.80 for Children. The Refugee Council of Ireland also calls for an end to the Direct Provision system and wants a portion of social housing stock dedicated to asylum seekers.

Up until 2017 approximately 10% of asylum seekers were successful in their asylum application but the ESRI has revealed that 80% of deportation orders against failed asylum seekers are never implemented.

Last week Mark Tighe writing for the Sunday Times has revealed that Kisyombe attempted to claim asylum in the UK in 2011 before being transferred back to Ireland, where she already had a student visa. Tighe also revealed that in 2014, Kisyombe was arrested and placed in detention in the UK on suspicion of illegal entry. This resulted in a second request by UK authorities to have her removed to Ireland.

The exposé in the Sunday came under criticism from ENAR (European Network Against Racism) who called it "unsympatethic" and criticised the photograph chosen to accompany the report because Kisyombe was not smiling in it.

The exposé came after Matt Cooper pressed her on asylum claim in an interview where she admitted her asylum application was rejected and she was appealing the decision.

Three members of the Social Democrats board have resigned in response to co-leaders Catherine Murphy and Róisín Shortall writing to the national executive and expressed concern at the allegation that there may be some inaccuracies in Kisyombe's back story. The national executive subsequently met and has decided to carry out a review.

In the aftermath Gary Gannon posted on twitter:

"The Dublin Central branch of the Social Democrats have today reiterated their full support for their selected candidate for the North Inner City Ward in the 2019 Local Elections"

Kisyombe told the Irish Times that she did not wish to comment on the controversy.

Broadcast: The Tonight Show | Virgin Media One | 26 Feb 2019



2 years, 6 months ago

ENAR upset over "unsympathetic" exposé on rejected asylum seeker Ellie Kisyombe in The Times (Ireland)

An exposé in the Sunday Times on Social Democrat candidate Ellie Kisyombe has come under criticism from the European Network Against Racism.

Ellie Kisyombe's campaign to become a councillor in north inner city Dublin has been promoted widely across the media. She was interviewed on Today FM and RTÉ and was featured in both the Irish Times and Independent. Her image has also been projected onto the GPO.

As previously highlighted on this channel, after a soft interview with Ray D'Arcy, it was Matt Cooper who first got her to admit that she has failed her asylum claim but has been appealing the decision and this is why she has been in Direct Provision for eight years.



2 years, 7 months ago

Far-right rhetoric online blamed for second arson attack at asylum hotel in Roosky

Leah Doherty from Roscommon Against Racism blamed far-right rhetoric online in part for the second arson attack on the Shannon Key West hotel in Roosky. The hotel has been earmarked to accept 80 asylum seekers although locals in the village were never consulted about the deal. She also blamed the government.

"So I mean, I do blame the government on this and I do blame far-right groups that we see emerging online and on our streets for this and I do believe their rhetoric is fueling this sort of racism and very public figures speaking online who are fueling this racism. I do blame the government. Direct Provision must end"

Up until 2017, approximately 10% of all asylum claims were granted in Ireland but the ESRI revealed that 80% of deportation orders against failed asylum seekers were never implemented.

Doherty called for an end to the Direct Provision system in which asylum seekers are housed in hotels and similar buildings until their asylum claim has been granted. The average length of time an asylum seeker spends in Direct Provision until they receive a response to their application is nine months. Often when asylum seekers fail their claim, they appeal which causes lengthy stays.

Nick Henderson, the CEO of the Irish Refugee Council wants a portion of social housing stock dedicated to asylum seekers.



2 years, 7 months ago

Social Democrats candidate Ellie Kisyombe admits she failed her asylum claim and has been appealing (Ireland)

Social Democrats candidate Ellie Kisyombe who is running in the upcoming council elections in Dublin city has admitted to Matt Cooper that she has failed her asylum claim at least once but has been appealing the decision, as the media continues to promote her campaign to be elected as councillor.

Approximately 10% of all asylum claims have been granted in Ireland up until 2017 but according to the ESRI, 80% of deportation orders on failed asylum seekers are never implemented. When the IPO (International Protection Office) took over the asylum process in 2017 from ORAC, the percentage of applications approved jumped to 75% according to Eurostat.

Matt Cooper first asked her Why she wanted to be a city councillor. She replied:

"I think it's time. Actually with what I've done I feel like I've achieved so much by standing up and you know with the work that I've done. Also I've lived here thinking that I might not go to Malawi, going to live here so I'm a part of the community and the way the Irish communities decided that despite legally that I'm still in this system I've been embraced I feel this is home so I think despite the hard situation I feel like I've achieved a lot and I feel this is home so I think that's something that also makes me want to do what I'm doing at the moment."

Asked how can someone be in Direct Provision for a period of ten years, she answered:

"[Coughs] ehm, it's the system. I can't say why is that for me. I don't know. Maybe my mouth has contributed to that which is something that maybe is speculation but it's a very complicated system and that's how it ca..."

Kisyombe said she arrived in Ireland in 2010 or 2011.

Asked why she came to Ireland from Malawi she said:

"Ah, I didn't actually choose to come to Ireland like coming to Ireland but that was the easiest way for me to get here with the situation that I was in in Malawi and the people that were helping me to organise the journey at the time, Ireland was Malawi visa free and not only visa free but I was in a situation whereby I had to leave Malawi because I've lost many people in...some of my friend died so I could have died so it wasn't like going to Ireland, Germany or Switzerland but you know, it was Ireland but at that time I didn't know much of Republic. I knew much of Northern Ireland which because of the story of Northern Ireland but I didn't know much of Republic of Ireland but you know when you are looking for safety, I don't think you have a second guess or a second think about where you want to go as long as you get there."

Copper put it to her that he believed asylum seekers in the EU had to claim asylum in the first country they arrived in. She replied:

"So there is a flight straight to Ireland. The flight that I took, the first European country was Ireland. So the only stop-over was Ethiopia. So from Ethiopia you are in transit and the second country to arrive is Ireland."

However, there were no direct flights to Ireland from Ethiopia in 2010 or 2011 but Cooper did not question her further on this issue.

Asked why she had to leave Malawi, she said:

"I'm coming from a very strong political background. I myself have been involved into politics, activism and as you can see I've lived here, I'm a very opinionated person, you know so in Malawi actually it's a big problem and I could have lose life. People have lose life through that and at least I'm here in Ireland and I can continue to to talk and speak up and standing up for the things.... "

Cooper wondered when she thought she was going to leave Direct Provision and what has been happening that she hasn't had her status sorted out. She replied:

"I mean that's what I'm waiting for. No, I'm waiting for and I'm still going to be the person I am. I said I live through this moment. I don't know what's going on. I don't know what I'll get tomorrow but you know this is me...."

Cooper interrupted and asked her had she actually sat down for interviews with the Department of Justice. She responded:

"Yeah I have, I have sat down through interviews and my case is still ongoing so I can't talk much about that. I don't know what they're thinking but I'm here talking and they can listen..."

Cooper pressed her and asked had she at any stage been rejected and appealed or anything like that. She replied:

"Yeah, I have. Of course the first time I have rejected and then I appealed so you know it's now the waiting game so that's how it is."

"Also if I'm going to join Social Democrats, I think I'll be part of the solution so we sit down and make policies for people like me to not get stuck in this situation."

Broadcast: Today FM | 01 Jan 2019

2 years, 7 months ago

RTÉ promotes rejected asylum seeker and Social Democrat candidate running for election in Dublin (Ireland)

RTÉ's Ray D'Arcy invited Ellie Kisyombe onto his show to discuss her candidacy for councillor in Dublin city (LE19) for the Social Democrats in the upcoming council elections in May.

Kisyombe says she fled from Malawi and has been living in Ireland's Direct Provision system for almost a decade.

Since 2004, asylum seekers in Ireland have been allowed to vote and run in local council elections. The first day they were allowed to vote was the same day the Irish public voted to remove birth right citizenship from the constitution as too many pregnant asylum seekers were flying into Dublin in order to gain citizenship for their children and maternity hospitals had begged the government to do something.

Kisyombe says it's good that she can run in council elections as that will be a start and "you never know what will happen next". She says she was born into a very political family in Malawi and lost many members of her family which was "some of the reason they made me flee there".



2 years, 7 months ago

RTÉ ignore local concerns and validity of asylum claims in report on Lesbos migrant camp

RTÉ's Ray D'Arcy invited Ellie Kisyombe onto his show to discuss her candidacy for councillor in Dublin city (LE19) for the Social Democrats in the upcoming council elections in May.

Kisyombe says she fled from Malawi and has been living in Ireland's Direct Provision system for almost a decade.

Since 2004, asylum seekers in Ireland have been allowed to vote and run in local council elections. The first day they were allowed to vote was the same day the Irish public voted to remove birth right citizenship from the constitution as too many pregnant asylum seekers were flying into Dublin in order to gain citizenship for their children and maternity hospitals had begged the government to do something.

roadcast: RTÉ | The Ray D'Arcy Show | 29 Jan 2019



2 years, 7 months ago

Roosky fire: Locals thought asylum deal was off but Charlie Flanagan disagrees (Ireland)

Roosky locals who were interviewed for Shannonside radio this morning told the radio station that they believed the deal to house asylum seekers at the Shannon Key West hotel with the Department of Justice was off. A fire at the hotel last night was believed to have been started by arsonists.

But Charlie Flanagan told Newstalk that final preparations were being made to house 80 asylum seekers in the hotel.

Paradub, a group who have been locked in a legal battle to purchase the hotel from owner James Kiernan, had agreed to honour the one year asylum contract with the Department of Justice as part of the settlement.

An announcement was made just before Christmas that a deal had been agreed between Paradub and the hotel owner for the sale of the vacant property to Paradub but locals were unaware that the hotel would still be used to house asylum seekers for a year.

Broadcast: Shannonside: Breakfast with James King | 11 Jan 2018



2 years, 8 months ago

Roosky locals react to fire at asylum hotel: The government needs to start listening (Ireland)

Texts from locals in Roosky were read out on Shannonside's Joe Finnegan Show reacting to the fire at the hotel which was earmarked to accept 80 asylum seekers while residents were kept in the dark.

"Charlie Flanagan and the government now needs to start listening to locals in Roosky. We do not want 80 refugee families in our little village."

"If the government won’t listen to the people, then we are obliged to DO something to make them listen. It's time for people to wake up."

"Our village hasn’t got the resources for ourselves, never mind anyone else."

Broadcast: Shannonside | The Joe Finnegan Show | 11 Jan 2018


2 years, 8 months ago

Fire at Shannon Key West hotel in Roosky, earmarked for an asylum centre (Ireland)

Newstalk's Barry Whyte said emergency services were at the scene of a fire at the Shannon Key West hotel in Roosky, Rosscommon. He said it was not clear how much damage had been caused. The hotel was earmarked to accommodate 80 asylum seekers but a legal case with a company who wanted to purchase the hotel had stalled the deal.



2 years, 8 months ago

Ireland's controversial asylum seeker accommodation system, Direct Provision, has been back in the news recently. New centres are being opened across the country in remote, rural areas, pitting local people against the government and the centre operators. In this video we explore what Direct Provision is, who is running it, the bigger context in which it exists, and explore some reasons why so many people across the political spectrum aren't happy with it.

Please keep all comments respectful. All content used here is for the purposes of commentary and criticism (fair use). This video is not intended to endorse any political groups or to cause offence.


Like, share and subscribe for more videos soon.

Transcript and sources: https://parsethenoise.wordpress.com/2018/12/28/irelands-asylum-debacle/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/parsethenoise
Bitchute: https://www.bitchute.com/parsethenoise
Minds: https://www.minds.com/parsethenoise

2 years, 9 months ago

Prime Time: Why are people opposed to asylum centres in their communities? (Ireland)


2 years, 9 months ago

This is the RT take on the recent news from Denmark to open a detention center on an Island 1km north of the mainland.

Another great example of a debate between a liberal and an informed person.

The hilarious moment the liberal comments on the story quoting Sweden not realising obviously that it not the same place.


2 years, 9 months ago

Brick hurled through car window of security guard at Moville hotel earmarked for asylum centre (Ireland)

A brick was hurled through the car window of a security guard who was hired at the Caiseal Mara hotel in Moville, Donegal which was burned in an arson attack in November. The hotel had been earmarked to become a Direct Provision centre to accommodate 100 asylum seekers in the town this week but those plans have been postponed.

The man wasn’t injured in the incident, which happened on Foyle Street at around 8 o’clock last night according to gardaí.

Senator Pádraig Mac Lochlainn said the Department of Justice headed by Minister David Stanton had to take some responsibility for failing to consult with the community over the plans for their town.

He said: "There is real anger in the area at the way that people were treated by the Department of justice. They just strolled in and announced that one hundred people were coming to a small town like Moville."

Fine Gael Councillor, Bernard McGuinness said that the people of Moville should have been consulted before the announcement was made. He added that a small number of people have been housed in the area before and the transition was successful for all those concerned.

Approximately 90% of asylum seekers fail their claim in Ireland but according to an ESRI report, 80% of deportation orders are not implemented on those who do. The Direct Provision system and the legal costs of asylum seekers cost the state €700 million over a five year span.

Broadcast: Nine til Noon Show with Greg Hughes | Highland Radio | 07 December 2018



2 years, 9 months ago

Roberto Flotte aka aNakay or Pitaya Queen brings his group of LGBT "asylum seekers" all the way to the US border as they chant for the dissolution of the United States as a sovereign nation.

2 years, 9 months ago

The logistics involved with moving the caravan of thousands of "asylum seekers" across the vast, mountainous territory of Mexico is costing somebody millions of dollars. The transportation of food, water, medicine and services that are being provided for the members of the caravan is being delivered by an army of trucks, with everything necessary to keep this enormous group moving forward for over a thousand miles.
As can be seen in this video, the Mexican government has been sending police to escort the dozens of buses and trucks that are ferrying the migrants and supplies along the route to the next destination. Ever-present among the thousands of migrants are helpers from Pueblo Sin Fronteras ("People Without Borders"), the organization that appears to be the most closely involved in organizing and mobilizing this caravan. The mission of this organization, according to their website is "To build solidarity bridges among peoples and turn down border walls imposed by greed."
Pueblo Sin Fronteras is associated with other Chicago-based extreme-Left immigrant activist non-profit organizations, Centro Sin Fronteras, La Familia Latina Unida and others. Their self-reported incomes (not filed with the IRS) are near non-existent and do not explain who underwrites the enormous event production that is ongoing. A full financial disclosure is clearly lacking.
According to Mexican news reports, some migrants in Tijuana are now accusing these NGOs of having used and now abandoned them at the border. Pueblo Sin Fronteras is off organizing a new caravan from El Salvador.

2 years, 10 months ago

David Stanton blasted — still refuses to discuss Rooskey asylum centre until deal goes ahead (Ireland)

Roscommon Galway TD Eugene Murphy blasted Minister David Stanton for refusing to meet with him or any other public representatives until after a contract to provide Direct Provision services in the only hotel in Rooskey has been signed.

"What was wrong with government that they cannot come and consult with people?," Fianna Fáil TD Murphy asked in the Dáil. Murphy also remarked that he had a huge problem with Direct Provision which he considered legalised people trafficking.

The opening of the proposed asylum centre at the Shannon Key West Hotel in Rooskey has been put on holding pending legal action by a company called Paradub who say they already had a contract to purchase the hotel before the owner, James Kiernan, offered it to the Department of Justice for use as a Direct Provision centre in order to accommodate one hundred asylum seekers.

However, Minister of State for Equality, Immigration and Integration, David Stanton, still refuses to discuss the plans for the Direct Provision centre with public reps or locals until any legal action is over and the deal goes ahead.

Previously, Minister Stanton was also heavily criticised by public representatives in Donegal and Wicklow for his failure to consult with locals over the opening of a Direct Provision centre in Moville and Wicklow town.



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Moville hotelier still wants asylum centre but councillor says it will never pass fire test - Ireland

Aoife, the daughter of the owner of the Caiseal Mara hotel which was earmarked to accommodate 100 asylum seekers in Moville, Donegal, told Greg Hughes on Highland Radio that the Direct Provision centre will '100% go ahead' despite how devastated she and her father were about the arson attack on the hotel which occurred on Sunday morning. The fire destroyed the reception area of the hotel and considerable repairs are needed. Her father had to climb out a bedroom window to escape the blaze and could have died. Aoife told Greg that she and her family had received vile threats and harassment online and from locals in the town in the preceding days over their plans to turn the hotel into a Direct Provision centre.

However, Fianna Fáil councillor Paul Canning said that the hotel would never pass a fire test and consequently wouldn't be able to house asylum seekers. A fire certificate is required for the hotel before anyone can be moved in. He said the Fire Department is much more stringent with rules and regulations after a series of high profile fires around the world and they were "putting businesses through the mill," even going as far as to order two centimeters to be shaved off some doorways. As the hotel was old, he didn't believe it would meet current requirements.

'I can rest assure you now, that hotel won't pass fire regulations'

Cllr Canning said the decision to house asylum seekers in Moville should now be reversed.

Cllr Canning also questioned why there is no change of use permission needed to allow a hotel be used as a Direct Provision centre while if someone from Muff wishes to build in Moville, they could be turned down on the basis that they are ‘not local’.

Greg Hughes told Cllr Canning that he was the first public representative to take a stand against the Direct Provision centre. Canning said the town could perhaps accommodate 10 or 15 asylum seekers but 100 was much too many and they'd have nothing to do all day. He said he believed 100 asylum seekers would cause a considerable strain on the town's resources.

At 1 hour, 5 minutes into the show on Tuesday, Greg heard from a guest house owner in Convoy, Donegal called Gerry. Gerry told Greg that the Department of Justice had offered him a £360,000 six month contract to take 48 asylum seekers at their guest house back in 1998. As part of the contract, Gerry would have to employ a cook and two maintenance workers.


Broadcast: Nine Til Noon | November 27, 2018


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Arrival of asylum seekers in Moville will have to be postponed over arson attack (Ireland)

Greg Hughes from Highland Radio heard the reaction to the arson attack on the Caiseal Mara hotel in Moville from Councillor Martin Farren (Labour), Tracy Cullen Sheehan from the "Friends of the Centre", and Lucky Kambhule from the Movement of Asylum Seekers in Ireland (masi.ie). Hughes also spoke to Detective Inspector Pat O'Donnell about the ongoing investigation into the incident.

The owner of the hotel who was taken to Letterkenny as a precaution for smoke inhalation, has been released. His daughter suffered no in juries but Greg heard that this could have very easily be a murder investigation and the owner of the hotel was lucky to be alive. The ground floor of the hotel was extensively damaged.

Councillor Farren said the arrival of asylum seekers will have to be postponed. 30 were set to arrive in early December — "but that will hardly happen now". Farren had previously talked to the head of the Reception and Integration Agency, Eugene Banks, who had told him that until the hotel gets a fire certificate, there would not be any asylum seekers moved in. That certificate was in progress until the fire happened.

Hughes asked Farren whether it was safe to open a Direct Provision centre in Moville while an "arsonist roams the streets" and Farren told him that this was a matter for RIA and perhaps they would need a security guard for the hotel depending on the whether there is a positive result in the investigation.

Detective Inspector Pat O'Donnell appealed for the arsonist to come forward. He said a full investigation team had carried out a full forensic investigation on hotel, gathered CCT footage and even looked in bins for evidence. He asked the members of the public to call the Garda Confidential line if anyone had any information about the incident.

He told Hughes that an accelerant had been used, and asked for anybody who had encountered someone who "reeked of petrol" on Sunday Morning to get in touch. The Detective Inspector also said that he was aware threats were made on facebook to burn down the hotel. He asked for anyone who was aware of a person who they suspect may have acted upon their anger at the planned Direct Provision centre in Moville to also contact them.

Broadcast: Nine til Noon Show | Highland Radio | 26 Nov 2018



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Fire at planned asylum centre in Moville — hotel extensively damaged (Ireland)

A fire occurred at the Caiseal Mara hotel in Moville which was to be turned into a Direct Provision centre in order to accommodate 100 asylum seekers in the Donegal town at around 4:30 AM last night.

Gardaí in Buncrana say they are investigating all circumstances that surrounded the fire on Foyle Street and are appealing for witnesses or anyone with information to contact them. The fire is reported to have caused extensive damage. A man in his 50s was taken to Letterkenny hospital for treatment.

Broadcast: Highland Radio News | 25 Nov 2018


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'A portion of social housing stock should be dedicated to asylum seekers' - Irish Refugee Council

Nick Henderson, Chief Executive Officer, Irish Refugee Council told Ivan Yates that the Direct Provision system was not working and a portion of social housing stock should be dedicated to asylum seekers in Ireland. Roughly one in ten asylum seekers have been successful in their asylum claims since 2008 in Ireland but the ESRI reported that 80% of deportation orders against failed asylum seekers are never implemented. 40% of people in Direct Provision in 2016 had deportation orders.



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Asylum Seeker and Global Citizenship Educator for Amnesty speaks to East Coat Radio (Ireland)

Mavis, An Asylum Seeker who now works for Amnesty as a Global Citizenship Educator speaks to East Coast Radio about what it is like living in a Direct Provision Centre in Dublin.

Mavis wouldn't tell East Coast Radio the details of her asylum application and was surprised to be asked about them because it was understanding from chatting with a researcher for the East Coast Radio called Clare that the conversation would be about the DP Centre opening up in Wicklow and not the specifics of her case.

Mavis says although the right to work was given to asylum seekers last February, there is a condition that the asylum seeker must be living in Ireland for nine months without a negative result in their asylum application. This means a lot of asylum seekers cannot avail of the program. Mavis got a six month contract with Amnesty international with her work permit.

She is separated from her husband who lives in a different Direct Provision Centre over physical and emotional abuse she claims she suffered from him.

Mavis also told East Coast Radio that living in a hotel feels like the walls are closing in and is not easy at all. She says the best solution to the criticism over the Direct Provision Centre is to limit stays for a period of 3 - 6 months and after that just grant permission to live in Ireland for all asylum seekers regardless of whether their application is successful or not.

Broadcast: 19 Nov 2018 | East Coast Radio



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Trump admin. to defend executive order on illegal asylum in Supreme Court

President Trump is challenging San Francisco's Ninth Circuit Court after a district judge temporarily blocked his executive order on immigration. One America's Kristian Rouz looks into the matter.


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Fury at Wicklow asylum centre meeting: Locals fear rape and crime threat (Ireland)

Newstalk's Kieran Cuddihy heard locals in Wicklow were furious at the meeting over the new Direct Provision centre in the town which will house up to 100 asylum seekers from countries such as Pakistan, Nigeria and the Congo.

Many Wicklow residents spoke about a fear of the rape and crime threat the asylum seekers could potentially pose especially as so many young women pass by the hotel when they are out at the weekend and the fact that it is close to a school.

Newstalk Breakfast show host Kieran Cuddihy said it was unimaginable that refugees would flee possible genocide in Africa and then go onto commit crime in Wicklow town.

However, a 2014 report in the Irish Independent revealed that a Eritrean national who was granted refugee status in 2005 could not be deported home under EU and UN conventions as he was from a war-torn country despite being a violent rapist and receiving a seven year prison sentence for raping a 42 year old woman in St Stephen's Green, Dublin.



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Threatening phone calls made to hotel owners over asylum centre plans in Moville (Ireland)


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Earthling Carl: Should the UK Grant ASYLUM to Asia Bibi? - LBC



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Irish Refugee Council founder opposes imposing asylum centres on communities

'I got driven out of the Irish Refugee Council for opposing what they're doing to this nation.'

At a public meeting in Glencrow hall over the planned Direct Provision centre in Moville on Friday, the 16th of November, Brian Flanagan introduced himself as the man who set-up the Irish Refugee Council back in 1992.

But, he told Eugene Banks, the Principal Officer from RIA (the Reception & Integration Agency) and other representatives, he was driven out of the Irish Refugee Council "because of people doing what you guys are doing — Imposing on the Irish nation and imposing on this community."

Flanagan asked whether the local community had any rights what-so-ever other than meeting in a hall like this?

He also made reference to Fine Gael's Ireland 2040 project — a plan to increase the population of Ireland by a million people by 2040 and double the population of every city outside of Dublin. He said last night's meeting was set against that decision.

"We're going to have an extra million people before 2040 and that's not going to come from [the] indigenous population."

Flanagan asked where the million people are going to be coming from and whether the replacement migration project had been decided at a higher level in Brussels.

He concluded "Brussels, we're informed by MEPs, are dead set on destroying community, nationalism and faith. Quite set on that. No question about it."



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Leaflet delivered to residents of Rooskey — "Facts about asylum in Ireland"

A leaflet titled "Facts about asylum in Ireland" was distributed to some households in Rooskey on the Roscommon/Leitrim border. Locals in Rooskey community were told ten days ago that the only hotel in the village, The Shannon Key West Hotel, was to be turned into a Direct Provision Centre for asylum seekers without any consultation. Similar announcements were made for hotels in Moville, Donegal, Wicklow town and Kenmare in Kerry in recent weeks.

The leaflet, which was unattributed, contains statistics in relation to asylum seekers in Ireland and Europe.



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Outrage in Wicklow: 'Easiest way for Grand Hotel owners of getting revenue is this asylum centre' (Ireland)

Fianna Fáil TD for Wicklow, Pat Casey told East Coast radio that it was his belief that the motive for the Grand Hotel owners to provide the use of their hotel as a Direct Provision centre was easy profit.

“Their clear signal now is that they're just there to get the best money they can and the easiest way of getting revenue is providing this Direct Provision centre."

A meeting will be held at the Town Hall in Wicklow on Thursday night.

Fire_break hospitality recently signed a one year contract with the Department of Justice to accommodate up to 100 asylum seekers at the Grand Hotel in Wicklow town.

The community in Wicklow were only given two weeks notice that only hotel in Wicklow town would not be available to be used by tourists for at least the next year as asylum seekers from various countries such as Nigeria, Pakistan and the Congo will be housed at the hotel.

This is the fourth such hotel in a week, after similar plans were announced for Shannon Key West Hotel in Rooskey, Caiseal Mara Hotel in Donegal and the Atlantic Lodge Hotel in Kenmare.



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David Stanton blasted for not consulting Moville community over asylum centre plans (Ireland)

The Minister of State for Equality, Immigration and Integration, David Stanton was blasted by callers to Highland radio for his failure to consult with locals over the plans to turn Caiseal Mara Hotel in Moville into a Direct Provision for asylum seekers.

Up to one hundred asylum seekers will be start arriving in the village in two weeks time but nobody was notified until last Friday.

They will increase the population by 7% which is currently between 1,300 and 1,400 people.



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Surprise at asylum centre for Grand Hotel in Wicklow Town (Ireland)

The only hotel in Wicklow Town is to be turned into a Direct Provision centre within the next two weeks. This is the fourth such hotel in a week, after similar plans were announced for Shannon Key West Hotel in Rooskey, Caiseal Mara Hotel in Donegal and the Atlantic Lodge Hotel in Kenmare.

Minister Charles Flanagan has pledged to take in during 2018 & 2019, the largest ever number of asylum seekers under the EU Relocation Programme. This is on top of asylum seekers who arrive in Ireland independently. Consequently a lot of new accommodation is needed.

Ireland is obliged to take in no Mediterranean migrants or refugees taken from conflict zones but the government voluntarily opted into two EU Council Decisions on Relocation. The government also decided to take up to 200 "unaccompanied minors" from Calais.

Since 2008, around 10% of all asylum claims are granted in Ireland but 80% of failed asylum seekers are never deported. The government has an undeclared scheme referred to by asylum lawyers as "the scheme that doesn't exist" giving failed asylum seekers and illegals permission to stay in Ireland if they have been here for five years. They are then entitled to bring their family over using the family reunification program.

Currently there are around 35 Direct Provision centres around Ireland accommodating about 6,000 people.

RTÉ heard that the Grand Hotel is usually a very busy hotel and caters to a lot of tourists, especially over the summer months.

The hotel had been recently renovated so the news that it would be turned into a Direct Provision centre came as a surprise to locals.

The Department of Justice said around 100 people made up of families and single people would be accommodated at the hotel which has 33 bedrooms. The contract is for one year.

Residents will be from a variety of countries including Nigeria, Pakistan and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Fianna Fáil Councillor Pat Casey said the hotel would be a huge loss to the area. He said the town lacked facilities and schools in the area are at capacity. He was also disappointed that the only hotel in the town would be closed after tourism links had been made with other towns in the area.

The Irish Minister of State for Equality, Immigration and Integration David Stanton told the Dáil that before the old Family Reunification program for refugees was altered, one refugee had applied to bring in 70 of their family members and the average number per application was 20. The Seanad last year passed a bill to enlarge the scope of family members refugees are allowed to bring in again.



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Rooskey residents seek meeting over use of hotel for asylum seekers (Ireland)

Residents in the village of Rooskey have sought an emergency meeting with the Dept of Justice to outline their concerns over a proposal to provide accommodation for up to 82 asylum seekers in a disused hotel in the area.

TD Eugene Murphy asked in the Dáil why the govt had decided to use the hotel as an asylum centre "under secret cover"

Broadcast: 8 Nov 2018 | RTÉ News



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Row over asylum centre plans for Shannon Key West Hotel in Rooskey, Leitrrim (Ireland)


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