We know the answer and eventually the world will wake up, but not until more people die.

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Mysterious condition makeing athletes collapse like never before

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A short talk about all the athletes that are dropping dead around the world. This is more important than we give it credit, the healthiest amongst us are dying from these vaccines.


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Another World class athlete is found dead. Media again, widely says reason: UNKNOWN.
The world of American football is in mourning after the sudden death of five-time Pro Bowl star and Super Bowl winner Demaryius Thomas at the age of 33.

Also on Talk-Radio, Julia Hartley-Brewer tried to hold UK Health Secretary, Jaded Savage to account on mandatory vaxxine passports, but he refused to show up. The fact he avoided the show seems a fairly good indicator they WILL introduce vaxxine passports despite the initial denials which is the usual method of placating the public conscious.

NFL icon dead at age 33 after ‘medical issue’

Credits | Alex Sports, RT International, Talk-Radio

1 month, 2 weeks ago

This video covers what the ((media)) wont. Many athletes worldwide are dropping like fly's on the field because of the freedom juice. I wonder why it is mainly the active people in society that are dying so rapidly - could it be because they do not want fit, healthy and strong people uprising against the establishment?

1 month, 3 weeks ago

This is Genocide. We Have The Nazi Regime Playing Out Their Dreams For Dominance. It's all the same families, all the same tactics, just with their children now. These Elitists Globalists have messed with the wrong people this time. This time we are going to create a just society and leave these Globalists poorer than poor. They will live in the concentration camps they are building and We The People will be free. SHTF.tv

2 months ago

Another Football player, Charlie Wyke collapses...
This is the 5th video on the same theme, ie athletes, bodybuilders or footballers collapsing during a game or competition.

Its being heavily suppressed on all lamestream platforms, so please share this with all sports fans you know as it looks like they're the next group to follow the already awakened.

Christian Eriksen
Sergio Aguero
Emil Palsson
John Fleck
Adams Traore
Charlie Wyke

Just 6 of the many professional football players who suffered cardiac issues on the pitch in past 6 months, fishy wouldn't you say?



2 months ago

STOCKHOLM: Icelandic midfielder Emil Palsson collapsed during a football game in Norway's second division Monday evening after suffering a cardiac arrest, his football club Sogndal said.
The 28-year-old midfielder suddenly fell over in the 12 minute of the game against Stjordals-Blink at the Fosshaugane Campus stadium in western Norway.
, requires medical attention https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-R2_5LMobXc https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-R2_5LMobXc%C2%A0)
Alex Apolinario, 24, Brazilian soccer player dies after collapsing on pitch during match. https://www.cbssports.com/soccer/news/brazilian-soccer-player-alex-apolinario-dies-after-collapsing-on-pitch-during-match-in-portugal/
Britain's Jack Draper, 19, collapses at Miami Open:
Mirko Kido, 36, Olympic gold medalist dies of heart attack during game: https://www.reuters.com/lifestyle/sports/indonesian-doubles-star-kido-dies-heart- attack-36-2021-06-14/
Ghanaian referee collapses during AFCON Match:
Referee Bert Smith collapses on court due to blood clot during Gonzaga-USC men's Elite Eight game https://www.espn.com/mens-college-basketball/story/_/id/31222546/referee-bert-smith-says-blood-clot-lung-caused-fall-ncaa-tourney https://www.espn.com/mens-college-basketball/story/_/id/31222546/referee-bert-smith-says-blood-clot-lung-caused-fall-ncaa-tourney%C2%A0)
Josh Downie, 24, cricketer dies after heart attack at practice:
Giuseppe Perrino, 29, ex-Parma footballer dies at memorial match after collapsing https://www.thesun.co.uk/sport/football/15151824/giuseppe-perrino-dead-29-parma-brother/
Raymond van Barneveld collapses and receives paramedic attention during PDC Championship: https://www.dailystar.co.uk/sport/darts/pdc-players-championship-8-suspended-23759939
The list goes on....and...on....
Dembele, 29, Atletico Madrid striker collapses in training

Devaraj Anchan, 33, volleyball player collapses during game, dies: https://www.thehindu.com/news/cities/Mangalore/volleyball-player-collapses-during-game-dies/article34185430.ece Garissone Innocent, 20, fell unconscious due to abnormal electrical impulse in heart during game: https://www.thesun.co.uk/sport/football/13901939/goalkeepers-rushed-hospital-collapsing/
Ethan Jovani Trejo, 16-year-old soccer player, collapsed on the field during training: https://eu.cincinnati.com/story/news/2021/06/25/teen-dies-after-medical-incident-princeton-high-school-field/5344293001/ Samuel Kalu, 24, Bordeaux star collapses minutes into football game:
Roy Butler, 23, Irish footballer Watford FC dies after Jansen: https://twitter.com/NewsForAllIre/status/1428301909715296263?s=20

2 months, 1 week ago

Robert Malone MD-Safe and effective? Are these the vaccines that you want to have mandated for injection into your children, California parents?
Let's go Gavin!

2 months, 2 weeks ago

Vaccinated people, many of them children, are dying of cardiac issues around the globe- and the media is burying the stories and the governments refuse to discuss how unsafe these useless vaccines are. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RhvjXeYEJnU

2 months, 2 weeks ago

This patient is Jorge. Jorge is now an officially sponsored athlete for dream body clinic. He's the little brother of our office manager, and he's been doing some professional motocross racing here in Mexico. Motocross will really beat your body up. I've got a couple of dirt bikes myself, and it's not easy on the body. It is quite the workout, you'd be surprised. So in Jorge´s case, his shoulder is hurting him.
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I think this is going to be one of the future things of performance enhancement. A lot of guys are probably already doing it in the pro levels of major sports, not talking about it so much so they don´t knock out those advantages.
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Subtitled version is on Rumble :
sub lang : el, de, es, it, fr, en

juillet 2021/july 2021/julio de 2021 - France/France/Francia

[fr] La police intervient car ce sportif ancien gendarme n'avait pas son pass sanitaire pour entrer dans une salle de sport
[en] The police intervene because this athlete former gendarme did not have his health pass to enter a gym
[es] La policía interviene porque este deportista ex gendarme no tenía su pase de salud para ingresar a un gimnasio


Tags : French, athlete, health pass, human experiment, covid


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until you do stay in the cage or on a niggers ball court.

Anonymous (ID: jIqsS0Yo) 06/07/21(Mon)09:13:17 No.324952004>>324952082 >>324952248

Look all I know is , is Logan Paul came in and dunked on Floyd Mayweather, how are blacks going to cope? You should be licking whyte bois buttholes for whyte boy summer

Anonymous (ID: CPd46ngm) 06/07/21(Mon)09:13:19 No.324952006
File: 1619128729694.png (542 KB, 811x710)
542 KB

I don't know about shit but I'll give you I wasn't aware Mayweather was 50-0
when he reaches 61 total we can be more conclusive about it
I like to think of myself as the solution

Anonymous (ID: w0qV1AXJ) 06/07/21(Mon)09:13:36 No.324952029>>324952139

no even with the weight difference Mayweather should have been able to knockout paul. king nigger could not accomplish this.

Anonymous (ID: xtG4sU4J) 06/07/21(Mon)09:14:06 No.324952082

>coping this hard for Muh white race

Logan is a Jew you cope for a Jew.

Anonymous (ID: VOcfzH2T) 06/07/21(Mon)09:14:16 No.324952098

>your lower back
oh now youre only talking about his LOWER back and not like it is attached to his hips. Not like the entire muscular system isn't attached and working in unison during a punch.

You are a stupid LA FITNESS nigger trained on youtube. Gas yourself immediately.

The Adamic man with almost no experience or record just made the bigshot champion nigger look like a complete fool.

What a wonderful evening.

Anonymous (ID: xtG4sU4J) 06/07/21(Mon)09:14:39 No.324952139>>324952225 >>324952312 >>324952575 >>324952780

>Muh white race!

Logan is a Jew.

Anonymous (ID: w0qV1AXJ) 06/07/21(Mon)09:15:10 No.324952186

yeah thats how i thought you received his post kek

Anonymous (ID: wrju9kXs) 06/07/21(Mon)09:15:40 No.324952225>>324952321


Anonymous (ID: VOcfzH2T) 06/07/21(Mon)09:15:49 No.324952248>>324952473
File: 1621375398773.jpg (29 KB, 747x444)
29 KB

One of them is coping in this thread, by making fun of Logans back muscles. The nigger claims that back muscles arent useful in a fight. Therefore it is worse that Logan has them, than it is that the nigger lost to a little kid with no experience.

Incredible mental gymnastics from these olympian niggers.

Anonymous (ID: G/kuQLSL) 06/07/21(Mon)09:16:01 No.324952268>>324952449 >>324952510

Mayweather has always been a counter puncher and point puncher, not knock out prowess.

Anonymous (ID: w0qV1AXJ) 06/07/21(Mon)09:16:23 No.324952312>>324952375

Please show me in my post where I said he was white.
>paul is a jew
yes, but then he king nigger should have had an even easier time flooring a jewtuber.

Anonymous (ID: y21oBmzm) 06/07/21(Mon)09:16:23 No.324952313

dumb nigger lover, the back is part of the entire process of a punch - it's a cycle, not just a pushing motion. imagine this dumb fuck throwing a punch and just leaving his entire body forward and not returning back like a spring. idiot

Anonymous (ID: xtG4sU4J) 06/07/21(Mon)09:16:31 No.324952321>>324952856

So he’s a Jew and a Mutt.

Anonymous (ID: xtG4sU4J) 06/07/21(Mon)09:17:03 No.324952375>>324952418 >>324952478 >>324952489 >>324952586 >>324952826 >>324953163

>cope the first stage

King nigger fucks your wife and

Anonymous (ID: xtG4sU4J) 06/07/21(Mon)09:17:35 No.324952418>>324952489

....you do nothing about it.

Anonymous (ID: VOcfzH2T) 06/07/21(Mon)09:17:56 No.324952449


Anonymous (ID: jIqsS0Yo) 06/07/21(Mon)09:18:11 No.324952473

fucking kek dude

Anonymous (ID: 3Dz538cq) 06/07/21(Mon)09:18:14 No.324952478
File: 1619608043566.gif (738 KB, 300x300)
738 KB

Shills on suicide watch

Anonymous (ID: 3pmoxYHW) 06/07/21(Mon)09:18:21 No.324952489

Seething negroid detected

Anonymous (ID: DF16Trif) 06/07/21(Mon)09:18:34 No.324952506
File: 1554909165216.png (15 KB, 299x200)
15 KB

I unironically don't know. Please enlighten us

Anonymous (ID: VOcfzH2T) 06/07/21(Mon)09:18:38 No.324952510
File: heilhitler.png (155 KB, 1276x825)
155 KB



Anonymous (ID: YBWO1C3y) 06/07/21(Mon)09:19:14 No.324952570

I know he’s a rich nigger who can’t read.

Anonymous (ID: p7+BOtgu) 06/07/21(Mon)09:19:18 No.324952575

The superior Jew wins again. Dominating your goy ass both mentally and physi

7 months, 3 weeks ago

Originally uploaded to YouTube by Mark Lauren on January 31, 2008.

Original description:

"The kid you're about to see just turned 11, and his talents will blow you away".

1 year, 2 months ago

How can you be successful?

1 year, 10 months ago

Transgender Athlete Story

After losing he turns around and becomes a woman.


2 years, 4 months ago

as reported by CBS CHICAGO...
CEO Greg Glassman, is under scrutiny after an affiliated gym in Indianapolis, CrossFit Infiltrate, was instructed by its local owner to cancel their LGBTQ Pride workout.

CEO Greg Glassman, is under scrutiny after an affiliated gym in Indianapolis, CrossFit Infiltrate, was instructed by its local owner to cancel their LGBTQ Pride workout.

Brandon Lowe issued a statement to CNBC, saying, "The unfortunate line that is being read about the gym grossly misrepresents what CrossFit Infiltrate stands for and what it believes. The majority of the reviews and statements being read about the gym largely point out that Infiltrate's community has been incredible and welcoming and that the decision not to host an Indy Pride event is the reason we are called bigots or discriminative. However, let the history of the gym speak for itself and for the position we take in this divisive atmosphere, CrossFit Infiltrate welcomes, serves, and prioritizes training people to be fit and functional in body, mind, and spirit. It never has and never will be anything but welcoming to all human beings who live, move, and breathe in God's world."

On Wednesday the scandal reached the level of CrossFit corporate when an employee of the company, Russell Berger, tweeted his support of CrossFit Infiltrate's stance, saying that he "personally believes celebrating 'pride' is a sin."

He also tweeted that the "tactics of some in the LGBTQ movement toward dissent is an existential threat to freedom of expression."

The tweets have since been removed.


3 years, 7 months ago