Seb Coe Olympic Gold medalist 1500 meters 1980 and 1984, races against the taller Steve Cram Olympic silver medalist 1500 meters in 1984. I've no idea when this recreation of the famous scene from Chariots of Fire 1981) took place.

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A scene from the 1981 film: "Chariots of Fire" which was filmed on the The Great Court, of Trinity College Cambridge. Cambridge University.

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Yleisurheilu clips 2020 part 2 (unedited)

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Yleisurheilu clips 2020 (unedited)

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Namco developed and released Pro Yakyuu Family Stadium for the Family Computer on December 10, 1986. Atari Games released a Nintendo VS. System arcade machine of Family Stadium named Atari R.B.I. Baseball in 1987 and its programmer, Peter Lipson, developed an NES version published by Atari Games' subsidiary Tengen. Subsequent editions were published until 1995, mostly on Sega systems.

In 2014, Major League Baseball Advanced Media, the digital arm of MLB, revived the name for a new series of MLB games featuring arcade-style gameplay influenced by the original series. The new series, which has had annual releases through 2020, is available on multiple platforms. The series is meant to contrast the Sony-published, PlayStation-exclusive MLB The Show, which is considered more simulationist in its focus.



R.B.I. Baseball '94 Atari Games Corp. © 1994 Tengen, Inc.

Level: Hard

Emulator: HoubaUI Plus! Plus! Extreme Collection .125
Recorded and Dubbed with : Mirillis Action! 4.10.2
Edited with: NCH VideoPad Video Editor 8.56 & VideoProc 3.7

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Maria Huntington, Alisa Vainio, Ella Junnila, Camilla Richardsson, Reetta Hurske, Nooralotta Neziri, Taika Koilahti

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The horrors of conservative arguments taken “too far”.

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