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MESSAGE from Intellectual Embargo (https://www.youtube.com/post/UgxJAMj7_420hF__pgt4AaABCQ ).
"I only have a small platform, but please reach out to others with this message.
Many whites are angry about what's happening. Even some non-whites who like white society and western culture are pissed. And you should be. Everything our people built is being attacked.
But this doesn't mean we should be out in the streets like idiots with signs, surrounded by leftists and bad actors who will try and get us involved in senseless violence and publicly discredited by a media machine uses every deceptive tool it can to make us look bad.
I mean, you've seen the videos with Project Veritas [see image link below] that reveal how leftists inject agitators into right-wing rallies to incite violence, right? You should NOT be planning to head into leftist strongholds to make a stand.
Any rallies that anyone really wants to plan, if you MUST RALLY (please don't), should be done in places where there is a right-wing and white-friendly environment both from the local people and from the local political and law-enforcement structure. And the goal should be to connect with other people, not to make a scene for the media. Think more like a right-wing private picnic and networking event, rather than some "look at me!" right-wing pride parade.
Or, better yet, skip rallies, share information, discuss online in your community to vote out a local anti-white politician.
Why let a media machine present and lie about your rally to the public? The public is on facebook right now and you don't need the media to talk to them. Cut the media middle-man out! Share memes and videos that expose how our cities, countries and communities are being attacked.
Btw, some of my videos are on facebook as well for redundancy purposes."
Image: https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/71c6c90e1cf1ee2d32801fe62495adb20aa395245d1d46f5d363be866f20d701.png

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