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Video source: "Nordic Frontier #150: The Hungarian Question": https://nordicresistancemovement.org/live-20-00-nordic-frontier-150-the-hungarian-question/ (May 12, 2020). Times: 1:32:15-1:50:47 & 1:57:29-2:22:08, & 2:23:15-2:38:37, & 2:49:40-2:53:05, & 2:53:23-2:56:30.
Original description: "We invite Hungarian comrade Nicholas Ludwigson to talk about Hungary, Viktor Orban and we are gonna try and find out if he’s good for whites or Jews".

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Uploaded by St. Constantine (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRXg7jqg6lGxbbylZsgowqg/videos ) on April 9, 2017. Original text:
The most important task for Polish and Hungarian peoples is not EU norms or values, nor the George Soros version of "academic freedom", but the revival of healthy societies, families, and spirituality.
The fight for our existence is more important than "liberal democracy", materialistic items, or EU membership. And while these things may be good, they aren't more important than family, nation, community, and age old traditions and norms.

Music: God Is On The Move (by: 7eventh Time Down)

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