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Link to part 1 of a VIDEO VERSION of a summary of the book (also see all the links below): bitchute.com/video/ReQ1k2VXM61d
Full title of Chapter 1: "Jews And The Radical Critique Of Gentile Culture".
The book can be bought here, for example: www.barnesandnoble.com/w/the-culture-of-critique-kevin-macdonald/1113698168?ean=9780759672222

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(C1: Jews And The Radical Critique Of Gentile Culture: bitchute.com/video/HUxq66ZDXReO )
C2: The Boasian School Of Anthropology And The Decline Of Darwinism In The Social Sciences: bitchute.com/video/7zzRo8Z3Dymj
C3: Jews And The Left: bitchute.com/video/XuNmhWtXEgiP
C4: Jewish Involvement In The Psychoanalytic Movement: bitchute.com/video/gHgq25eCPVsI
C5: The Frankfurt School Of Social Research And The Pathologization Of Gentile Group Allegiances: bitchute.com/video/2CHnejqXLNDX
C6: The Jewish Criticism Of Gentile Culture: bitchute.com/video/BcUZvgKokvEm
C7: Jewish Involvement In Shaping US Immigration Policy: bitchute.com/video/QFqPhBNgdse7
C8: Conclusion - Whither Judaism And The West?: bitchute.com/video/qQ0LPvR3FMZm

Part 1: Replacing Race in Anthropology: bitchute.com/video/ReQ1k2VXM61d
P2: IQ is Genocide!: bitchute.com/video/LOgNBT2lTTDm
P3: Jews and the Left!: bitchute.com/video/dWlpZ7zZkxOw
P4: Freud and Psychoanalysis!: bitchute.com/video/8G4uGWA09mcB
P5: The Frankfurt School!: bitchute.com/video/IN6BtqDos5Hf
P6: Pathologizing Pride: bitchute.com/video/54QgB5OBCHtn
P7: Diversifying America: bitchute.com/video/mQgLWgvhBzRe

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