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ForNull COLLECTIBLES: https://teespring.com/stores/fornull-collectables (his music can also be bought at Amazon & Itunes; or, you may wish to donate to him when he streams on D-live).
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VIDEO SOURCE: Video released by ForNull on Jan. 9, 2021: https://youtu.be/616x0G-AXV0
ForNull is also at: bitchute.com/channel/nxynE6cxp6dF
Song four in the Promethean Space Saga.
Music and lyrics by ForNull.

Part I: https://youtu.be/bU8eIfYYShE
Part II: https://youtu.be/H1_RA1rfk58
Part III: https://youtu.be/pvAS2lEg3ww
Part IV: https://youtu.be/616x0G-AXV0

Gorthang's Rock
by ForNull

Falling to the surface below
Verdant green is all that it shows
A fiery trail from heaven it grows
Is it home soon they will know

Touching down then feet on ground
She hears a sound, it makes her heart pound
A growing sense of dread they can feel
Something's wrong, their hope it does steal

Creeping vines bite as they snare
Blood and sweat and also despair
Sounds of the beasts that lurk everywhere
And whispers of maniac minds in the air

This is not our home
This is not our fate
Escape from Gorthang's Rock
Before it is too late

Teeth at their heels they run for their ship
Head for the door and hope they don't trip
Safely inside the look on their face
Relief as they fly far away from this place

This is not our home
This is not our fate
Escape from Gorthang's Rock
Before it is too late

This is not our home
This is not our fate
Escape from Gorthang's Rock
Before it is too late

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