Thank you to VikingSkog (https://www.youtube.com/user/Vikingskog/videos & https://www.facebook.com/vikingskog/ ) for releasing this on December 26, 2019 (channel description: "Norwegian folkmusic and heritage. This channel supports the preservation of all cultures and ethnic groups in the world, focusing on the Norwegian one especially.
Every people needs their own homeland. Mass-immigration and the political ideology of so-called "diversity" leads to the opposite of diversity, it robs people of their homeland through massive demographic transformation, water out their culture and eventually replaces/erases both the culture and the ethnic people completly over time, making the world less diverse, not to mention other disastrous effects. Anyone who is good, appreciates culture and true diversity should oppose this, wherever it is enforced or promoted.
Spreading support for such destructive, and in many cases nowadays outright anti-European racist ideological ideas as mass-immigration and open borders, will get you banned on this channel. But other than that, anyone is welcome to enjoy and support the channel and its content no matter where they are from"

A tip from VikingSkog: "If you want to find more stuff like this from Norway, from the same time period, check out the channel 'harrunostasj' on youtube" (https://www.youtube.com/user/harrunostasj/videos )

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