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Video source: "White Rabbit Radio Live! "Bowl cuts with special guest Ahab"": https://youtu.be/SiP41WXfWAg (Sept 28, 2019). Times: 1:20:20–1:20:40, & 1:55:00-2:01:18.
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From White Rabbit Radio Live! (September 28 or October 7, 2019) "So you write Propaganda?". At 58:17 - 1:03:53
https://www.youtube.com/user/WhiteRabbitRadioTV/videos (Their streams are deleted from Youtube after a few days)

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White Rabbit Radio Live is a satirical take on the news. And we tend to poke fun at the establishment. Furthermore, in regards to the established religion of "Political Correctness", we are heretics. Opinions of Hosts and Guests are their own and may often diverge wildly. Any guest appearance on this channel does not constitute an endorsement or agreement with any of our opinions or views. We call this freedom of thought and expression. This used to be standard stuff. However, this is now controversial in Western Civilization.

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