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A recommended example: How Anti-Whites (“Anti-Racists”) Try To Destroy Good People’s Lives: Sarah Dye, The Organic Farmer: bitchute.com/video/9HS82B51LJ1S

Recommended book: 'Crucible' Advert: https://youtu.be/VsIb62x2VLU or bitchute.com/video/Iqb8MoLaBdRy
More clips relating to 'Crucible': bitchute.com/hashtag/nwg-crucible
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Learn EFFECTIVE LEXICON For The Psychological War Being Waged Against Us: Listen to NO WHITE GUILT:
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White Wellbeing: bitchute.com/hashtag/avpww
Meme Curatives, & Introducing Concepts, etc: bitchute.com/hashtag/avpnwg-meme-curatives
Meme Pathogens: bitchute.com/hashtag/avpmeme-pathogens
Anti-White Slurs & Pretexts (how to deal with, etc): bitchute.com/hashtag/avpanti-white-slurs-pretexts
Anti-White MIS of Pretexts: bitchute.com/hashtag/avpmis-pretexts
'Going Free' (the need for a Psychological Defense, & more): bitchute.com/hashtag/avpgoing-free-psy-defense
'Going Free': Focus on the Love for Ourselves, not on other groups: bitchute.com/hashtag/avpgoing-free-focus
Stepping outside the Anti-White Narrative: bitchute.com/hashtag/avpnwg-aw-narrative
Accurate Lexicon In General: bitchute.com/hashtag/avpnwg-lexicon
Accurate Lexicon: Specific Term Choices: bitchute.com/hashtag/avpnwg-term-choices
The term 'No White Guilt': bitchute.com/hashtag/avpnwg-nwgterm
Translating AW Rhetoric: bitchute.com/hashtag/avpawrhetoric-translation
Conversing w/ Normal People (general): bitchute.com/hashtag/avpnwg-converse-ppl
Conversing w/ Anti-whites: bitchute.com/hashtag/avpnwg-converse-anti-whites
General arguments: bitchute.com/hashtag/avpgeneral-arguments

For other topics, information, tips etc covered by NWG, please check under this video: bitchute.com/video/BrRThPA1aa8X
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-GF: How We Recapture Our Destiny, explained: bitchute.com/hashtag/avp-gf-recapture-destiny
-GF: How we attract the masses, esp. Women: bitchute.com/hashtag/avpattract-ppl-women
- GF: Experiences / Testimonials (eg. of using the lexicon): bitchute.com/hashtag/avplexicon-experiences
-On Finding a Life Partner: bitchute.com/hashtag/nwg-life-partner
-GF/NWG HEROES: read under bitchute.com/video/Nq8MPjpWE0vU

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