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1 month ago

RUMBLE LINK for those unable to view this video on BitChute:
David Cheyne has other ideas of what will happen to JUSTIN TRUDEAU.
I like his idea.
No One will lose their job. Stand up and stop being a Sheep and Coward.
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5 months ago

The many cases that have been going before the courts in multiple Canadian provinces have started to bear fruit. Some (provincial) governments have declared an end to emergency orders and mandates, yet the media is not reporting on this and the governments themselves are continuing with their agenda despite the fact that it is now 100% CRIMINAL to do so. Without a state of emergency, there is no legal basis for mask mandates, lockdowns, or the so-called "vaccine" as it only had emergency use authorization.

This is huge news, and it demonstrates that the NWO governments across Canada are behaving unlawfully. Clearly, not all the courts in this country have been completely corrupted... so what will happen now? That depends on YOU! Now that the law is on our side, it's time to resist more than ever. By the fall, this cycle will likely start all over again.

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LANGUAGE & ADULT CONTENT WARNING... if you're young or easily offended, skip the last few minutes of this video.

6 months, 1 week ago