What do the scriptures say with regards to this movement/Ideology?

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Tower of Babel defied God and his diversity plan. July 2, 2019, by Ryan Wolfe.
Back up two chapters. God has wiped out everyone on the planet, with the exception of Noah’s family, via the flood. Noah’s family exits the ark and receives a blessing from God. Along with the blessing God gives a simple command. “Be fruitful and increase in number and fill the earth.” (Genesis 9:1)

Noah’s family obviously got busy being obedient to that command because two chapters later the earth’s population was increasing at an incredible rate. Which leads us to the Tower of Babel story.

The Tower of Babel

“Now the whole world had one language and a common speech.” (Genesis 11:1) People were moving east fulfilling God’s command to fill the earth. However, when they reached the plain in Shinar they decided they were no longer interested in filling the earth. They wanted to settle and build a great city instead of continuing to travel. This was their first mistake and disobedience to God’s command in Genesis 9:1.

They said to each other, “Come, let us build ourselves a city, with a tower that reaches to the heavens, so that we may make a name for ourselves and not be scattered over the face of the whole earth.” (Genesis 11:4) Their second mistake was allowing their pride and arrogance to get in the way. They wanted to elevate themselves literally and figuratively above all others in creation.

Where I always got confused was in the response from God. The Lord investigates what is going on and then gathers together for a meeting with the other triune persons of God. In verse 6, we see an observation that the Lord makes about what he saw. “If as one people speaking the same language they have begun to do this, then nothing they plan to do will be impossible for them.”

Is Jesus saying that people could really build a tower that literally would reach the heavens? Was that meant to be more metaphorical? What exactly does “nothing they plan to do will be impossible for them” mean? Did God feel threatened by man? So many questions without answers!

Regardless of the questions that we may have, there was no question for God. God was determined to respond to man’s disobedience and arrogance.

God’s Response

“Come, let us go down and confuse their language so they will not understand each other. So the Lord scattered them from there over all the earth, and they stopped building the city.” (Genesis 11:7-8)

The one thing that goes without question is the fact that we can clearly trace back to Genesis chapter 11 as the birthplace of diversity. Without this incident, all people would have remained the same. All people would have shared the same heritage, language, origins, etc.

Diversity was always part of God’s original plan for people. We see this importance of that in Genesis 9:1 where God commands Noah’s family to fill the whole earth. It was so important to God that He would not leave it to chance. If man would not be obedient, He would intervene and make it so.

Seeing the importance of diversity to God it makes you wonder does the Church also embrace the importance of diversity? One quick look at most churches and the quick conclusion would be a resounding no.

Thankfully, many churches are beginning to see the importance of diversity. Churches are having conversations and implementing strategies on how to become more diverse. The three areas that are often targeted are racial, socioeconomic, and gender.

I would propose that churches are missing a major component of diversity if they are only targeting socioeconomics, race, and gender. I would propose that without addressing disability the diversity conversation is incomplete.

To have true diversity that is pleasing to God, disability must be a part of the equation.

Disability is a major theme throughout scripture. God makes it clear that He is the author of disability (Exodus 4). Jesus proclaims that there is a divine purpose to disability (John 9). Jesus commits a major portion of his public ministry working with the disability community. Paul preaches that churches are incomplete without disability (1 Corinthians 12).

New evidence shows the Tower of Babel was not a myth after all. July 05, 2019, by Staff writer.

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What if I told you the true secret of the tower of babel, its real meaning, is being kept secret from you? Find out exactly how this important allegory was distorted and adopted by the NWO in order to keep you trapped in the false matrix of understanding.

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Edify by Garathe Den

I cringe at the thought
A timeless superstition
Congregations subdued
By the bonds of religion
Like sorcery cast
Through doctrines of division
No adversary in sight
Just faithless decisions

The contempt I can feel
As they bring blame to a fault
The distance that's drawn
As all love's held to halt
Where unity's lost
To the embracing of cults
And the deepest dark secrets
Now fester and convulse

Their words released softly
While their heart is a sneer
Their teeth jeering smiles
While their eyes shine of fear
Their love is as vacant
As the warmth of their peers
All efforts applauded
To the control they adhere

Their tightly knit doctrines
Their deeds of straight-jackets
Their prayer and their fasting
Testimonious rackets
All the work and the toil
And the striving in sabbath
Where charisma's an act
Just a stale force of habit

And their sermons are belted
To the withering masses
And demons are felt
By the worship of brasses
Each note orchestrated
To mimic the ashes
Of long forgot prophets
Filling tombs, rot and gaseous

No life has been beckoned
No tombs laying bare
No revival in sight
Where no truth is declared
No freedom, no wisdom
No kingdom, beware
For the gods of religion
Will answer no prayer

They'll sit you in the pews
Just to fade in the hollows
Where the roots intertwine
To then strangle and swallow
For only in your death
To conform is to follow
Where your utter submission
Brings the pride which they wallow

For such is the timeless
The ancient epistles
Written in blood
From the flesh deemed uncivil
No matter how vile
No matter how dismal
To atone for their sins
The whole world's sacrificial

10 months ago

The System Is The Victor by Garathe Den

Get your eyes off the sacrament
No pledging your allegiance
No presidents to lead us
Don't need this contaminant
There is not a compliment
Better served than Jesus
You know that is seizes us
Religion, God damn it

It could be nice to be alive
I worry about the future
The government's a tumor
I have come to realize
And I am starting to despise
Fear-mongering and rumors
Compulsory consumer
Wont you open up your eyes

Enamored by a fairy tale
Your head upon a pillow
Political to widow
And your face is looking pale
Televise the veil
See propaganda billow
It's cloudy out your window
Your life is for sale

Shall we start the auction
Award the highest bidder
Progressive is the sinner
No wisdom without caution
Oblivious to options
To choose a life that hinders
Where ignorance grows thicker
The mass of adoption

Democracy's illusion
Your faith a hypnotism
Embracement of the system
The haze of this pollution
Devotion and confusion
Walled up into a prison
The seduction of a victim
The ruin of a human

Sacrifice the precious
To be preyed upon by vultures
Their monuments are altars
All hail the mighty menace
Now go pay out the penance
Farewell to all of culture
Our history is altered
Unrestricted vengeance

Drowning out your senses
No effort of survival
No mind of a denial
Belief slowly possesses
The audio confesses
The favor of your idol
That fear is your revival
The religion of consensus

The screens enticing flicker
The trumpet of the speakers
The never-ending feature
Of a double-sided bicker
Keep your eyes upon the picture
Choose a mirror of a leader
Who will be your preacher
The system is the victor

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Baby Steps by Garathe Den

Before I ever left the womb
I had a count and a rank
I was a body at disposal
For the war or the bank
There'd be a forming and a fashion
And a plan to partake
A statistic yet determined
An agenda yet blank

Before I ever learned to speak
They had me marvel the sights
They'd put a flag within my hand
And let me wave with delight
Amongst the cooing and the murmurs
I was a product of plight
But when the bombs burst in the air
What was drawn was fright

Before I ever learned to stand
I had a hand in the battle
Strolling patriotic parades
With veterans dismantled
Showing support for the troops
Each one a story to tattle
Then they'd be shocked back to the terrors
By the automatic shakes of my rattle

Before I ever learned to read
They had me trained in submission
Had me following in footsteps
Of an ancient religion
Never questioning the folly
Of timeless superstitions
Had me pledging my whole life
To a flag of division

Divided, the nation
Is the one I was raised in
Where corrupt politics
Form the congregation
Where identity's lost
To the illusion of patrons
And neighbors spark civil wars
Over who can best lead the nation

This is the hatred
That I learned and practiced
State educated
Enforced by harassment
Violence begot
To the violence of masses
All faithful to State
And its deplorable tactics

These are the bindings
That once held me encumbered
Mindless to the State
While my heart stay in slumber
Spineless to the truth
That all war is a blunder
And while love was laid dormant
We were all tore asunder

All ripped apart
From love and compassion
All serving evil
While forming our factions
Duteously marching
Baby steps in reaction
To the forming of soldiers
And willing assassins

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The Library by Garathe Den

I could be quiet
And never write a story
Let them collect in my mind
Like a secret library
A labyrinth encased
To an endless inquiry
Where one shadow roams
With the Spirit of Glory

But what fun would that be
To be in peace and in solace
Knowing the world still collapses
By embracing false promise
Knowing they never heard words
That were preached, being honest
While in my mind there's a torrent
Always churning in conquest

Life is so much better
In a mind that imagines
Of the endless possibilities
Full of love and compassion
Now reigned into terrors
Full of anthems and famines
Where war is a constant
Bombardment of cannons

Outside of condition
Outside of control
Not afraid to step out of
The only box you have known
Not afraid to make life
Rather then accepting a role
Indoctrination abandoned
For the thrills of the soul

I've held onto these writing
Held onto these thoughts
Always doubting the audience
And accepting the loss
And the time that has past
Makes me wonder the cost
I've been hiding so long
That I feel the exhaust

Now it's time I repent
For the terror I've felt
I know that I am to blame
For the hand that I've dealt
Censored my writings
Censored myself
Speaking my heart
To all of these empty shelves

Just being alone
All covered in dust
Longing to share
What I didn't trust
Caught in despair
Caught in disgust
Tongue clenched in silence
From speaking what's just

There's no time like the present
And what can I say
Life is as long
As the brief of the day
May never find comfort
May never get praise
But at least I took steps
Where I once held delay

10 months, 1 week ago

Utopia by Garathe Den

What's another grave
In a world filled with zombies
Next president, next war
The next two thousand bombing
Our altars all pagan
Are wastelands in laden
With the shrines of salvation
All napalm and hatred

Let us lift another prayer
Of complete annihilation
Our enemies made ashes
With no retaliations
Give thanks for the victory
Support of the troops
The drones in the skies
And the rocket's pursuit

Let us humble ourselves
Hold our hands over heart
Let us look to the flag
That defines who we are
We the people, the system
We the stoic machine
That which knows not love
So we fabricate dreams

We take no as the answer
To the solutions of peace
Set laws, forcing doctrines
Just to do as we please
For we are the righteous
Our morals must last
We will reign out with fire
And quell any clash

So all hail the blue-screens
And their programs of guidance
We will cower in fear
With the news that they bide us
The enemies surrounding
The wolves at the gate
So send forth the bombs
For the threats all at stake

See the eyes are the sensors
And the censors are fair
They protect from the evils
And the lies that impair
Of the outcasts and misfits
Terrorists and rebels
Those who speak against State
Raise the voice of the devil

Close your eyes, mute your ears
Know there's nothing trustworthy
Of the revolts of the wild
With their rage and their fury
They are a threat to our world
There's no hope in the parleys
They will poison our minds
So we must sent out the armies

We will bury the casualties
Pave the roads over
Rewrite our story
And finally have closure
Here in utopia
It is filled with safe places
And when the anthem comes on
We'll gladly sing our praises

10 months, 1 week ago

Giants by Garathe Den

I walk these streets
Surrounded by Goliaths
Flaunting and taunting
All haunted with violence
What is my purpose
When I refuse to compliance
For I won't be a slave
To the grave or the tyrant

I walk these streets
Shadows cast in superstition
Got a lamp to light my feet
From the footfalls of religion
I may be less discrete
As I repeat this one decision
But I will not conform to man
And his era of division

Every system and institution
Houses seeds of corruption
Congregations knowing nothing
Except the praise of destruction
And I have come to the crossroads
And now must choose my next junction
Do I remain within the system
Or do I seek its disruption

I seek its destruction
No part left to survival
No person regarded
In praise, but reviled
For the systems have wronged us
Always keep us on trial
Caught in fear and perdition
But I am ending this cycle

Forgive my lack of condolence
For my coming offenses
You cult of servitude
Absently void of all senses
No heart no compassion
Caught in a State of defenses
So closed off to the world
And blind through your lenses

Factions parading
Through these streets in protest
Religions in battle
To try to prove who knows best
More segregation
More forms of duress
Coercion and violence
And fraud and theft

Passing these giants
All huddled together
Gangs of belief
That believe they're a treasure
With nothing to offer
And nothing to measure
Except grunts and complaints
And the absence of pleasure

I've no regret
Stepping out on these streets
Outside of the boxes
Outside of deceits
While glances grotesque
Condemn and critique
And cringe at a man
Who just wants to have peace

10 months, 1 week ago

Fruit by Garathe Den

All I see is fruit
Some of it is rotten
Hold my breath and fear the scent
It cannot be forgotten
Watching every step
Tantalize the garden
Pit against the roots
Of the hearts all laying hardened

Wish I had a green-thumb
Release a revelation
Entrenching of the mindset
In need of ventilation
You must break from the foundation
To end the desolation
All the elements are stirring
In a force of speculation

So much left to potential
The garden lying flattened
Left to strangle self, and I ask
How could this have happened
The beauty yet surmounted
This desert leaves me saddened
How I long to cultivate
But all of life has been abandoned

And the soil, it is barren
The which remains, infertile
Shall I strive against the earth
In hopes of something that's eternal
All the life the creeps below me
It is nothing but infernal
Chewing through the veins
As though phantoms of the external

Strike against the plains
Yet these wounds are never bleeding
Soaked the life that's split
And offers dust to choke the breathing
Blanketing the tombs
Of a past that's long retreating
All the toils of the earth
To be consumed in endless weeding

Feel the scorching of the sun
As the body tests its limits
Will of mind and soul collapsing
Isn't all that can inhibit
As the aching and fatigue
Greets a nature that's insistent
Caught at the edge of madness
Until the wind does lift my spirit

Storms off in the horizon
Show of lightning, clash of thunder
A breeze of chill is leading
To embrace me in a shudder
All my hopelessness in effort
Turned in haste into a wonder
Seeing rains approaching
Turning prey, now, into hunter

Flooding my subconsciousness
Of the seeds that I have planted
What the future holds in sight
Is but a story yet expanded
With deserts all around me
And the view of hope seemed stranded
Within this valley I've found Eden
Where the fruit of life is granted

10 months, 1 week ago

Pop Quiz by Garathe Den

Alleviate the consequence
Sacrifice a martyr
Hoodwink the populous
To the genocide of honor
A scapegoat holocaust
All in the guise of ardor
Granting your allegiance since
The founding of the fathers

Bombs burst to celebrate
Serenade the rockets
Wartime on the mind
Explosions to profit
Round up the casualties
Making your deposits
Cultivate a business plan
Monopolize the markets

Castrate the candidate
Crush the opposition
Encapsulate, congregate
Define the definition
Celebrate all the hate
Fooled with prohibition
Emancipate human waste
The starting of tradition

Gold fades to masquerades
While paper is abundant
Inflate to subjugate
The system is triumphant
Too late, greet your fate
An ecosystem that's redundant
Salivate to lubricate
The cycle of incumbents

Flu shot the Argonaut
All chemicals and compounds
A heart-stop onslaught
Leaving minds all dumbfound
Ink blot, Camelot
Renaissance and pronouns
Shakespeare untaught
As yonder light does fade now

Playgrounds and obstacles
Train children to assassins
Chaos all methodical
Keeping fear a passion
The narrative a farcical
Religion all unfastened
Free-thought antiparticle
Welcome poverty to famine

Maintain supply-chain
Rapid prototyping
Alpha sigma mainframe
Composites uninviting
Solo cannot be contained
Escape the endless sightings
While they quantify the domain
To reign in violent guiding

Time for your pop-quiz
Answers orchestrated
Minds trapped in boxes
Farewell the innovative
Programmed responses
The keeper of the tainted
The system just a toxin
A legacy of hatred

10 months, 1 week ago

Demise by Garathe Den

From light into tragedy
Caught in the fears of your own mind
Chose to walk, in endless pageantry
Couldn’t embrace, this love divine

Always a victim of mentality
Just a damsel in distress
Conjuring struggle, from insanity
Seeking perfection, failing tests

Call it an heirloom, accursed family
Generations, clothed in death
Insecurities held in frailty
To stagnancy of final breath

You’ve walked the tightrope to a stutter
Felt the stress to place your step
One mistake you think to shudder
Collapsed to limitless regret

A world of pressure all surmounting
What redemption could equate
Doubts unveiling a resounding
Hopelessness to find escape

The day is drawn into slumber
And now dusk has masked the way
Heart has froze into a sculpture
By the shame that it has weighed

And this candle but a flicker
Seems to dwindle from a flame
That it consumed all but the vigor
Trying to kindle from the shame

Why this journey so endeavored
Full of pain and sacrifice
To have all love in life be severed
Through your acts of self-demise

10 months, 1 week ago

Warlord by Garathe Den

Give me a king, God
I want to have vengeance
I need blood to spill
To feel an ounce of repentance
I need sacrifice
Can't you see my dependence
For vain is my hope
While peace is my presence

Judge me worthy
To be ruled by the sword
To be empowered by conquest
Triumph over the horde
Let all the earth be shaken
Let all the blood be poured
Let me bathe in the glory
Of a life of discord

Wage this war
Throughout all generations
Rage enforced
To seek devastation
I have no time for love
Need to conquer the nations
Need the whole world to bow
Right to my expectations

There needs to be order
There needs to be rule
There needs to be fear
For the controlling of fools
A mass misconception
A mask to delude
A masterful plan
Leaves the masses subdued

And it will all be a rues
To distract them from sight
A veil placed over their eyes
To keep them cowered in fright
Submissive and silent
Caught in the plight
Too blind to realize
The measure of their might

What I say, it will be
And they will cheer my election
By the point of my sword
And its means of dissection
I will wage endless wars
Till the sea's a reflection
Of the blood overflowing
To embrace my reception

The master of slaughter
The tyrants of praise
The god of destruction
For a world set ablaze
Basking in torment
Delighting in pain
The world made an altar
To offer up the remains

The burn and the billows
The scent of the forge
The raising of armies
And the stains of the gored
The madness and vengeance
The thirst of the sword
Waged in the worship
Of their mighty warlord

10 months, 1 week ago

Perceive With Caution by Garathe Den

Try to think beyond
What you have been programmed
Question everything
Let your paradigms be broken
Life is really short
May as well live awoken
Contemplate it all
And your mind's bound to be opened

We live in an illusion
All so tightly fabricated
Religion of a State
Of a faith, of fear and hatred
Congregation controlled
Corporately manipulated
For thousands of years
And our minds are still sedated

Oh say can you see
Well, apparently not
Got a veil over your eyes
And your ears in a clot
Your heart barely beating
Your morals in knots
So much war in your veins
That all of love you've forgot

Will there be a time
That you will open your mind
Let your eyes see outside
Of all that confines
All of the veils
All of the blinds
All the corruption
That keeps you intertwined

For the narrative
That the media spoke
Has been the only words
That you've ever known
But opportunity's come
As a chance to be woke
To awake form your ignorance
And come out from under the cloak

See truth for what it is
To be free of persuasion
Break the bonds of religion
That has crafted the nations
Cognitive dissonance
That fashions the patrons
All held to a halt
By perceiving with patience

Letting your mind explore
All plausible actions
Willing to question
Beyond the faith of your faction
To critically challenge
Despite the mob of reaction
To stand out of the box
Refusing the opinions of passions

Step out of delusion
Quit living defiled
See your religion
And know that it's not worthwhile
Tyrants in procession
Malicious and hostile
So caught up in a system
Only meant to be reviled

10 months, 1 week ago

Meadow by Garathe Den

I'm feeling great right now
Living through my own story
I'm not searching for approval
Of the great empire
Can't satiate right now
As I just hunger for a glory
And no man could ever show me
Can't reach the heights I aspire

But the Spirit is another
So united to the Gospel
So inviting to my life
In spite of all that I trifle
I’m not looking to uncover
Ancient cities that have toppled
I’m just stepping out of boxes
While no longer living frightful

See I was birthed to institution
My mind made a cluster
To never contemplate
Nor to question authority
Then I made a restitution
No longer in a bluster
No longer living vain
And lost to conformity

But before that took place
I made so many bad decisions
Like supporting corruption
And never asking why
I just always made a case
In support of my religion
Looking to the State
To tell me how to live and die

Wars would be waging
And I would be supporting
Sending troops to die for nothing
While we all thought it was great
But the conflicts they were staging
Offered nothing so rewarding
And instead we all were blinded
In a fabricated hate

That is how we are controlled
With a narrative of fear
With a blind over our eyes
And no sense of awareness
We just live a life patrolled
That’s been so long commandeered
That we barely know ourselves
And are treated oh so careless

And to wake from that delusion
A nightmare in comparison
No longer being haunted
Afraid of my shadow
Been made aware of the intrusion
Knowing it was never genuine
I stepped out from the darkness
And walk in this meadow

A life I can rejoice in
Realizing my identity
Walking with a purpose
With my head held high
No longer choking on the poison
Truth being the remedy
With hope all surrounding
And the bright blue sky

10 months, 1 week ago

A Host Unto Myself by Garathe Den

There are so many things
That I can understand
I can comprehend the intentions
Of most every man
Except for myself
Silenced to command
I dug this coffin long ago
And now at its foot I stand

One step, only
And I would fall into eternity
Every emotion swelling
Consuming and then drowning me
Maybe there’s an end to this
Now that, I find, is comforting
Then an ocean of emotions
That do not mean a thing to me

Adapted and conformed
A morphing of identity
An illusion of myself
Conjured to an entity
Tried to let it rule
But it offered no serenity
Played me for a fool
As it turned into my enemy

Now I’m stranger than fiction
In a never ending story
This facade is getting old
And weakening it stands before me
Became a host unto myself
And I’m starting to ignore me
Because I know there’s more to life
Then the pursuits of self-glory

And so I sit here in silence
All my action in waiting
While the eager and impatient
They have gone on parading
Striving and struggling
All their efforts are straining
While I wrestle with doubts
I cannot cease in containing

Yet I sit and I wait
And my life still sees blessing
Where inaction is judged
I’m withdrawn from impressing
In discomfort I grow
Being readied in dressing
To hold the purpose of love
That I’m called in expressing

A vessel that’s been drawn
To be in outpouring
Lost to distraction
Complete in restoring
A heart never wavered
That’s One in according
To the life of our Christ
To be forever exploring

Internally changed
A manifest destiny
Love ever present
Taken to tenancy
Love as the action
The purest of tendencies
With a Host unto myself
That inhabits identity

10 months, 1 week ago

Black Swan by Garathe Den

I can see them staring at me in peripheral
And that's enough to muster all anxiety
Yet while the whole world in a sense seems hypocritical
I cannot help to fend myself off from its piety

You see divorce is something love just cannot comprehend
Yet I know that there are hearts consumed in gossip
And in this sea of life that's bobbing, I search for my friends
But the lie is often bigger than colossus

The isolation that I feel, it must be phantoms
To which the act to offer hand could break illusion
And yet subconsciously my worries are in tantrum
Till all reason fades away to noise pollution

Please don't get me wrong, I know I am no victim
There's more hope inside my heart than ocean waters
Yet there are times, distracted, I'm fooled by the systems
That seek to sacrifice my soul upon the altar

Than I spread my wings, head held high
And I notice, eyes turned audience now gleam
Seeing how they envy, angered at the skies
Silently hoping I crash to their stagnant schemes

Labeled me the black swan yet I am still beaming
This light a transcending radiant flare
Eyes captivated, blinded and fleeing
From the hopes lost and no longer dared

Now reaching to the heights that I aspire
Far beyond the worshiping of men
The universe, expanse to be admired
Where eternity will never meet its end

If it's a fairy tale that they long of recital
I'll be a moral to the story that's forgotten
For the memory of them, wont keep past idols
Yet in humility all love has been begotten

10 months, 1 week ago

The Beating Heart by Garathe Den

The heart can be a rant
Beating to a tantrum
Blinded by emotion
As the mind just cannot fathom
Often that’s how we stand
Pulsing to a spasm
Losing touch with Love
Giving chase unto the phantoms

Until we’re held in darkness
No direction to the light
Servant to the mindset
As it wanders out of sight
Conjuring up demons
Holding us in fright
Divided from compassion
And all of its delight

Trapped within disorder
Mentally deranged
Shackled in deception
Perceptions unexplained
Calloused from the pain
It has chosen to sustain
Held within a prison
Yet there’s always hope of change

The heart can be a tyrant
Divorcing self from love
Craving but the vengeance
Satiated but with blood
Ready to devour
Waiting for the flood
Pressure building up
To bang the gavel, as a judge

Completely lost to purpose
Torn away from passion
Functioning to live
But without any satisfaction
Without the purest joy of love
Just held within distraction
Withered to the soul
No longer holding an attraction

The fruit has been exhausted
The fields are laying bare
From a heart that could have nurtured
But instead embraced despair
Letting all love fade away
Neglecting over care
So broken over time
In dire need to be repaired

Pushing love away
Instead of being its reflection
Called to be a beacon
But dwelling in contention
Silenced to the soul
Letting corruption lead deception
All recollection shattered
Fading fast in disconnection

Keep beating heart
Awaken from demise
Let love speak life again
So you can finally reply
Keep beating heart
Release yourself from lies
Be reconciled into love
The absolute of your design

10 months, 1 week ago

Lens by Garathe Den

I see you, and seeing you
I bring you into being
Creation in acknowledgment
The whole world, it is beaming
Awaken from distraction
All the factions unredeeming
Life is so extravagant
Can you not see that it is teeming

Beauty all encompassing
Every cell and atom
Microscopic observation
In an awe I cannot fathom
The grace to case this place
Palpitations set to spasm
A heart that skips the beat
In endless enthusiasm

So thankful for existence
Beyond our understanding
All logic stays confounded
To this mystery enchanting
Appreciate it my whole life
So captured by its romancing
I take a breath to celebrate
And feel my lungs expanding

Consciously determined
Intentionally aware
Deliberate in my actions
With premeditated care
Calculated measures
Eager just to share
That life is so fantastic
Beyond any faults or fears

Merely to have an open eye
It does not mean you see
So much in life can pass you by
And that’s a tragedy
To live your life within a veil
Blinded from the sea
Of the life that flows around you
Dwelling in shadows of debris

Most of the world has a perspective
That is negatively cast
Seeing most life without value
And subjected to their wrath
That they make the world a wasteland
In their daily treaded paths
With such dreaded consequences
Of the compassions which they lack

It first and foremost must be
The heart that draws the sight
The lens of love to filter
The value into a life
Then the mind must be opened
Beyond doctored plight
To see beyond tradition
Beyond offense, to what is right

Then I see you, and seeing you
There is brought about inception
Creation and existence
And value and connection
Breaking passed the boundaries
Of the past of our deceptions
Where all life can radiate
To a mirror of reflection

10 months, 1 week ago

Backs by Garathe Den

How do you not acknowledge truth?
You simply turn away
Appalling is the thought
And yet it happens everyday
I wish I had the nerve
But I just could not say
All the things I wanted to
Would never be relayed

The quicksands of ambition
Avoid the confrontation
Let the fool prevail
Without challenging damnation
Watching their destruction
Their absence of creation
Washing from my hands
As it bloodies up the basin

Could have spoke the truth
Could have rose to challenge
Could have tipped the scales
In the hopes of bringing balance
Instead I remain silent
Watching without valiance
Too weak to speak release
And mesmerized by malice

Who am I really
If I don’t walk in love
Willing to watch assassins
Quench their fill of spilling blood
With the option just to speak out
Rather then standing numb
Seeing life unravel
And I, it’s silent judge

Still, I see
And still I remain silent
Still, I gleam
At this display of violence
Flashing right before my mind
And I am not defiant
An audience entertained
As the lusting of a tyrant

Truth again evaded
By the turning of my back
Left to consequence
And it’s unending wrath
Every step that I have taken
Has been upon the worn paths
For all have turned their backs
Against the courage that they lack

Too ashamed to be acknowledged
Too fearful of reproach
Too much comfort in their lives
To all that they devote
That to swim against the current
Is a struggle to their soul
Besides, what is life
If you’re not in control

You see, power is enticing
And let’s just all assume
That these paths we walk in comfort
Have all become quite smooth
At such little inconvenience
That I know what I’ll choose
But I could never say for sure
Cuz then, I’d have to face the truth

10 months, 1 week ago

Who Says Love Isn’t Scary by Garathe Den

Who says love isn’t scary
The most vulnerable you’ll ever be
And who has more scars in their life
Then those who wear their hearts on their sleeves
I’ll tell you now, that love is a terror
And yet I still bare it will glee
Despite all of the warnings, I follow headlong
Because love is all I’ll ever need

Despite all of the pain of the past
And all the unknowns of the future
I’ll face my fears with a passion
And tend all my wounds in good humor
For I know that love is my suitor
No matter how I’m terrified
I will rise to meet it in its splendor
And get lost within its paradigm

Love has so many faces
And I fear I only know a few
So if I lose sight of its nature
I will wander a stranger and fool
And love, it speaks in a language
That can change and transform in a spell
And all at once when I thought I could speak out
My translation had nothing to tell

For love is a Tower of Babel
And the heart’s a small piece of its mold
If the world could assemble together
Imagine how love could be shown
But instead it’s in fragments all scattered
Cryptic and I cannot solve
And the fear that I’d miss but a fraction
Holds me within endless resolve

Love can be trampled and beaten
Love can be lain to the slaughter
Love can be cast to the graveside
But love, can also be authored
So I hold onto hope without worry
Despite all fears of the mind
Because love is beyond understanding
Eclipsing a grace so divine

So I stand, in only but a shadow
To get lost in pursuit of this treasure
Without knowing where this path will lead me
With no guarantee it will bring pleasure
But the measure of faith that I follow
Is a gravity I cannot fathom
And the weight of this glory before me
Causes my heart to sing to am anthem

So much more than I ever expected
Far beyond imagination’s gaze
Overwhelmed at the presence of love
In a labyrinth that holds me amazed
All that I’ve known, ever-changing
Love always moving beyond
Where the heart was once held in staging
In waiting for us to respond

Who says love isn’t scary
A force that can never be tamed
That looks at the world without worry
Holding the power to change
While those without passion forsake it
Casting their judgements and blame
But I have decided to face it
And never have I been the same

10 months, 1 week ago

Odyssey by Garathe Den

Look at me, head held high
Searching through the stars
Plotting a new course in life
Of what I’m longing for
Always an adventure
Know I’m never gonna break
Got the universe before me
And a love that won’t forsake

That’s one small step
In the torrent of the vast
Eternity consuming me
Much more than I could ask
Much more than I could grasp
Existence overwhelming
Yet continue to explore myself
Because it’s so compelling

Breathe so deep
My lungs filled and expanding
Breath released
The stresses so demanding
No gravity to hold me
To the burdens of another
No fears and superstitions
To bind, contain and smother

Life is so much bigger
Than the singular of moments
The ones that bother to distract us
And leave us feeling broken
But instead of ignoring them
Pretending they’re but phantoms
We need to learn to grow through them
Find love in expansion

Pursuit and endeavor
Desire, exploration
Perspective and awareness
And ceaseless transformation
The complexities of self
A journey through the cosmos
Connecting spirit with the soul
Off into this great unknown

Love, I have found you
In this limitless expanse
The Universe a labyrinth
With its ever-winding paths
It is a journey of a lifetime
A saga which to act
An epic of existence
Where all creation’s an impact

Mysteries all around us
The miraculous of life
Where we can only beg to question
And never really know what’s right
Somewhat always in the blind
And in some ways always alone
Yet we’re all beckoned to discover
Who we are within our own

Take one step to lead the other
Finding my supports
Take a breath to keep composure
As I’m plotting my own course
I don’t know where life will take me
As this odyssey unfolds
Yet I will go on bravely
And I’ll see what it all holds

10 months, 1 week ago

The Blasphemer by Garathe Den

They say labor, perpetually
For the sake of your existence
Just put a smile on
And pretend that it’s a privilege
That you live in a dream
Instead of in a prison
Where a veil over your eyes
Is the epitome of wisdom

And when you ask out
What is the meaning of life
All religions recite
It is strife, it is strife
It is blood sacrifice
At the end of a knife
Dreams buried deep
To let death suffice

So labor in vanity
Set your sights to the plough
Through blood, sweat and tears
May it silence your mouth
May you never object
May you never doubt
May you flow with the current
Of a mindless crowd

All following suit
All striving for stature
For titles that evaporate
Quicker than the rapture
Finding your identity
In something that is captured
Losing your identity
To a system manufactured

While your most earnest of dreams
Are suppressed and sequestered
And the regret of your actions
Through the years start to fester
But instead of seeing truth
You condemn the protesters
Casting off your shame
From the life you have entered

And you boast and you gloat
And you marvel for nothing
Dreams long abandoned
While you sit here just judging
Sought the approval of masses
In the hopes of becoming
A product of the system
In a life so disgusting

With so much invested
You can’t turn back now
Your dreams are a phantom
Haunting a forgotten vow
While you’re pressing on forward
Your hand to the plough
To strive without purpose
Which is what you have allowed

No one here to blame
Except only for yourself
Such a pitiful picture
That you have compelled
And you judge and you jury
And you execute hell
As you blaspheme the dreams
Which you had once held

10 months, 1 week ago

Guarded by Garathe Den

Always clear headed
Don’t drown anything out
Sober and conscious
Everything in account
The joy and the sorrow
The flood and the drought
All faced with clarity
In their fullest amount

I don’t open up
I hardly confide
Prone to the act
To just hide it inside
Calm is the surface
A mirror that shines
While dark is the depths
And it’s not for your eyes

So don’t stir the waters
Don’t try to make waves
For when peace becomes broken
It opens the graves
And the efforts of burial
I’d sure like to stave
Avoiding the hardship
And hiding the pain

Don’t know if it’s healthy
And really don’t care
I choose my own path
Choose what I will bare
A conscious decision
I’ve weighed and compared
My business, alone
That which I will not share

Ask me how I’m doing
And you’ll get a reply
One I have recited
And approved in my mind
Though the truth may be hiding
You’ll not see with your eyes
Because this smile’s well practiced
And helps me to disguise

Deny introspection
To the observance of others
Hiding the scars
Of all the past lovers
Containing the rage
That would otherwise smother
Keeping silent the truths
That I don’t long to utter

I’ll manifest peace
Gain my composure
And if I like you
I may draw you closer
I may take my time
As I ease in exposure
Crafting my love
As a fluent composer

For even my passion
I feel need to restrain
Least I lose all control
And my secrets escape
Leaving the door open
To feel a new pain
Do I wrestle with love
To the risks of mistake

10 months, 1 week ago

I’m Quite Alright by Garathe Den

Hey, man, are you okay?
You know, yeah I’m quite alright
Life’s a rollercoaster
And I’m in it for the ride
At times I like the breeze
Sometimes I’m holding on real tight
You know, happiness and sorrow
But I’ll never lose my sight

I’ve had my own struggles
Faced some tribulations
Got some battle scars
But survived the situations
The heart is pretty strong
And I hold no reservations
You see, I’m always gonna love
No matter what the implications

I do not deal in hatred
Vengeance never served me
Any time I thought about it
It really felt unnerving
Unnatural to my nature
If it’s not love, it’s disturbing
Hate was never an excuse
No matter how bad I was hurting

I’d rather walk the narrow path
Never stepping out of place
Focusing on love
Set to run it like a race
So much joy to have in life
So I am keeping pace
Hurdling the obstacles
And cleaning up the space

Let me say this frankly
I am nowhere near a broken man
Sure I’ve weathered storms
But I’d never fall to their command
Never let emotions
Set a course I could not comprehend
Never let a lie
Be a truth that I would just pretend

What you see is what you get
A quiet man who is creative
Never worry, never drama
Because I find them too abrasive
Sure I’ve got some mystery
And I can be evasive
Yet I’ll always wear this smile
Because joy is so persuasive

I look into my being
And I see inherent value
And would say, no matter what they say
No matter how they assail you
Always keep your head up
Do not let hurt impale you
Because anything outside of love
Will always, surely, fail you

You ask me if I’m alright
Ask me how I’m doing
Well, I embrace the joys of life
And inhabit their renewing
And I explore in love of life
Eternally a musing
For no matter what has happened
Love is always worth perusing

10 months, 1 week ago

Illuminating by Garathe Den

I knew for a long time
That being me just wasn’t good enough
And despite that hopelessness
I still tried to give the fullest love
Because love is my nature
It’s the person that I am
So when Love wasn’t returned
I was left with the command

Efforts for acceptance
And I knew it was perverse
But I tried to bury self
To bare the burden of this curse
So my children wouldn’t see
Wouldn’t have to know this hurt
Take a breath but never breathe
Suffocating without worth

Was the action right
Was there any hope
Could I overcome the obstacles
Ignoring the true scope
To pretend things would get better
While having no means which to cope
Trying to climb to the peak
Upon a slippery slope

Destined to fail
For the hearts weren’t in alignment
One sought other’s attention
While the other one lay blinded
The dial of the sands
Set a desert to the climate
And scorching was the land
As love had fallen silent

For there’s no hope without love
So I took the wounded fragments
The exposure of my heart
Now barely beating, latent
I had trusted beyond reason
Never doubted in relation
And the truth tore me to pieces
That love was long since vacant

Arising from a patient
This wouldn’t be my death
I would not be seen as victim
Held down by my regret
For the sun ceased not in rising
And I would not forget
That the nature of my love
Does not exist within neglect

The nature of love
It is extravagant indeed
It is the only thing in life
Without a foundation of need
Without dependence of another
Without demanding of a deed
Surreal to all existence
And in me it’s planted seed

And every day I’m growing
Found healing from the past
Because love keeps my attention
And it keeps me right on track
For no matter how painful
There’s no need for looking back
With love, a light of hope
That illuminates my path

10 months, 1 week ago

Life Lesson by Garathe Den

Life lesson
Nobody will hurt you more
Then someone you love
We focus on enemies
While guarding our heart
Yet it’s the closest people
Who can tear it apart

But I say, love extravagant
Let down all your guards
Hold your head high
And embrace all the scars
Love is the answer
Don’t focus on pain
Love, just in spite
Of all of the shame

It’s become far too easy
For us to discard
Forming our factions
And having no regard
Making life into a fiction
The illusions of the author
Letting truth fade away
To the deceit that were offered

We call ourself victim
Call others the enemy
Create a facade
That disfigures identity
And as time goes by
Part of you becomes lost
Buried so deep inside
That it just leaves you in want

See, treating life like material
So easy to replace
Walking through relationships
All piling like waste
It just keeps you in pain
As more of you breaks
And the whole world can see it
But they’re conditioned to take

It is time to ponder life
Let our minds be unfurled
And quit letting pain
Be the center of your world
Find value in others
Quit waging these wars
Let the empire cease
So that love can restore

Because all life has purpose
Yet all are disguised
Because we all know the same hurt
And have believed the same lies
So don’t let it be a guide
Time to open your heart
Because love’s the only thing
That will not tear it apart

Life lesson
Nothing can save the world
Greater than love
And it starts with an action
Without need of reply
And until you learn to love
You’re never truly alive

10 months, 1 week ago

Paths by Garathe Den

I don't walk in the footsteps
Of the crowd with all answers
Cults blinded in servitude
To the deceit of their masters
No parading with rainbows
No protesting/professing commandments
No path worn down
By misled propagandists

No religious turmoil
No moral denoting
No system engraved
Indoctrinated and gloating
No institution esteemed
Not one thought provoking
All roads lead another
To a war that's foreboding

Contentions are flaring
The consensus a menace
An ego of thought
Raising tyrants to lead us
Pleading my case
I say run from the premise
Watch the wolves starve to death
As I offer no penance

Prowling these paths
Of the minds all enraptured
Thoughts beacon lies
Can't realize their own capture
Smooth is the trail
Dead is the pasture
A flock ripped apart
All but well manufactured

Yet all held single file
To salute the old flags
And recite their reprisal
The allegiance that's sworn
Tightly knit in denial
Where symbols hold value
Over life/love and survival

It is an age-old act
The deceit of religion
Where innocence is cast
To the embrace of division
All direction misleading
Preceding collision
Contention is risen
Blinding eyes from their vision

Walking in the dark
With no light for their way
Bound to get lost
All profoundly displayed
Ghastly and grim
In a state of decay
As life silently ceases
Through submission and praise

These dwindling days
All sacrificed to the altars
Of the religions of man
For the sake of power
What a waste of all life
What a way the world falters
To just follow the path
That leads them right to the slaughter

10 months, 1 week ago

Hypnosis by Garathe Den

I write the lyrics
And then I memorize them
Put grown men to sleep
Cause they're like a lullaby then
And when they pass away
That's when I'm improvising
But you don't have to fear
So now, just close those little eyes then

Now all that you couldn't see
Let me just paint the pictures
I live life by the Word
Not every single scripture
You want to sail the vessel
But the priest says he's the skipper
And that's the life you follow
In all religious strictures

See the image is so clear
When you're looking from the Truth
But when we were young in faith
They said to fight nail and tooth
But as we beat ourselves down
Our eyes just couldn't see through
So we were left within the blind
With a message all aloof

We add a dash of color
And the picture becomes vivid
We see the blood of Christ
And then decide to live it
Religion says it's wrong
But we can easily dismiss it
For the contrast shows the courses
And they're the ones more livid

We're messing with their pocket books
Their profits and their greed
We're telling tales truthfully
While they're losing prophecies
The system is against us
But we're not losing any sleep
For we know who we arose with
And we know how strong's the Seed

You get a little detail
Then the picture nears complete
You see the marks He bore
The nails in hands and feet
Now you want to understand it
You need simply take a seat
For in heaven there's no time to work
No strongholds to defeat

Now it's time that you awaken
Let this Truth rule supreme
You thought you lost your way
But the Way's the Light, the Beam
Let It guide you out of darkness
He was created to redeem
Now that your life is picture perfect
See it's no longer just a dream

10 months, 1 week ago

Stars by Garathe Den

When I was a child
I used to watch the stars
Counting them in numbers
All shining from afar
Laying in the grass
Gazing at the sky
Mesmerized in silence
On the night car rides

But now I hardly see them
With this city and its lights
That muddy up the skies
Veiling me from sight
This life has lost its splendor
To artificial glow
And drawing me as dim
To feel no purpose in the soul

Try to make a wish
Knowing it’s in vain
This system is mechanic
Meant to fashioning these chains
Yet I’m told to keep on churning
Strive to pave a way
But as light and life diminish
All that’s left is the grave

Where are my starry eyes now
Have they faded from existence
The child I was once
Just seems so far and distanced
A memory that’s faded
And almost inconsistent
That I try to resurrect
And yet my mind holds to resistance

Society demanding
That I look a certain way
To walk the path long-worn and trodden
And to never ever stray
All the pressures on the efforts
Where achievements build display
And the world can gawk and ridicule
Devouring the prey

Trained to keep my eyes
Focused on an object
The illusions of success
Where dreams are long since shipwrecked
Lying to your mind
And blindly I will accept
While the stars remain veiled
No longer seeing what they project

I sit still in this fog
Knowing it isn’t life
To live within a shadow
To never see the light
And while the skies are darkened
It’s but a fabricated night
With murky, muddled visions
Which I do not delight

I long to see the stars again
Where once I felt alive
Instead of sitting here
Where I feel I’ve long since died
To live a life of freedom
And not simply just survive
To burn bright in all my brilliance
Because I was born to shine

10 months, 1 week ago

A Father by Garathe Den

I’m the greatest father in the world
So says my girls
And that’s just enough
To put my whole heart in a swirl
It may not look too manly
It may not look too tough
But if that’s all I have
It is far more than enough

Being there and present
Looking in their eyes
If I had a choice in life
I’d not be any other guy
Holding their embraces
Kissing their sweet faces
There’s no time like the present
And this is one for the ages

Watching them grow
Bigger everyday
Giants in their characters
And I share in their parade
Watching them look at me
Feeling so invincible
Happiness in prodigies
My joy is at it’s pinnacle

Look at me, a father
Never would have thought
The greatest gifts in life
Are those that can’t be bought
Two souls in my life
Changing all of meaning
Feeling so content
That I may as well be dreaming

But this isn’t a dream
I’m living it, awake
And nothing in this world
Is every gonna break
The feelings I have for them
Their purpose in my life
These perfect precious beings
I can hardly peel my sights

Every time they say, hello
Every time they say, goodbye
Every time they say, I love you
My whole heart leaps in reply
Every silly moment
Every tender laugh
Every joyful expression
Is so much more than I could ask

This is part of who I am now
Who I’ve been made to be
With two lives who choose to love
And put their trust in me
Sharing their affection
Gaining their attention
They marvel right back at me
Without a thought to question

Identity a blessing
Love, the perfect gift
Life is so worth living
Having them exist
Enamored by their beauty
My two perfect daughters
I’m no longer just a man
Since I’ve become a father

10 months, 1 week ago

The Machine by Garathe Den

There once was a machine
That tried to mimic love
With calculated functions
It deemed adequate enough
Whirring of its systems
Clicking of the gears
It would formulate equations
And then follow and adhere

It thought it would start simple
One plus one is equaled two
But love doesn’t always equate that way
And it had the machine fooled
It searched through the examples
Finding squares and roots
But no matter the equation
There was nothing there to suit

It took much time to process
For years and months went by
And despite all the facts and logics
There was nothing to apply
For the rules and restrictions
Of the mathematic laws
Just couldn’t quite equate to love
And so then Love must be flawed

Yet, constantly critiquing
And adjusting the parameters
To create a rule of love
Through the charge of its capacitors
It’s tasks were never-ending
Always coming into fault
And the power used to process love
Had almost drawn it to a halt

The machine finally found an answer
Against all of its programming
That one plus one is sometimes one
Although not fully understanding
For if one plus one is sometimes one
And one plus one is two
Then when one adds or subtracts
Is that love then overruled?

The machine hummed a while
Searching its libraries
Trying to calculate
The variables and queries
Integers and binary
Booleans and patterns
Calculated logically
Then calculated backwards

It whirled and ticked and spun and flashed
Increasing in its efforts
With so much for it to process
It’s powers had to divert
The machine started to overheat
It started to malfunction
Until finally its process seized
And erred with corruption

Infinite possibilities
And rules yet to exist
That would only just be broken
If love chose to persist
The machine would never mimic love
Not ever coming close
Because love was something far beyond
No equation could denote

10 months, 1 week ago

Housed the Set by Garathe Den

It’s quite clear, Salvation is a mystery
A way of life and love easy to confess
Find comfort, redemption and victory
Restoration out of all of your regrets
His cross, the action, its imagery
There is no surprise in I just feeling blessed
For out of everything that I have held in infamy
Christ, himself, came and chose to house the set

10 months, 1 week ago

Amend by Garathe Den

I was told, “You’ll never change”
And the truth is, I never had to
Jumped the track, to try to please
Looking back, it’s kinda sad too
How I, let myself die
Eradicated, all but cracked through
Yet my heart, still it beats
Set the anthem, to impact you

Life, it can be hard
Can be a struggle, overwhelming
Sights and dreams, can discard
Leave your heart, angered, yelling
And the mind, it confides
To the bribes, so compelling
Lose yourself, lose the kind
Then you’ll find, darkness dwelling

Am I blind, mastermind
In a Labyrinth, ever-winding
I’m a tramp, light the lamp
It’s to dark, and I am hiding
Try to find me, try to bind me
Douse the light, it’s too blinding
Feel the hands, to the grind
I am buried, but I’m fighting

Lift this coffin, lid imposing
Air is thin, suffocating
This divorce, like a flower
Withered now, for the taking
Rest In Peace, the deceased
I’ma cease, in this hating
Buried me, in a sea
From deceit, I’m escaping

The unease, of Achlys
Speaking out in a poison
Misery, chasing me
I’ma flee, you annoying
All the hounding, all the drowning
All surrounding, I’m avoiding
Slithered servant, you perverted
You’re a burden, not worth toiling

Why you call me, why you chase me
Why you fake me, was it worth it
Break a heart and, then discard it
Á la carte it, then abort it
Go away now, fade away now
I’ma pray now, find my orbit
Find my peace, no more beasts
Easy street, mind the door shut

Turned the page, brace the waves
Face the unknown, life’s aquatic
Tides are coming, tides are going
Lighthouse showing, through the optic
Moving on and, getting older
I am bolder, count my losses
On the high ground, I’m alive now
Watch me shine on, so symbolic

Past is past, cannot change it
Can I learn though, bet I can
Learn to live, learn to laugh
Learn to love, once again
Sun is rising, light is shining
Hope displaying, who I am
Opened eyes I, see the future
And the view is, an amend

10 months, 1 week ago

References by Garathe Den

We pretend to look it up
We pretend to know it all
We pretend to have the facts
Yet in the end we always fall
Enamored by religion
A Boolean of truth
Where all other things are false

Because science has said it
For governmental funding
We read it on the headline
And that is saying something
The CDC, celebrities
All picturesque and stunning
It’s the popular option
No need to be confronting

All other opinions foolish
Lacking of the facts
Watched the news for twenty minutes
Put my faith within the act
God, I’m so enlightened
Nothing can distract
Cognitive to propaganda
Such revival in the tract

Time to get a flu shot
Need a new vaccine
Funding the production
Building a machine
Chemicals and compounds
Give me some caffeine
Loving this placebo
False securities in me

Never question anything
Never truly know
Never benefit the world
Just doing what we’re told
Livestock in comparison
No purpose to the soul
Idiots politicized
Who can barely even cope

While truth could be discovered
We remain within a cage
Mentally reduced
To the headlines of a page
References, a feeling
Unstable and enraged
Offended by statistics
With no hope of any change

The dangers of religion
Faith in institutes
Unchallenged and unscrutinized
Leaves minds of destitute
Zealous in belief
In an aimless, blind pursuit
Contemplation all abandoned
Afterthought, a residue

Brainwashed, corrupted
Controlled and engineered
Influenced, deceived
Hoodwinked and held in fear
Deluded, perverted
Seduced and volunteer
All references in marionette
The act of puppeteers

10 months, 1 week ago

Doubt by Garathe Den

What abyss is there?
In anything but doubt?
Fleeting in it’s hold
As I am but less devout
While only mind can hear
Unless it’s spoke aloud
Just a shadow in a thought
Needing heed for it’s surmount

Distance, separation
Maybe that is where it’s held
Where truth has been abandoned
And all of hope is but dispelled
Where love is but a word
Oh so easily withheld
That we form into militias
To wage in war as we rebel

Tyranny, it calls
To be our propaganda
To tell us who we are
Until we’ve grown into a slander
The rules that they expel
Are like chains we couldn’t handle
And when the flag waves in the sky
We salute to our commander

The sins of our fathers
The allegiance to a master
So abused by its act
We’ve found comfort in disaster
So amused by the pact
That war’s become our capture
Life so easily expelled
All existence is in a fracture

Canyons opened up
To the corruption of a cistern
Poison is the water
Yet we drink it as an intern
Burning who we are
Until we’re reduced to a cinder
Shaming us from love
Until all we are is a sinner

Left within a cavern
No means for our escape
This darkness overbearing
Blinding us in hate
We wanted something else
Yet our dreams have seemed to fade
Till all that’s left is doubt
With no hope for anything

A simple cause to question
To steal your will of life
To keep you veiled from seeing
Refraining you from sight
To keep in fear of freedom
So you will never fight
For life is far more worthy
When you’re basking in the light

We have all been charged
To be held to an account
Convinced to fear the sentence
In how our burdens will amount
But if truth will bring us freedom
Then we cannot do without
For there is not a verdict
In anything but doubt

10 months, 1 week ago

Kindle of a Flame by Garathe Den

Rights, violated
And for what?
A means just to safeguard
Old politicians
Sights, dilated
It’s enough
To read between the lines
To a road of perdition

Traveling, distancing
Losing your prosperity
Coax you to allegiance
Submission to the vain
Groveling, conditioning
Losing all your clarity
Hoping for salvation
Through the clasping of a chain

Parole, control
Term to set the limit
Stockholm of a syndrome
Another four years
Behold, your soul
Nothing but a gimmick
A tomb whitewashed
All rotten in its fear

Go vote, slit throats
Sliding in the ballot
Serpent is a slogan
The anthem of your praise
All ghosts, these jokes
Calling it a talent
Partisan the charlatan
The ways that they betray

One step, one theft
Inch to take a mile
Freedom now a phantom
Liberty an epithet
One right, one left
Both of them hostile
Mirrored in relation
Embodied in a president

Psyched out, fear now
Claiming comprehension
Pitiful existence
Like cattle to a claim
Woah, now, bell cow
Clanging for attention
Rattling the cages
All its efforts left in vain

Some see, most don’t
Fickle in a vision
Wandering a labyrinth
Lost without a path
Some change, most wont
Bound to their religion
Worshiping the devil
Just to get a taste of wrath

Life, annihilated
And for what?
Supporting of a system
That only brings you shame
Light, isolated
To disgust
Try to wick the lantern
To the kindle of a flam

10 months, 1 week ago

Stasis by Garathe Den

The world’s response to fear
How so easily
You let your life be commandeered
Your dreams and your ambitions
All but disappeared
A flock to mindless medias
Corralled and engineered

Once seemingly so vibrant
Filled with zest for life
Now cowering and pitiful
With no signs of delight
Panic in pandemic
And such a tragic sight
Identity abandoned
As you quarantine the light

No strength amongst your faculties
A product of the hype
You seizure in demeanor
Now, shrieking through your gripes
A feature presentation
Of a puppet of the tripe
A circus in a cycle
Where you’re all but circumscribed

A programmed and trained response
Devoted to the doctrine
Domesticated casualty
To every spoken toxin
Conforming to disparity
While leaving truth forgotten
Just to heed to fear, politicized
And viewing it as sovereign

The pavers of perdition
Building a religion
Cowards of the heart
Masquerading hope and wisdom
Villains of salvation
All fraught is their tradition
Too blinded by the perils
Fabricated repetitions

Cutting off the blood flow
Halting the response
It’s time to break away
But you have formed no renaissance
Shocked within a terror
Contained to a nuance
Peering in the headlights
As you hide within a box

Burying the coffin
Funeral in service
Never lived a life
Because your whole life’s been perverted
A corpse that lays in waste
Void of any purpose
In an eternal state of nervous

For fear, it has seized you
Drawn you to hiatus
Distracted you from everything
Which you should remain gracious
Try to find a spark of life
But it’s been rendered traceless
And without a pulse of courage
You just remain froze in stasis

10 months, 1 week ago

Nights Like This by Garathe Den

It’s on nights like this
Wish I had a thousand friends
That we would gather around the fire
And let the fun begin
Because my home is vacant, silent
And I cannot pretend
That this loneliness in life
Is every gonna end

For plagued is my soul
Displaying absence in the whole
Where friendships are as valued
As an eternity of gold
And life has a funny way
Of drawing distance, making cold
And I shudder just to think
That I could die alone

Yeah, on nights like this
I wish I could raise a chalice
To drink my fill of love
If I am being honest
Because life is too short
To live within your malice
I’d rather tip the scales
Then have an even balance

Focusing my actions
Solely into love
Where the heart has meaning
A reason beating blood
Gathered altogether
Embraced into a hug
No striving for acceptance
Through a system of a judge

It’s on nights like this
Where purpose speaks to mind
And I am left to look about
Seeing that we’re blind
Distracted from one another
Worked into a bind
While longing for our freedom
Yet never having time

And what of all these actions
Do they set the course of life
Transforming us to toil
Until all we know is strife
Repeat the generations
Repetitions of advice
Veiled from our design
So we may never reach our heights

It’s on nights like this
When things seem the darkest
Where all the problems of your life
Are seen at their largest
And all the little things
They seem to hit the hardest
And pierce right to the heart
And cut you at its sharpest

That you wish that you had somebody
That you were not alone
That life was really different
Then all that you’ve been shown
You try to hold your head up
You try to stay composed
But whether things will change or not
You really never know

On nights like this

10 months, 1 week ago

Break the Habit by Garathe Den

Creativity wants to be birthed from me
All my day dreams wanting to escape their solitude
I want it too, but I keep doubt holding me down
While the congress in my mind continually argues excuse
Maybe I’m not cursed, maybe I’m just clearly a fool
To hold talents and vision to lapse in synapse
My collective works of art all fragments of thought
Will I release them one day or just choose to relapse

While dreams fan the embers trying to ignite this flame
While I’m holding my breath just hoping for change
It’s a shame because my vision maintains to be blurry
And I won’t hurry out to greet what I feel is estranged
For I like my comforts and all that’s familiar
But don’t think that I’m lazy in this imagination
I’ve lived more lives than I’m willing to confess
And that might be enough, as I figure, in relation

Yet some like a more institutionalized way
Where the weight of success is a constant demand
Start a rat race for a title to claim
To the applause of a corporate command
But sometimes the gutter holds treasures and shade
And I’m more apt to just stoop to that level
For I’d rather have nothing then the pride of a slave
Enchanted, advocating the devil

Relax, it’s a fact, the idols of religion
Are a manifest destiny in all of our trades
Trained like an animal, shaped in behavior
To the display of identity through these parades
But I’m tired of marching to tunes undistinguished
From every other cult that sings their own praise
So until my dreams are clear, I’ll just stay in this place
And try not to feel burdened by the means of delay

Life might be short but why rush to mistake
To forsake who you are in exchange of promotion
When you could hone your own skill, though it may not be staged
Is it still not a worthy devotion
I think it might be, so I’ll continue to dream
And if some fade away, well it is what it is
After all, what nightmare would come to arise
If I was granted every one of my wishes

So I’ll wrestle with patience, impatient, impatience
Dancing twelve rounds with doubt and assurance
I’ll take my own beating and rise, and repeating
In the hopes I’ll still find my endurance
Don’t need approval, don’t need the applause
Yet sometimes I still crave it in panic
Trauma as it surfaced, to heal to a purpose
In the hopes I’ll finally break the habit

10 months, 1 week ago

The Abuse of Tension by Garathe Den

Emotions have betrayed you
You’ve traded wrong for wrong
Believed that you were powerless
Instead of standing strong
Abandoning identity
You’ve forgot where you belong
Let desperation be your god
And violence be your song

Vengeance, unforgiveness
It is eating you alive
As you riot in the streets
Letting hatred be your guide
A mirror of oppression
Becoming what you despise
The bearers of deception
Just as lost as you are blind

Seeing nothing but a victim
Being nothing but a slave
Feeling nothing but your hatred
As you dig your shallow grave
For the actions you have taken
They are one in the same
The same evils you lament
Are the ones you now parade

Look at all your rage
Look at all your anger
You cast it on the innocent
With no care for the stranger
You act without humanity
Is that really your nature
For when you become a monster
Then you become a danger

So riot in the street
Create your great divide
Just beat your chest and cause a mess
And see what it provides
A history of violence
In continual reply
Say farewell to unity
And hello to be denied

While the system never waivers
While your masters rest in peace
Wage the war that they are longing
So they can justify their reach
Spread terror throughout the land
So that they view you with unease
And become the dangerous animal
That needs to be policed

Where is your peace
Where is your self-control
Where is your dignity
Now’s the time to be composed
For we all tire of this system
And it’s endless need to grow
We’re all enraged at its actions
And you are not alone

But when you throw a stone
Aimed in the wrong direction
When you act out in hatred
Without any discretion
Then you’ve served your masters well
Becoming the transgression
To nullify their sins
In the abuse of tension

10 months, 1 week ago

The Diplomat by Garathe Den

Liberal, Conservative
Tolerant, unbiased
A bunch of adjectives
But none of which are Righteous
Claim to be the best
Just a god in the likeness
Turns out that your religion
Is the epitome of lifeless

Elephants and asses
Fighting under Eagles
Underneath a steeple
Preaching all that's fecal
Teleprompter readings
To indoctrinate the people
Just to spark a civil war
A distraction that is lethal

Obey your Ten Commandments
The government's expanded
You wanna build yourself up
But you just came openhanded
Now everybody's branded
Hurt, abused and stranded
Felt the system gave you purpose
But all meaning has disbanded

Talk about an outcast
The government has two class
One controls the people
While the other pays the sales tax
That's quite a bit of contrast
Begging for a hall pass
Temperatures are rising
And it's cloudy in your forecast

A continual outpouring
Eternities of warring
When evil plays the victim
You'll find none that are adoring
So what's with all the roaring
Actions so deploring
Love is beaten down
While hatred's set to soaring

An empire of conquest
Evil beyond contest
Everyone submitted
And blinded to false promise
Now frankly lets be honest
None of you are modest
Submitted to a system
That is eager to admonish

Bigots set to blaspheme
A nightmare of a daydream
The walking dead amongst us
Serving patriarch and regime
Corruption of the episteme
Lacking their own self-esteem
Mutilating grace
For the famine of the mainstream

Republican or Democrat
Any government at that
If you support the system
You have helped to form the epitaph
Created your own golden calf
Helped destroy the habitat
In the likeness of a monster
Just an advocate and diplomat

10 months, 1 week ago

The Pumpkin by Garathe Den

How would you feel if they ripped out your guts
And left you just a husk, a shell, empty cavity
How would you heal from the loss and disgust
To these actions unjust, in all of their vanity

How would you cope if they carved up your face
With stencils and blades, for their own entertainment
Taking you from your home, felling lost and displaced
To be placed as a spooky arrangement

Parts of you in a pie, for a family of five
All topped with whipped-cream to the sight of a feast
As they chomp and they chew, masticating you
Forced to watch these devouring beasts

Then baking your seeds, seasoned to their needs
To meet their teeth with a crunch of delight
To see such a deed with no means to be freed
Could you ever imagine such frights

Then sitting you on their steps, with no ounce of regret
To show faintly a flicker that shines through the wholes
A Flamed silhouette, to show you as a threat
Just a kindle to the wick of your soul

Then leaving you all alone, to weather and show
Your life and all energy draining
All your hopes once aglow, have been left to corrode
To wither, just waning and waiting

For some young adolescent, who happens on by
Just to give you the time of engagement
The very last act, till your final goodbye
Smashing you, left to rot, on the pavement

Yes, how would you feel ‘bout the time of October
Coming over and over, celebrated by all
Maybe your drunken joys, would just start to sober
If you knew my perspective of Fall

10 months, 1 week ago

Dickhead by Garathe Den

I really wanted to write a poem
And call it "Dickhead"
But I didn't want it to be too pompous
Or indicative
So here's a start of a tangent
You can take it openhanded
Or just toss it to the wayside
And just leave it dead and stranded

What's a good name to call
Towards someone who's downright rude
Who propagates absurdities
Ignoring all other views
Who labels you atrocities
In the slightest opposition
Who doesn't care of anything
Except the binds of their tradition

Let's just call them Dickhead
A rose by any other name
I wouldn't say it's classy
But it's really all the same
We will blame any one
For any single thing
If our religion will conceive it
There's no limit to what we'll sing

Our sermons and our speeches
Our inaugurations and impeachments
They all cater to the mindsets
That we have conjured through our legions
We are a people set to factions
Don't let the word "unity" fool you
We are Dickheads without regard
Yet are the masters of impromptu

We pull martyrs out of myths
Scapegoat entire nations
Pledge allegiance to a flag
That has warred since it's creation
Then we populate a thought
Just to indoctrinate a message
A Dickhead of a move
That we just label a progression

We have egos quite inflated
An illustrious illusion
Propagated from all channels
No regulating this pollution
All bastards of society
In a modest proposal
To see the ways of life aborted
Only at someone else's disposal

We cry victim when we're losing
We cry conquest when we're strong
We cry Dickhead to the things
To which we just don't get along
Always causing a commotion
Never letting any peace
For when happiness is not exclusive
We make it come deceased

Your religions are absurd
All the faith that you embrace
The State of separation
That has caused us all disgrace
Every president and preacher
Every system and institution
That holds law above love and freedom
Is just a Dickhead revolution

10 months, 1 week ago

The Pirates’ Tale of Sorrow by Garathe Den

Sorrow the pirate
Twas about to walk,
The mighty wooden plank
With shackled wrists
And legs the same,
To ensure that Sorrow sank
The journey short
Though long in stride,
Consumed the light of day
As step by step
His feet did walk,
To death, Sorrow made way
"Ah, faster now
You swine of man,
You see away the sun."
"For when it goes,
Then so shall you.
Your life, this day, be done."
Then Sorrow turned,
To face the man
Belching out words aloud
Then veered his eyes
Up to the sky
And let silence weigh the crowd
The clouds did part
And shown the sun
The heat did sweat his brow
Then cool breeze blew
Against his skin
And whistled through the prow
A moments rest
Relaxing breath
Time seemed to disappear
With enemies
Sentencing death
His ship, they commandeer
Then memories
From all his life
Did flash before his eyes
Both good and bad
The crowd spoke out, chastised
"Speak now yar words
Soon lifeless one,
Plead mighty, to the gods."
Sorrow stayed still
His mouth not move,
He stand weighing the odds
The sun still crept
To hiding place,
Devoured by the ocean
"Lets shoot him first
Help weigh him down!"
One man started, commotion
A settled cheer
All with, agreed
Bullet, to be embed
Muskets loaded
Then aimed up north
Explosions marked for head
The powder packed
And fuses lit
Sorrow, a choice, must make
Death by the sea
Or from the gun
Which would a hero take
His chains were tight
To strong to free
If jump, he'd surely drown
While bullets burn
Destroy the flesh
A corpse, not fit a crown
The sun slipped down
Then came a shot
Bullet escaping gun
And Sorrow dove
Into the sea
Action, not be undone
Unknown whether
The bullet struck
Sorrow still lost his life
And left behind
A story sung
In duet, with the fife
Though stories told
To entertain
Are far misunderstood
For Sorrow found
Treasure so great
No pirate ever would
On life, he held
So desperately
Until sea bottom reached
His eyes witnessed
A marveled site
Such hoard, never was preached
And so it's said
Throughout the world
In pirates' tales of old
Find Sorrow bound
And set him free
Then you shall find the gold

10 months, 1 week ago

Friend Zone

Where friendships demand conformity
That's where you'll find me lonely
I won't appease a mass of thought
To feel accepted and holy
I live for a world of unity
With hope and love held closely
But that is not the world today
Not remotely, but if only
If only it was simply
Truth and peace reflected
Then all the hatred of today
Would be abandoned and rejected
All the factions without following
The cultists all neglected
The politics and government
Lifeless and disrespected
The cleansing of the brainwashed
The institutions and religions
The pair of rot and genocide
No longer a tradition
All life completely unevolved
Released from out their prisons
From the lies and tricks and treachery
Of poisonous ambitions
No man author of another
No authority to reign
No rule nor regulation
To leave the lovers unengaged
No crusade, no invasion
No eternal war champaign
Just a liberty and freedom
Where only fear is kept enchained
I say it purely in my heart
Say it clearly in my mind
That I will not conform again
Not for any length of time
For I have lived amongst the perils
The destruction and decline
And when this sorrow pierced my heart
I was undone and left resigned
All the passion, all the fervor
All the faith that bolsters sin
The blind trust of propagating
And the deceptive sermons
All the cunning, crafted speeches
The advocacy of religion
The persuasion of the masses
In a moment met its end
It no longer has a place
No footing in my life
I won't conform for friendship
I won't submit to lies
Although I'd love to be your neighbor
I'd let you sever every tie
For all that you submit to
Is made of all that I despise
I'm patient and I'm tolerant
Outside of force and violence
Not a qualm with your lifestyle
If it doesn't demand compliance
I can get along with anyone
Forming friendships and alliance
Yet if you'd become a tyrant
You'd be met with great defiance

10 months, 2 weeks ago

Babel II is a manga by Mitsuteru Yokoyama, adapted by Vega Entertainment.

11 months, 1 week ago

Babel II is a manga by Mitsuteru Yokoyama, adapted by Vega Entertainment.

11 months, 2 weeks ago

Howling (Extended CubCut)

complete The Howling special:
german https://www.bitchute.com/video/NXU4lkzjUeno/
banned english https://www.bitchute.com/video/5pszDWfftoPf/
TierTube.German(Deutsch) https://youtu.be/V-pFO90Ve_M
HowlingTube.English.Version https://youtu.be/v0qAWvj916A
Banned English Version (dailymotion) https://dai.ly/x7ktnwk

1 year, 4 months ago

Wird es so zu Ende gehen wie es angefangen hat? Babel als Sinnbild der Aufsässigkeit gegen Gott.
Eine Klarstellung zu 2:07, zum ewigen Bund. Israel denkt, dass das 1.000 jährige Reich ewig ist, wir wissen, dass es auf 1.000 Jahre begrenzt ist und dann in die Ewigkeit auf der neuen Erde übergeht

1 year, 8 months ago

We are reading through Genesis, the first book of the Bible. This reading includes Towel of Babel & Call of Abram. Join us to read a couple chapters each night, as we read and learn the Bible together. Read Genesis with us.

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Revelation and message.

1 year, 9 months ago

Arphaxad According to the King James Bible (Genesis 11 - Part Two)

1 year, 11 months ago

Originally published Nov 28, 2013 on Counter-Currents/North American New Right. Re-published September 7, 2019 on Counter-Currents TV (https://www.bitchute.com/channel/counter-currentstv/).

Related article, discussion, and/or transcript at: https://www.counter-currents.com/2013/11/robert-stark-interviews-kerry-bolton-on-babel-inc/

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2 years, 1 month ago

The first global government is thwarted by a scattering of the people and a confounding of language.
Many more Christian videos on my other channel here: youtube.com/c/maxbauerhour

2 years, 3 months ago

my facebook targeted individuals Australia and worldwide support group https://www.facebook.com/groups/142442139900704/ my https://www.instagram.com/vinesa1982/ = my bitchute channel crisis actors false flags covert government run organised gang stalking and more https://www.bitchute.com/channel/Nfj8fzASS8yT/ = my YouTube channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-LxSdEwm2iyzlyngjambng?view_as=subscriber = my dtube channel https://d.tube/#!/c/anthony10 = I'm from Australia Melbourne Victoria Delahey = https://www.facebook.com/anthony.nesci.12 = https://twitter.com/1_stalking=

2 years, 5 months ago

Sur quelle planète ou «terre» sommes-nous? On ne sait pas qu'elle est la vraie forme de notre terre ronde ou plate mais une chose est certaine, on nous ment sur TOUT et nos vies sont misérables. Nous sommes de plus en plus divisé dans cette «Tour de Babel» qu'est devenue notre terre. Je parle aussi des médias alternatifs dont je me méfie de certains, pas tous mais j'ai l'impression qu'ils sont juste l'opposition contrôlée, qu'ils font parti eux aussi de la «gammick». On ne sait vraiment plus à qui se fier. Nous vivons vraiment sur une terre de confusion.

3 years, 6 months ago

God blesses Noah and his sons and tells them: "Be fruitful and multiply and fill the earth." Noah's sons, Shem, Ham and Japheth, their sons, as well as the sons of their sons spread throughout different regions of the world. Their sons, and the sons of their sons become hunters, shepherds, farmers, merchants, and chiefly, nomads. A few that bear the traits of Abel became saints; still others become greedy and evil like Cain, lusting for possessions, and waging war. God is ever farther from their hearts.

3 years, 6 months ago