Babylon Bee Satirical Headlines and 4 Actual Events. Can You Figure Out The Real Ones? Politics Corrupt Government Pandemic Mask Biden Fake News Cancel Culture Communist Propaganda Crazy Leftist

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Babylon Bee Satirical Headlines and 4 Actual News Events - Can You Tell The Difference? President Biden Trump impeachment cancel culture woke Disney fire antifa gorilla glue mask vaccine reopen schools teachers moms fake snopes senate government AOC make things up media propaganda defend leftist rigged fortified election

2 months ago

Babylon Bee Satirical Headlines. 4 Actual Headlines. Can You Pick Them Out - President Biden Trump Election Politics Funny Government Left Right Double Standers Media Press Bias Praise Leftist Corruption Fake News Coup Impeach Censor

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Babylon Bee Headlines and 4 Real Headlines. Can You Pick Them All Out - Babylon Bee is a satirical publication

4 months ago

The Babylon Bee has been demonetized by Facebook for a satirical piece about a senator at the ACB hearings. There doesn't seem to be any reason other than to punish the Babylon Bee for publishing content that doesn't line up politically with its own obvious bias.

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Of course this didn't happen but it just might.

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Troll hunting on Brie's totally chilled Youtube channel. Lebron and the Bee make us laugh. And a few other things too.

6 months, 3 weeks ago

Babylon Bee CEO talks to Tucker

And wonders why CNN keeps targeting his site.


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FreedomToons, August 22, 2019

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