If you research on DuckDuckGo or Google, "China building military bases in Bahamas" or anything like that, you get a pretty scary scenario.
The Chinese are pouring billions of dollars into buying up land just 100 miles off the U.S. Coast.
It's pretty clear that China is out to kill all Americans one way or the other and that mainstream media is hiding the Truth from you which is nothing new.
Biden's agenda is to remove your guns so that you have no defense from an invasion of America.
It's time to fight Patriots.
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A group of TikTok stars have come under fire for flying from COVID-19 hotspot California to the Bahamas despite at least one of them telling fans to stay home amid the pandemic.

Charli, 16, and Dixie D'Amelio, 19, Chase Hudson, 18, Noah Beck, 19, and Madi Monroe, 16, were spotted at Atlantis Bahamas with videos of the young influencers emerging late Monday.

Atlantis Bahamas required them to show proof of a negative COVID-19 test before entering the resort. They are also required to stay in a 'safe zone' on the island for the duration of the stay and are eligible for free rapid testing.

Clips and images shared on social media show Hudson and Beck posing with fans at a pool. One image shows Beck posing with a fan on Twitter.

Footage shows the group with someone who appears to be a staff member wearing an Atlantis shirt. Another image showed Beck and Hudson in what appeared to be the Saint Laurent store located within Atlantis Bahamas' Crystal Court shopping area.

Monroe, who is believed to have a net worth of about $1million, shared a photo of herself on a plane with the caption: 'I'm on my way.'

Several people quickly took to social media to call out the group for traveling amid a pandemic, especially when health experts have warned against it.

The most famous of the group, Charli, who has a net worth of $8million, was specifically called out for previously telling fans to stay home amid the pandemic, which has killed more than 338,000 people and infected more than 19.5 million Americans.

'No cause the way charli even SPOKE out on live abt how she said she'd do better staying home and social distancing then they all go to the f**king BAHAMAS? could that not wait??? like its ok take a break from social media i get it but you can do that AT HOME,' one person shared.

Another wrote: 'charli damelio won person of the year.. she's literally in the bahamas rn with 15 other people during a pandemic and has been doing so all year.'

'Not charli d'amelio telling people to stay home and stay safe and stop being seflish [sic] etc, when she is literally with friends in the f**king bahamas rn,' a third person wrote.

Another shared: 'There is no way charli d'amelio got on live and told everyone to stop hanging out with their friends bc they're endangering the people around them while she's been doing the EXACT same thing and is currently in the Bahamas with her friends...'

The users were referring to an Instagram Live video in which Charli, whose family recently landed a reality series on Hulu, was seen telling people to be safe.

'Please stop being so inconsiderate to others,' she said the clip. 'You are putting other people at risk.

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Can you get citizenship in the Bahamas? In this video, Andrew discusses an article from The Nassau Guardian and what citizenship by investment program would look like in the Bahamas in comparison to other citizenship and residence by investment programs around the world.

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“March On, Bahamaland” was selected as the winning entry in a national competition, and was adopted on independence July 10, 1973. Since Bahamas retains the British royal family as their head of state, their royal anthem, God Save the Queen, is used as their royal anthem as well.

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Footage of me and a mate driving to a nice spot I hadn't seen on the island before. The island in question is called Ragged island in the Commonwealth of The Bahamas. Do hope you lads enjoy😁

Soace Odyssey - Composed by DCNEX

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Was trying to see how close I could get to it.

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